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We must try to remember everything, every movement, every stretch, every convulsion that made us how we move as we readily grow in our outer body that encompasses the planets, the suns and the moons in every other body that we touch, in every other mouth that we kissed, in every other language that we try to comprehend; for they are not the outside of a stranger, nor are they just images of our psyche, but the very being of ourselves, the dimensional levels of our very existence weaving colours in the tapestry of creation, yet the very non-existence of the template is proof of consciousness, of ascension, of Life.
~ Author of The Sacred Key - Transcending Humanity, effectively summarizing Zenith's rise to the High King of Evil in Ultimoria.

Zenith, also known as "The Magnificent One", "Darigus Sr.", or alternatively, "King Kastchei", is the father of the Darigus known to exist in the Neo Ultimorian Canon, and like his wife, is a survivor of Dogma's Damnation that destroyed pretty much everything else about Old Ultimoria. Fighting the Primordial Deities into submission when the incident occurred, he claimed all three of their signature weapons as his own for when they became gruesomely impaled into his own hide, and threatened them with permanent destruction should they ever try to erase his wife from existence. As a direct result of the incident, and with confirmation from one of their own, the three have feared Zenith ever since. Even in the Old Era, Zenith was no laughing matter, for his presence and creation due to Ultima's various laws when he had first created Ultimoria nearly 6 trillion years prior, Zenith is an implacable force of death and destruction that is seemingly impossible to kill, and yet alone actually control. Had it not been for his own wife, who knows how much untold destruction would've occurred had Zenith not had her around; without her presence, Zenith would've ended up an unstoppable monstrosity of rage that would've burned Ultimoria and every other universe out of existence itself, as foreseen by Granjia.


Originally, Zenith wanted nothing to do with Sugou like how the other Ultimorian Deities had wanted to kill him back in the Old Era, and Zenith was oddly absent during the Old Era as well. It is speculated that Zenith, by this point, had already become the lazy asshole he is known to be by this point that Oblivion had completely ignored him by the time of the God Lands Era. Due to this, Zenith is rarely ever in the role of an antagonist anymore, even if he is a Complete Monster no different from his own son. However, his son, while classified as a Complete Monster, is at least honorable to a degree with how he acts alongside the Ultimorian Deities, whereas Zenith is considered even worse by the fact Zenith is very sarcastic and dismissive of the Ultimorian Deities and does not fear them or even respect them to any degree.

However, in the Neo Canon, when the Terranadrosus known as Rose had approached Sugou after eons of delaying her presence before him, she oddly did not even attempt to attack Sugou even if she displayed a hostile attitude towards him. However, when Rose made a comment about how she felt unworthy of killing Sugou despite it being her job to kill off Netorare type villains, she also made the remark that broke the camel's back; Zenith would be better off killing Sugou than anybody else she knew. Sugou, not knowing who the hell Zenith is, is baffled by her comment, which ticks off an overhearing Zenith so much that he begins to emerge into the Sword Art Online universe to give Sugou the exact knowledge of who the hell he is, which terrifies the other Ultimorian Deities so much that they not only appear on the scene, but even for the brief moment that Zenith is on the Black List during this, they only target Sugou because of the fact they know their weaponry is useless against Zenith's magma-like hide.

There was also a very, VERY disastrous case scenario which caused Rose and Zenith to swap bodies with each other, to the point Rose, as Zenith, basically razed entire worlds in a seemingly unstoppable rampage all because of her personal hatred towards the Netorare Genre and the various antagonists of such work, that she basically realized Zenith's history in addition to the immense level of power over the cosmic and life based elements Zenith had control of would prove so outlandishly catastrophic in the hands of somebody who would misuse the power to the point this incident alone caused ANY attempts to utilize mind altering devices on Zenith impossible, because the amount of damage and destruction that Rose had caused while in Zenith's body was unfathomable in comparison to even what Zenith himself would've done under any normal circumstance, which goes to show that even Zenith has his standards when it comes to how he uses his destructive powers, which also goes to showcase just how insanely childish Rose can be in comparison to the other high ranking Ultimorians.


Aside from a humanoid avatar which simply looks like a much elderly form of his own son's looks, nobody knows what Zenith truly looks like. While most legends describe Zenith as a gigantic, wreathed in magma avian of sorts, Zenith is also described as being possibly an 8 limbed Draconid with six arms and two gigantic wings that double as legs, an amorphous mass of lava and fiery cosmic materials which burn everything they touch, even the space-time fabric itself, a gigantic Serpent which endlessly chases after those who spite him, a gigantic humanoid so massive that he can infiltrate any dimension he pleases without a problem because his own existence tears apart the borders of all realms to where nothing can stop him, among other varying depictions.

While Shiramu Inc. absolutely refuses to give any truth as to what he looks like, they had gone out to say that not only are all of the possibilities of what he looks like are all wrong, they are also, ironically, at the same time all correct as well. Zenith, at one point or another, had used each form at least once, and sometimes shifted between all of these forms at once if he absolutely desired to do so. As a result, most simply call Zenith as amorphous being whose form can never remain consistent once he is awoken from his molten "shrines". The shrines in question are located in volcanic regions of a volcano that is currently dormant, and at any possible moment, Zenith can potentially be summoned from these very same shrines if he is angered and unleash destruction all across the realms in which the being who had enraged him exists until everything is lit aflame.

Zenith's Plague

Zenith's Plague is a type of unknown substance in which various beings across existence, from each universe that Zenith himself appeared in, or just ones in which one of his minions had appeared in, all spread some degree of a disease with them that causes the proper judgment of people, heroes and villain alike, to become clouded and sometimes causes them to make actions that would either be out of character, or be somewhat stupid or poorly planned out in hindsight, among various other types of actions. Overall, negative emotions are quick to spread if the disease is left unchecked, and Zenith's primarily feeds off of the suffering of other worlds.

In The Blue Tri and Mega Man Star Force's crossover trilogy, this plague is first brought up and explained by a protagonist called Keeper, in which he is one of the very few beings not native to Ultimoria to have direct knowledge of this very plague and what exactly it is capable of. Upon learning of prior events in the Mega Man universe and some interactions in The Blue Tri universe, he summons some of the protagonists of each series to explain the problem in hopes a cure can be developed.

The cure in question, as noted by the room they're standing in, involves a mixture of atmospheric elements from both the planet Earth, and the moon Titan, which means a mixture of both carbon based and silicon based life supporting elements, all in a mixture that is essentially described as "Holy Air". This is the initial answer to Zenith's Plague, and during Part 2 of the crossover trilogy, the first mixture of a liquid form of it is created, but Keeper is killed by one of Zenith's slaves who intends to destroy any possible cure to the disease as he believes that their is no such thing as an actual cure to it.



When Endgame's story was detailed, his origins, alongside those of all incarnations of Ultima, Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia, are effectively given an earliest most backstory; all five of them are the sons of a powerful, ominous being dubbed the "Invincible One", because his fate remains unknown to this day. After all five of them were born, the Invincible One simply vanished as if he had never existed. During his reign, he witnessed his eldest son Ultima utilize omnipotence to create Ultimoria for the very first time, watches as the three Primordial Deities leave for the great cosmos, as Zenith is left in an unknown location from where the Invincible One's throne once was, and is now replaced with a location that will later become the Infernal Void. Zenith, feeling ostracized by the other universes because of his freakish nature, fled into the Infernal Void for shelter. His beginnings had a lot suffering and torture, indeed, but as he grew older, the very demons who had tortured him had now became his slaves, since they had learned the hard way that the infantile being they tortured is the very first Old God in Ultimorian History, which are known more by the name of "The Elders".

Old Ultimoria Canon

Originally the very first Old God to exist after Ultima's creation of the first prototype for Ultimoria in the Trinity Era, Zenith existed as a malevolent entity of evil and darkness, but oddly lacking his fiery aspects he would later become famous for. At the time of Zenith's birth, none of the classifications of the "10 Beings of the World" could classify Zenith in any of the 10 Categories. He had many characteristics of a "Devil" Category being, but he also had many characteristics not associated with said category, and even many of which that originated from the "Angel" Category, which just further and further puzzled scientists on to what kind of being Zenith is, a mystery that even to this very day is unsolved; all that can be said of Zenith is that he/it is a very, VERY powerful entity of death and destruction, a very malevolent being, and nothing was generally known about him at the time of his discovery.

Eventually making an incarnation of himself which would be known as Darigus during this time, Darigus claimed his wife Sophia as his own once the latter realized she was effectively abandoned by one of Mirror M's ancestors, so she turned to the side of demons and become an Archdemon Queen to rule alongside the High King Darigus. Both of them had many attempts to conceive a child that would highly resemble Darigus, but over the years, out of the near 10 billion children they've had, only a single, one of a kind individual successfully was birthed with anywhere near close to the perfection of stability that Darigus has. As honor of this miracle for the both of them, the son was given the name of Darigus, and his father was now simply "The Magnificent One" ever since. Parts of the reasons why it took so long to conceive a proper heir for Sophia was because Senior's physical body was on the verge of breaking apart into a fiery demon lord whose body was made of nothing but fiery plasma and smog, and could take on the shape of just about anything. His body temperature, in addition, is so overly hot that beings outside of the Infernal Void would barely survive, as would be proven later...

Apparently, during the Old Ultimorian Canon, Zenith was VERY similar to his own son Darigus in regards to personality and actions. However, by comparison to what his own son would later become, Zenith had no real reason to even consider having any sympathy from anybody in this particular era. In fact, Zenith didn't mellow out into a much nicer deity until the Neo Ultimorian Canon, where it was made painfully clear to Zenith that his actions would result in his destruction had he continued, and he even admits he is terrified of Dogma, the very being who singlehandedly ended the Old Era. However, it was later revealed this terror of Dogma was faked; the actual ordeal between them ended much, MUCH differently than anybody outside of the Infernal Void locals ever would know...

Dogma's Damnation

While Dogma was in the middle of resetting all of Ultimoria, all he needed to do was destroy the Infernal Void, but Zenith himself emerges from the fiery vortex that form it's exterior, forcefully opened the literal void even further to allow for himself to properly emerge, as he walked out right in front of Dogma as his presence was made clear more than any other being would; he was not only larger than Dogma, but Dogma's reaction immediately had him summoning Kagubot and Granjia in immediate response to Zenith's entry onto the scene. Dogma did not know this, but Zenith was outright attacking Dogma because if Dogma goes unstopped, his actions would erase his wife from existence, and thus as a result, if Dogma had any chance of slaying Zenith, he would lose all of it upon the erasing of Sophia's life, so Zenith is taking the hostile way out and brutally burning the bodies of the Primordial Deities to the point that when the three try and counterattack him, all three of their weapons become stuck in his magma/darkness composed hide, to the point Zenith, for the first time in eons, decides to speak for himself as to this "amusing" incident he sees before him.

I do not know how you would have intended to kill me with such primitive weaponry, Primal Ones, but you fail to realize that if my wife is erased from existence, you will possibly need to retake history and see just how much of history would've changed for the WORST if you had actually succeeded in ridding the Infernal Void from existence... Heed this warning well, Primal Ones, for you will never reacquire these trophies from me ever since you chose to defy my own means of sparing you all from your own destruction... Ungrateful beings you are...
~ Zenith, towards all three of the Primordial Deities.

The Primordials, so confused as to how they had all failed to stop Zenith, have a careful gaze over at Granjia as Granjia foresees into the future to see if anything would indeed have changed as Zenith would have described; they saw a vision so horrifying in nature that not only did the Primordials have no more desire to kill Zenith, but that Dogma would be so mentally scarred from just having seen the vision that his mentality would become partially destroyed, and resulting in Dogma becoming an unstable being desperate in need to find a way to be killed off so he could be repaired. As a result, once the Rebirth of Ultimoria was done, Dogma would take upon a humanoid avatar, among many others, to infiltrate other universes with hopes that he'll eventually be slain and killed by one of the Ultimorians who would be reborn into a kinder, mostly benevolent nature for which they could take better responsibility for their actions with. As a result, Zenith and the Infernal Void had disappeared for a while, and the Infernal Void wasn't rediscovered until an incident not long before modern Neo Ultimoria history would begin...

Pre-Malevolent Era up to Post-Malevolent Era Background

Zenith. The High King of Evil in Ultimoria. Not much else needs to be said about Zenith, save for a few important facts. His body, composed of the eternally damned souls of demons, undead, and various monstrosities, completely lacks any form of a vital organ akin to a Heart. Other organs are visible within Zenith's exposed chest, but any and all attempts to land a lethal blow on Zenith in this spot fail because Zenith outright lacks a heart from which to terminate him with. Being the composition of numerous demonic entities combined into one body, under the mind of a singular, omnipresent Demon God, none of the souls lacking a mind within the Infernal Void have any say in the matter as to whether or not Zenith will use them as fuel or composition for any time he needs to summon forth his true form. Standing an absolutely gargantuan 6,666 miles tall, this is stated to be the absolute minimum height of Zenith's true form; Zenith's maximum height is said to far surpass even Dogma's 9.94 light year tall height. As Zenith is the never ending void of death and despair, it is only fitting that Zenith's true form and size is un-measurable by normal means.

In his first and only true death, Zenith, when he used to be called Darigus, was sent to hell in the Malevolent Era. When he was there, he was first confronted with Beelzebub, who had desired to eat Darigus' soul... which Darigus allows, and Darigus is hence devoured by Beelzebub's body (composed of a swarm of toothy demons). However, Beelzebub soon begins to note he can no longer control his own body and his mind is being overridden by Darigus' supreme mental power, and thus Beelzebub's swarm begins to slowly change in shape. Eventually confronting Asmodeus, "Darigus" proceeds to devour her and her features begin to shroud Beelzebub's former body in shadows as Beelzebub's body looks like a fusion of both of them now. As "Darigus" treks higher and higher above Hell, he devours Belphegor who was too lazy to put up a fight against Darigus, and the mass of demons forming the body suddenly grows a lot larger and bulkier in appearance, meaning this is the second form of the body.

As the second body begins to walk higher up into hell, he comes across a sea of blood which he emerges from below, and encounters Leviathan as his next target. As Leviathan made an attempt to devour the second body first, Leviathan is devoured from within and absorbed to form the third body, which began to have resemblances to a demonic Drake as he surfaces above the blood seas and begins to ascend further by scaling a mountain that leads to the next level of hell. Mammon, becoming aware of the situation from the lower four levels of hell no longer having their proper guardians, warns Satan and Lucifer of the problem that's advancing towards them to prepare an army to take on a huge threat. Said huge threat arrives in the form of the 1,000 mile tall third body and any attempts by Mammon to utilize his massive amounts of power to obliterate the third body gets absorbed by the third body, as the power is then suddenly thrown back at Mammom in the form of the "Transcended Death Wave", which leads to Mammon being devoured and the fourth body beginning to take on a newer shape and developing wings in addition to the prior four limbs.

Realizing he's reached the highest he can get before the breach into the semi-final level, the fourth body flies up into the air and is greeted by a shadowy figure of his former self in the form of the impostor which currently takes the name of Zenith... only for the fourth body to devour the lookalike with ease and give the original Darigus his new name.

I am beginning my ascension... My escape... Even the highest point in this chaotic realm will be breached by my prowess over the undead or demonic... It does not matter who stands in my way... I will be free...!
~ Old Darigus' final lines as Darigus, before beginning to claim his new name; Zenith.

With this, the newly branded "Zenith" begins to blast a hole into the floor of the semi-final level of hell, and takes on a completely pissed off and livid Satan. Taking advantage of Satan's blunt, dumb minded rage, Zenith storms Satan with a barrage of meteors shaped into swords and javelins, as when the swords and javelins are reabsorbed, Zenith subsequently devours Satan and begins to take on his second-to-last major form prior to his final form's abilities. Having absorbed 6 of the Princess of Hell and having absorbed an incarnation of his past self, Zenith is acknowledged as a threat by all remaining demons in Hell, below or above, and all but one begin to swarm him all at once with everything they've got... only to be hopeless outmatched by Zenith using the combined powers of every Demon he's already absorbed by this point and subsequently devours everything else that had attacked him...

... And then there was one; Lucifer.

Standing atop the tallest tower in all of Hell, and at the highest point in all of Hell in general, Lucifer watches as Zenith begins to scale his huge castle, but soon begins concerned when he notices how Zenith is beginning to grow in size as he does, thus making his ascent go by even faster due to his increased power. When Lucifer asks what Zenith even has to gain by this point, Lucifer is rather unimpressed by Zenith's efforts... even as Zenith is looking him in the eye as a colossus almost surpassing every individual level of hell and beyond in height. Lucifer already knows that no matter what he does, he's going to get absorbed and Zenith is going to escape hell regardless of anything else beyond hell itself. By this point, though, Lucifer begins to notice how an immense, infernal Black Hole is beginning to form beneath Zenith as Zenith's pitch black body is beginning to ignite into flames so hot that Lucifer's castle begins to melt into liquid. Lucifer, asking what Zenith intends to do upon escaping hell, doesn't get a response... at least not the kind he was expecting...

Pathetic... Too worried about your own pride and joy of you, yourself, and your own to even acknowledge what I have accomplished. I have began my ascent... my escape... my rebirth..... but not in the way you're expecting. I was never keen on you taking all of the credit for my origin; I have lived longer than you in Ultimoria, and your existence, alongside my own, poses a severe problem to my reputation. I leave this place and consume it not as the name Darigus; no, I am far above what my original name was... I am now Zenith, the High King of Evil... and you, are the final enemy in my path... Now get out of my way...
~ Zenith, ascending to the throne for the Demon God of the Kingdom of the Eternally Damned.

Upon uttering these lines, Zenith absorbs Lucifer and begins to grow to an even more gargantuan height to where his physical body erupts from the depths that was once Hell, and his newfound stature begins to emerge in the deep, dark cosmos of the realm of the living, if only for a brief time as the void is growing beneath of him. Witnessing Dogma and Granjia in place, both deities stay their distance from their once much weaker sibling Zenith, as they watched as Zenith begins to ascend into the realm of his own kingdom; the Infernal Void. Having ascended beyond heaven or hell, Zenith takes rest in the dark, highest mountain forged from Zenith's own infernal body; Tempest's Throne, as Zenith begins to go dormant as the song of his reborn wife begins to play a melody to sooth him into his new place. No longer a dark spawn of a former hero who wanted to be a Demon King, he is now THE Demon God of all of Ultimoria, and shall he be the Eternally Damned of his Kingdom as a result.

Neo Ultimorian Canon

In an incident not responsible for his son's actions, an alternate universe Sugou who successfully won in his goals as a villain winds up invading the Infernal Void to claim the prized maiden of darkness known as the High Queen of Evil Sophia, and that her powers shall be his own and her body be exploited by his own desires. However, Sugou knows of his acts and is approached by the Terranadrosus known as Rose, who seems on edge with actually killing him, with Sugou openly taunting her about how untouchable he is. Rose, in a calm manner, simply leaves, since she believes she is unworthy to kill Sugou; she will allow the High King of Evil himself to take care of Sugou personally...

... An opportunity which upon no time is wasted by Darigus to begin stalking Sugou joined by a horde of Succubi servants and Harpies, to which Sugou, as his King Oberon Avatar, soon finds himself fleeing from six days later, and tries to vacate from his castle-like fortress as he realizes the entireity of Earth around him begins to shake and grumble and sink down into the Earth below as a volcanic entity of some sort in rapid pursuit of Sugou, but Sugou is unable to identity who it is despite this AU version of him having the exact memories of his Old Era counterpart when it came to handling the Ultimorians.

However, soon the chase for Sugou's soul begins to intensify when Dragora and the Black Dragoria suddenly join in on the fray, and Dragora himself not transforming into Kagugora, but instead flat out transforming into Kagubot as he summons forth a swarm of Old Dominions into the mix, as Sugou soon finds his Kingdom being destroyed bit by bit by the fact just about every Ultimorian who had ever confronted him is suddenly hot on his tail, and just when Sugou thought it couldn't get worse... Grandis, Ultima, among several others join in on the chase, with Grandis transforming into Magnus by aid of Darigus fusing with him and trailing Sugou in a way that the local lifeforms of Earth flat out begin to melt due to the intense heat the planet is beginning to skyrocket towards. Sugou, fleeing high up into the atmosphere, notices that none of his pursuers are following...

... Save for one... the volcanic entity from before who had began to turn Earth into a living Inferno, who emerges from the lava below as an outright colossal Demon whose entire body is forged out of magma, and the sheer size of this being is noteworthy in that everybody else flees, even the (at first) larger Kagubot as the fiery elemental has Sugou all to himself. However, it appears that the volcanic mass before him is not just Zenith himself; it is merely the inner part of his massive, gaping maw, which Sugou realizes too late to find himself crushed beneath Zenith's jaws once they clamp on him, and Zenith drags Sugou's soul down into a special part of the Infernal Void in dead silence, and even Dogma, who is witnessing the event, staying himself away from attacking Zenith, as do the equally present Kagubot and Granjia, who all three seem to fear Zenith for some reason...

In the aftermath, Zenith returns to the Infernal Void to tend to his wife and have her singing sooth his extreme anger. It's also revealed that the Sword Art Online universe sustained heavy damages from Zenith's sudden entry, and the reason so many Ultimorians were there to begin with was because Zenith was, for that entire confrontation, part of the Black List which outright required them to be present; they only targeted Sugou because all of them knew they were defenseless against Zenith. Eventually, by the present day Ultimoria, the Sword Art Online universe is restored, although they did not properly repair Sugou's soul because Zenith had refused to hand it over, to the point Ultima, in a fit of range, commanded the three Primordial Deities do something about it... until this is where they reveal, through Dragora, that Zenith is pretty much indestructible from their current technology, but if he ever tried to enter Ultimoria itself, he's a goner at the same time.

Sometime in the present, Grandis, who is ignoring the arguments from the others regarding Zenith, is working on building a research station within the Infernal Void, and Darigus is annoyed beyond all reasoning, not because of Grandis, but because he's missing out on all of the fun as the other Shiramu Inc. employees. With that, Zenith makes a deal with Grandis; he'll allow him to build his research station, so long as Darigus joins Grandis alongside the reborn Ultima as a Neo Ultimorian Deity, something which Grandis had actually offered Zenith himsef before in the past, but the elderly demon instead suggested his son for the role instead given his own immense age would be a handicap. After a vote among the other Neo Ultimorian Deities, Grandis and Ultima summon Darigus from the Infernal Void and give him the title of Neo Ultimorian Deity under Zenith's personal request.

Zenith, in prehistoric times, once visited a flourishing civilization of Elves that used to occupy the Ultimorian Universe Venus, which is an event mentioned sometime during the present due to the fact that, by all accounts, Zenith should be physically impossible to have manifested in the Ultimorian Universe, and yet somehow, Zenith managed to bypass the restriction regarding a loophole in which Zenith had realized as to WHY he was for a long time incapable of entering Ultimoria; he simply needed an actual, physical form, as in, something with a defined structure to his body. Zenith, for the most part, is an amorphous mass of lava and darkness, and rarely ever took a physical form since sometime before the Malevolent Era, which is the immediate prior Era to the Neo Ultimorian Canon Era. As a result, Zenith orchestrated his own lava and dark based powers to create several avatars, one of which basically looks like a more elderly, helmet lacking version of his own son's looks, and then another avatar which is an eight limbed, Avian based Draconid with six, small arms and two, gigantic wings that double as legs, in addition to a serpentine body based off of the "Infernal Hydras" that were once named after Zenith himself. In addition, while his humanoid form has two crests on his head and two eyes, this particular form has six crests and six eyes.

The Blue Tri: Chapter 39

Zenith plays a role in this chapter akin to a bait and switch; he initially shows up as a possible main antagonist, only for the body to disintegrate and reveal that an Omnicron drone had escaped into the real world. Meanwhile, it is actually Darigus taking Zenith's usual role, as Zenith had fallen ill from a virus that Omnicron had inflicted upon him to cause him to try and escape from the Infernal Void and cause enough damage for Omnicron himself to escape from VR space.



(Note: It is unknown how far ahead into the future after the events of The Blue Tri's series in which this battle takes place as of the current time.)

In a recent turn of events, Kirito falls under severe physical and mental breakdowns due to the antagonists of the current arc of Sword Art Online which results in an odd trigger being hit in Zenith's mind which warps him back in time to where Omnicron first appeared in the timeline prior to Omnicron's death. Upon realizing he had somehow been forcefully dragged from his home, Zenith begins struggling to free himself from within the Earth's core and, within minutes of each other, kills off every single antagonist in the Sword Art Online multiverse due to the widespread extinction event he's causing on Earth's surface because of his shifting movements in subterranean depths, to the point that after a while, Zenith finally emerges in the present day where he rises from the ocean in a wreathing, flaming flight form in which he swallows the Ocean Turtle base which started Zenith's rampage in the first place and permanently incinerates it from existence itself in the process. As a result, the Ultimorian Deities are put on a severely high alert about Zenith's sudden awakening from where they had least expected him to strike.

When the 13 Ultimoran Deities confront Zenith in the high atmosphere of Earth, the 13 Ultimorian Deities seem to actually begin to damage Zenith after a while... until Zenith decides to "clear some room", and immediately ignites the entire Sword Art Online multiverse into flames and absorbs them into his own being, transforming into "Supreme Ancient Zenith", which is believed to be the missing true form of Zenith as a whole. Right away, Zenith poses a threat as he summons the various demons of the Infernal Void to his command on a whim, even cloned versions of the unique variants to constantly swarm the Ultimorian Deities with. When Darigus, his own son, finally decides to pitch into the fight, Zenith unintentionally reveals one of his weaknesses out of sheer, unstoppable rage in that his own alleged heir is finally trying to kill him after all of this time. The weakness in question is that Zenith can actually be destroyed by forcing him to ingest liquid versions of every other element all at once and have them explode within Zenith's body.

Upon summoning the Ultruraura the create the liquid omni-elemental bomb, Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia move to suddenly restrain Zenith as the 13 Ultimorian Deities force the bomb down Zenith's throat, but Zenith prevents it from detonating within him. However, that is when Zaalim, who had long said he will only allow himself to die if he believes he has only one purpose left to fulfill, sacrifices himself to alter time itself to force the bomb to go off within Zenith regardless and create an immense temporal paradox so massive in power that it completely obliterates Zenith from all of existence. Thus, the High King of Evil in Ultimoria is no more, but despite being erased from existence, Ultimoria is still impacted by all of the events in which Zenith had started them on, and while every other universe becomes sealed away from Ultimoria's grasp because of no further need to maintain any connections, every Ultimorian Deity feels some kind of peace as they honor Zaalim's sacrifice. While they all had mixed feelings about him, they can all truly agree that him playing the absolute vital role in destroying Zenith for good was perhaps his absolute most glorious role as a true hero in the winds of existence.

Design Notes

It is highly speculated that he and the serpentine Primordial Descendant called "Jormungandr" are actually one in the same, or, at least, distantly related to each other. Jormungandr's voice sounds very much like Zenith's, but without the echoing or demonic effects. Not only that, but aside from Jormungandr lacking limbs entirely, Zenith's Draconid form is near identical to Jormungandr's own physical form. It is highly believed that after Jormungandr was vaped from existence for his crimes against other universes, that Zenith had dragged what little remained of Jormungandr's physical shell and assimilated it into his own Draconid form.


  • Though technically incapable of entering Ultimoria, there ARE exceptions to Zenith's incapability to access specific parts of Ultimoria, but from what research has been gathered, it seems to suggest Zenith is merely incapable of accessing the PLANET known as Ultimoria, not the UNIVERSE of the same name in general.
  • Zenith is sometimes known as "King Kastchei" for his usual depiction as a fiery avian of sorts, even if the portrayal as such is a highly demonic spirit in nature than the Firebird of Slavic folklore.
  • Zenith's role in the destruction of a SAO universe makes him resemble Ragnarok itself; almost all of his destructive rampage took place in ALFheim Online, which has the basis of a World Tree (Yggdrasil) for the basis of the overall world. The fiery destruction of both volcanic and cosmic forces colliding into the ALO world leaves nothing but smog, flames, and cinders behind in Senior's unstoppable rage against Sugou/Oberon. In addition, as well as the events described above, Zenith would go on to destroy an Expy of the ALFheim Online world that is an entire planet in an "Odd Zone" of the Ultimorian Universe.
  • The Tarot Cards seen in The Blue Tri under the use of Guruson cannot summon Zenith, but they CAN summon his son Darigus. Both of which, like Draikox, are unique in their summoning entry and restriction seal. Both of them emerge from the ground, in a blackhole-like vortex that erupts into flames shortly afterwards, and then Darigus is summoned in his Perfect Form automatically and bears the restriction seal of the Demon Rank Ultimorian Insignia above his head. His Tarot Card is The Devil, whereas Zenith's Tarot Card is oddly enough The World.
  • At no shorter than 6,666 miles tall, Zenith is the tallest Ultimorian lifeform outside of the "Cosmic Mode" sizes that beings such as Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia possess.