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Full Name Za'lgatoth
Alias Zalgo

The Nezperdian Hize Mind
The Great Leader
Fater/Daddy (by Slender Man and Ashi)
Lava-lamp-demon-guy (by Ben)
The Father of Darkness
Evil (by Mr. Widemouth)

Origin Pasta Monsters
Occupation The Supreme Leader of the Pit and all it's inhabitants
Powers/Skills Godlike powers and strength

Pyrokinetic abilities
Incredibly high durability
Regenerative powers
Can create life out of nothing
His political status

Hobby Killing innocents in mass numbers

Trying to kill Slender Man and his Proxies
Killing his henchman if they fail him or just as a joke
Commanding his army
Destroying entire cities and enslaving the surviors
Causing as much misery and death as possible
Watching his minions rape and torture innocent civilians
Psychologically, physically and sexually torturing his prisoners
Committing genocide
Starving his subjects
Ruining and corrupting the lives of the innocent
Polluting and destroying beautiful lands
Making fun of Jeff
Playing mind games with his foes
Creating wars.

Goals Kill Slender Man and the Proxies

Destroy the Dark World and it's inhabitants.
Take over the Multiverse and turn it into his new Hell.
Kill God Find a new hier to his throne (succeeded)
To have his adopted daughter Ashi rule by his side.
Kill Satan and replace him as the ruler of Evil.

Type of Villain Intergalactic Demon, Satan, Sadist, Knight of Cerebus, Anti-Christ, Complete Monster
Hold on, I just got an excellent idea; Because I'm generous, I'll bury you with your mother. Go on! You may thank me, I've been more than merciful it's only polite! HAHAHAHAHA!
~ Zalgo mocking Slenderman after admitting to killing his mother.
I hope you appreciate, Slenderman, that everything that happens from this point is on your head. The stars will rain fire, the cosmos will boil, the planets will run red with the blood of trillions. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life.
~ Zalgo after obtaining multiversal power.

 Za'lgatoth, or most commonly Zalgo, is the primary antagonist of the web-comic series Pasta Monsters. He is the supreme ruler of The Pit (The Dark World's Hell). He is also Slenderman's "not so loving" father.


In his youth, Zalgo was born into the "Great Leader" family, a group of demons who controlled the Creepypastas. Although sometimes cruel, they took care of the monsters, only punishing those who killed their own kind. Zalgo, however, only wanted power and control, as he was next in line while his dad was in rule. Zalgo was always eager to take his father's place as Leader but was always belittled by his mother. He had a troubled past, always being bullied and neglected. As he grew older his father eventually died and, despite losing his grandfather, Zalgo seemed happy to finally be the new Satan. 

As a teenager, Zalgo didn't seem to do much as ruler. He simply lounged around and tortured lost souls only as a hobby, not caring about a famine going on in the Dark World. However, as he became older he began terrorizing his own kind, destroying entire cities and enslaving races for the pure fun of it. This resulted in the Monsters long hatred and fear of Zalgo and by extension, his entire family, as the one thing they saw as a god and leader betrayed them. Seeing as Zalgo turned on them, the Monsters looked for new leaders but no one was  smart enough for the job, Zalgo kept tormenting and enslaving the Monsters for fun, capturing and punishing anyone who spoke against him and his rules.

Eventually he met a female demon and had casual sex with her. He then, however, left her without making her his queen as he promised. The girl eventually had a baby and sent it to Zalgo. Zalgo intended to murder the baby and feed it to his Hell-Hounds but Mr. Widemouth stopped him. Zalgo kept the baby alive, but only because he needed a heir to his throne. With that, Zalgo named the baby "Slenderman".

He raised Slenderman with no care, only making him train countless times and even starving him if he did not follow orders. One night, Slenderman saw a woman being chased by Zalgo's forces. Interested he went to see what happened, the woman was eventually hunted down and tortured to death. Slenderman, however, sensed her aura as a portion of his own, he found out the woman he didn't save was his mother. After this, he swore to kill Zalgo.

Zalgo, sensing this, told his henchmen to kill Slenderman but Slenderman fought his way through Zalgo's kingdom, using his father's power. After teleporting to his throne room, he challenged Zalgo for the throne. Zalgo, believing no one could harm him, accepted and they engaged in battle. Slenderman used his tentacles to give him the edge in the fight while Zalgo shape-shifted into various creatures, including a gorilla, snake, dragon, tiger, giant squid and hydra. Zalgo believed Slenderman could not harm him, as only members of the Great Leader family can harm each other, but since Slenderman was Zalgo's son he was able to harm him after Zalgo let his guard down. 

Slenderman severely weakened and injured Zalgo by ripping his limbs off with his tentacles. Zalgo, laying on the ground with hardly any power left, claimed he would destroy Slenderman eventually, but Slenderman tried to kill Zalgo where he laid. Zalgo suddenly grabbed Slenderman and threw him into a portal leading to Dark World. The Monsters, who had been killed and tortured by Zalgo for years finally found a leader: Slender Man.

Zalgo sensed this but couldn't do anything due to lack of power, he claimed he would let Slenderman have his fun, until he regained power, then he would destroy Slenderman and any friends the gained at this time.

Role in the series 

Zalgo is a recurring villains in the web-comic. He may not appear often, but when he does he is usually the main or true antagonist. 

Zalgo has a somewhat abusive past as his mother neglected him throughout his childhood, never paying him any attention despite him being next in line for the throne, leading to a running gag where a character will talk about his mother only for him to have a flashback to a traumatic experience. 

Despite being one of the most powerful monsters to ever live, Zalgo avoids fighting in combat due his fight with Slenderman severely weakening him and since no one in the Dark World fears Zalgo anymore due to the Proxies protection, Zalgo cannot properly regain his powers.

Despite not appear too often, xcomickittyx states that while MancalaEnderman and President Bush are the main antagonists, Zalgo will, and always has been the true antagonist. 


Zalgo was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including my mother, father, sister and possibly grandparents, are just his little toys, and The Pit is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in. All these eons, I have seen so many people fall victim to Zalgo, kind and decent people. All I have left are memories.
~ Jeff 2# telling the main universe's Proxies of Zalgo's evil, and an homage to Tom's quote from Sonic.EXE

Zalgo is driven by a rather single-minded goal to destroy all life and appears to show little interest in anything that does not further his ambitions towards the dark end.

He is viciously cunning and quick to learn from his mistakes. He methodically targets people and things that have proven a problem for him in the past by either destroying them outright such as in the case of Slenderman or using them as pawns to further his own agenda in the case of Widemouth to manipulate Jeff. As shown when he is highly skilled at deception, as he was able to fool even Slenderman and Plague Doctor into helping him while disguised as Widemouth. At the end of the episode, he tauntingly thanks Slenderman for opening the portal for him. He is a quick thinker, pretending to be horrified when Ben tried to smash the Enchiridion, even though that would cause the portal to open. Another example was the case of the Viking King, who Zalgo tricked into going after a jewel that increase Zalgo's power. After the Viking King returned it to Zalgo, Zalgo immediately turned on the king, kidnapping his family and having all his subjects executed.  Afterwards,  Zalgo sentenced them to working a labor mind for the rest of their lives without any food and water.

Zalgo's most notable flaw is his arrogance and his driven single-minded nature. In each case his defeat has always happened at the hands of opponents towards whom he was derisively dismissive. He laughed at Widemouth's attempts to stop him and shrugged off Slenderman as a fool yet it was through the combined efforts of these two individuals that he was dealt a crushing defeat and forced to possess the body of a little girl. After regaining his strength Zalgo manipulates Jeff into opening a portal into the heart of the multiverse. Once again he falls prey to his arrogant and single-minded nature when he ignores Ben grabbing onto him with a dismissive grunt and continues onward towards his final goal rather than dealing with the two stow away heroes he is dragging into the portal with him. This oversight later proves to be the undoing of his masterful plan, leaving him stranded in Widemouth's time room with his one wish already spent thanks to the two meddling heroes and some friendly help from Widemouth.

In "Legends of the Multiverse", he seems to have lost the deep echo in his voice. Due to Slenderman and the Proxies hindering his omniversal conquest and generally foiling his plans, Zalgo's mental state became increasingly unstable, as he would often lose his cool, overreact, and lack common sense, causing him to lean slightly towards his more insane, comedic like his prr-production counterpart, but he was still a very intimidating villain.

He is a notable sadist, enjoying the suffering of everyone of all ages and race, usually if he himself does it. He has a region in the Pit dedicated to torturing souls and his own henchmen. According to a sign outside this region, victims are tortured in ways such as: being skinned alive, having their teeth hammered off, being electrocuted until they puke blood, having their fingers broken, sexual assault, having their bones crushed, forcing them to watch their homes being destroyed and their families die, knife torture and having their eyes ripped out and poked at.

Most likely due to being born in riches and privilege, Zalgo has a distaste towards the poor and middle-class, giving them the worst torture out of all his victim's.

In the two-part special "Tales of the Dark World" a few scenes are told through Zalgo's perspective. He claims himself to be superior to other Dark World creatures, with others (mainly Proxies) are "inferior", with Slenderman being the only being who matches his power. Even then, he views Slenderman as "fat, stupid and lazy" due to Slenderman constantly being in his mansion, admiring himself, a hypocritical statement, considering Zalgo almost never leaves the Pit and admires himself also.

Powers and Abilities

Mercy is for the weak!
~ Zalgo's motto
Such fragile creatures you are.
~ Zalgo slaughtering and taunting villagers.
Wake up! Tortures no fun if I can't hear you scream!
~ Zalgo before torturing an injured Slender Man.
Well, son, are you having second thoughts about challenging a superior warrior to battle?! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED! NOT BY YOU OR ANYONE!
~ Zalgo during his fight with Slender Man.
Come now. I can't have you giving up after such a glancing blow. No, I'm afraid your torment is only just beginning. There are so many horrors I have yet to show you.
~ Zalgo during his fight with Jeff in "To Proxy Mountain.
How's that? Are you beginning to regret you're foolish decision to the defy me? Or shall I remind you of your place, you worthless inferior insect?!
~ Zalgo taunting Jeff in "To Proxy Mountain"
With me, you would live like a god. Yes, you could have anything. Or not, you could choose to suffer and die.
~ Zalgo trying to persuade Jeff and Ben to join him in his efforts.
It seems you were born from your mothers side. Foolish, uppity, bordering on pathological. You don't stand a chance against me, boy.
~ Zalgo before fighting Slender Man.
Do your worst, inferior one!
~ Zalgo before his defeat in "To Proxy Mountain.
You can no longer deny it, Eyeless Jack is now nothing more than a toy at my disposal. As of now l, you, your friends and he, belong to ME."
~ Zalgo taunting Laughing Jack.
Here's a little advice on the virtue of mercy: It's only value is to your foe.
~ Zalgo taunting Jeff.
~ Zalgo's Villainous Breakdown.
You will suffer and die by my hands. I wonder what look Slenderman will have on his face when he finds out one of his best students died suffering. (Laughs) It's fun to even imagine that! (Begins to torture Laughing Jack with lightning) What will you do now? If you don't hurry and run away I will kill you. (continues shocking him as he screams in pain) Did that hurt? Are you in pain? But you see, my resentment for Slenderman is too much to be satisfied with just this. Now, why don't you try to run away? (Jack falls to the ground screaming in agony) What's that? Can't run anymore? Come on now, Slenderman wouldn't give up so easily. (Continues torturing Jack) It's a big mistake if you think you're allowed to stand in front of me! (Electrocutes Jack as he is on the ground) Can't move anymore? If so why don't you plead for your life? Say that you want me to help you. (Jack cries softly on the ground) Cry.. Better yet, cry while screaming! Look at me and ask me to spare your life! (Laughs) Even if you do, I won't spare you! I will kill you, a Proxy, by my own hands. Serves you right, insect. serves the right, Proxy. Serves you right, Slenderman!
~ Zalgo torturing Laughing Jack
Don't cry, girl. The lord of all evil is taking time from the schedule to kill you. You should feel honored.
~ Zalgo before attempting to kill Sally
Find and kill Slenderman. If you refuse, your girlfriend dies. You will return to me and give yourself to my army, if you resist she dies. And when your training is complete, you will hunt down and help me destroy the universe, if you fail, she dies!
~ Zalgo to a powerless Jeff.



  • Zalgo is one of the most evil Pasta Monsters villains. In fact, xcomickittyx intended him to be as evil and vile as possible to avoid fan critism about ruining such a dark character.
  • In the original Creepypasta, Zalgo is a possible Satanic demon who would take popular family-friendly comic strips and make them dark and scary such as making the character's eyes bleed and flush away the color.
  • He is considered the single most evil villain in the series for many reasons:
    • He enslaved the monsters who were nothing but loyal to him.
    • He is not afraid to kill anyone, including innocent children, civilians and even his own henchmen for fun.
    • When Slenderman showed mercy towards a severely weakened Zalgo, Zalgo taunted him for it and still continued to attack Slenderman.
    • While in control of the Dark World, he slaughtered entire villages full of people while forcing their leaders to watch the villages destruction.
    • He plans on destroying Earth and the Dark World and turning the universe into the New Hell. 
    • Killed his own wife and planned to kill Slender Man as well.
    • Relentlessly put Slenderman though hours of training everyday when Slenderman was a child, often starved him for days and would literally beat him within an inch of his life as punishment.
    • He planned in killing his father to become ruler quicker.
    • Ordered the execution of his sister's six month old son, fearing he would one day usurp him.
    • Unlike many villains who have a tragic past or at least have a reason to commit evil acts, Zalgo chooses to be evil and commit evil acts for his own pleasure.
  • Zalgo is the first world threat that Jeff and Ben have dealt with, followed by Mancala and eventually, Enderman.
  • Zalgo was redesigned at least once; xcomickittyx felt that his original design was not scary enough.
  • Despite being undead, he can apparently eat.
  • The mouths on Zalgo's stomach can appearently speak and eat.
  • President Bush seems to be capable of sensing Zalgo's presence.
  • Mr. Widemouth admits Zalgo is his only real rival, stating that, while he finds Zalgo "pathetic," the fact that Zalgo is capable of destroying all of the omniverse causes Widemouth to take their rivalry seriously and that, if Slender Man can't defeat him, he would have taken matters into his own hands. Zalgo and Widemouth actually fought in "To Proxy Mountain". Zalgo easily defeated Widemouth however, meaning he may have said it to sound tough.
  • Zalgo is by far the only villain in Pasta Monsters to sucessfully kill off a hero. Mancala did kill off Laughing Jack, only for Ben to revive him. Zalgo, however, has murdered The Unwanted House Guest, who has stayed dead.
  • Zalgo is similar to Aku from Samurai Jack
    • Both are fairly comedic yet threatening villains.
    • Both have similar powers.
    • Both can only be defeated by divine power.
    • Both are demons. 
    • Both live in a hellish lair.
  • He hates Jeff the most out of Slenderman's proxies.
  • Enderman claims that Zalgo treats his victims better than his henchmen.
  • Satan and Zalgo are cousins.
  • Ben has stated that Zalgo once shook hands with Stalin.
  • He has similair traits with Frieza,
    • Both kill their goons when they fail
    • Both betrayed different groups, Zalgo betrayed the monsters, Frieza betrayed the Saiyans.
  • Zalgo exhibits all signs of the Seven Deadly Sins:
    • Lust: He has been implied to have sex with many woman, usually by force.
    • Gluttony: He devours the souls of demons on a daily basis and constantly asks for more.
    • Greed: His goal was to gain as much power as possible and even contemplated killing his father to become ruler faster.
    • Sloth: Zalgo usually never gets involved in combat, relying on his henchmen to do the job for him while he lounges on his thrones. This example is justified, however, as him losing power as weakened him drastically. This is also usually a good thing, as if Zalgo did get involved in combat, even in his weakened state, he would still  be too powerful for some to withstand.
    • Wrath: He ruthlessly murders and tortures his henchmen if they fail him.
    • Envy: He desires Slender Man's power and therefore is jealous of him.
    • Pride: He is very arrogant and is an egomaniac.
  • Zalgo seems to have some form of PTSD following his defeat at Slenderman's hands.
  • Zalgo also shares similarities with Pepper Satanica from The Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten spinoff, The Punkettes.
    • Both are Evil, Malevolent Rulers.
    • Both enjoy tormenting their enemies.
    • Both have similar powers.
    • Both are Complete Monsters.

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