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Full Name Za'lgatoth
Alias Zalgo

The Nezperdian Hize Mind
The Great Leader
Fater/Daddy (by Slender Man and Ashi)
Lava-lamp-demon-guy (by Ben)
The Father of Darkness
Evil (by Mr. Widemouth)

Origin Creepypasta (orginally), Pastamonsters
Occupation The Supreme Leader of the Pit and all it's inhabitants
Powers/Skills Godlike powers and strength

Pyrokinetic abilities
Incredibly high durability
Regenerative powers
Can create life out of nothing
His political status

Hobby Killing innocents in mass numbers

Trying to kill Slender Man and his Proxies
Killing his henchman if they fail him or just as a joke
Commanding his army
Destroying entire cities and enslaving the surviors
Causing as much misery and death as possible
Watching his minions rape and torture innocent civilians
Psychologically, physically and sexually torturing his prisoners
Committing genocide
Starving his subjects
Ruining and corrupting the lives of the innocent
Polluting and destroying beautiful lands
Making fun of Jeff
Playing mind games with his foes
Creating wars.

Goals Kill Slender Man and the Proxies

Destroy the Dark World and its inhabitants.
Take over the Multiverse and turn it into his new Hell.
Kill God
Find a new heir to his throne (succeeded posthumously)
Kill Satan and replace him as the ruler of Evil.

Type of Villain Intergalactic Anti-Christ
Hold on, I just got an excellent idea; Because I'm generous, I'll bury you with your mother. Go on! You may thank me, I've been more than merciful it's only polite! HAHAHAHAHA!
~ Zalgo mocking Slenderman after admitting to killing his mother.
I hope you appreciate, Slenderman, that everything that happens from this point is on your head. The stars will rain fire, the cosmos will boil, the planets will run red with the blood of trillions. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life.
~ Zalgo after obtaining multiversal power.

Z̘̠̟̮̘̹̣a̸̰͉̗̹̟͙'̴̠̭̼͇̰̗̬l̗g͏̻͔̪̮a̧͚̰t͓͕́oth̵̭̬̱̥ or most commonly Zalgo, is the primary antagonist of the web-comic series Pastamonsters. He is the supreme ruler of The Pit (The Dark World's Hell). He is also Slenderman's "not so loving" father. He is a malevolent and mysterious entity of chaos and evil that lives in a palace of tortured souls known as the Pit, served by legions of monsters forged from the tears of the undead, and each one clad in armor carved from the concentrated suffering of grieving mothers. He also is said to live within all mankind, waiting for the thin glass wall within them to crack, so that he may take over. His real name is Z'algatoth and he has a cult of followers who wish to bring about his coming.



In his youth, Zalgo was born into the "Great Leader" family, a group of demons who controlled the Creepypastas. Although sometimes cruel, they took care of the monsters, only punishing those who killed their own kind. Zalgo, however, only wanted power and control, as he was next in line while his dad was in rule. Zalgo was always eager to take his father's place as Leader but was always belittled by his mother. He had a troubled past, always being bullied and neglected. As he grew older his father eventually died and, despite losing his grandfather, Zalgo seemed happy to finally be the new Satan. 

As Ruler of the Dark World

As a teenager, Zalgo didn't seem to do much as ruler. He simply lounged around and tortured lost souls only as a hobby, not caring about a famine going on in the Dark World. However, as he became older he began terrorizing his own kind, destroying entire cities and enslaving races for the pure fun of it. This resulted in the Monsters long hatred and fear of Zalgo and by extension, his entire family, as the one thing they saw as a god and leader betrayed them. Seeing as Zalgo turned on them, the Monsters looked for new leaders but no one was smart enough for the job, Zalgo kept tormenting and enslaving the Monsters for fun, capturing and punishing anyone who spoke against him and his rules.

Cursing Mr. Widemouth

After an unknown period of time, Zalgo and his forces found their way to Earth 20186. They crash-landed on Earth, making an impact that brings about the extinction of the dinosaurs and the start of the Ice Age. In the wake of the impact, the mass has settled into its crater to become a giant pool of an orange, lava-like substance. After absorbing the few surviving dinosaurs, it sprouts several jagged, tree-like spikes as the ground around it cracks, as if the substance within the pool is trying to spread...

Time passes, and many people and animals fall victim to the deadly lava as it continues to expand. By the time Earth's monarchy is established, the "forest" of spikes is encroaching upon civilization, impaling homes and buildings. Seeing the damage being wrought on his lands, Oliver Lamar Owlicious Anthony Felix Ubiquitous III, one of the leaders of the primitive Earth, decides he must destroy the threat at its core. Despite the desperate pleas from his distraught girlfriend, Mona, Oliver tells her that while she is the most important thing to him , the people of the land are also his family; if he doesn't act, the entire land will perish.

After creating an elixir of poison believed to be the key to putting an end to the tar pool once and for all, Oliver, along with a unit of elite cavalry, rides into the forest toward the center where the heart of the pool lies. Before long, spikes start to erupt from the ground as if the forest has come alive, killing all of Oliver's men, including Kind Magnus, but he determinedly rides on to the center of the forest.

With the Pit before him continuing to slowly expand, Oliver takes an arrow and laces it with the poison. Uttering a mystical chant, he fires the arrow into the sky, where it catches fire from the sun before landing directly into the center of the Pit. At first, the plan seems to have worked, as the spikes start to retreat back into the pool of hellish lava. However, it is soon revealed that the plan has backfired completely: instead of destroying the pool of blackness, the elixir gave it power. Oliver's horse flees in terror as a truly colossal spike erupts from the pool, quickly mutating into a massive creature with giant horns, flaming yellow eyes, giant teeth on his stomach, and a body made from a black void of emptiness. Z'algatoth had entered his world.

After a moment to accustom himself to his new form, Zalgo notices Oliver on the ground and thanks him for releasing him. Furiously yelling that his intention was to destroy him, Oliver tries to kill Zalgo, but his efforts are in vain; the monster absorbs his arrows into his body, and an attempt to slash Zalgo with his sword only serves to melt his own weapon. Zalgo thunderously declares that he is immune to mortal weapons before punishing the brave archaeologist for his defiance; he fires a pool of lava at the man, melting his skin off. Instead of killing him, Zalgo cursed him by turning him in a hairy feral beast beyond all human perception. imprisoned Oliver (now Mr. Widemouth) in an empty void in the Pit. With that, Zalgo created an image of his home in Widemouth's prison, leaving him to watch as Zalgo destroyed his planet and slaughtered everyone he loved, including Mona and the two young children Oliver had met on Earth. 

Return to the Pit/Raising Slenderman

Afterward, Zalgo knew he wouldn't live forever, as Shadowlurker advised him to find an heir, as Zalgo will eventually die like his fathers before him. Fearing an even more powerful warrior would kill him in a fight, Zalgo decided that he needed an heir. He met a female demon and had casual sex with her. He then, however, left her without making her his queen as he promised. The girl eventually had a baby and sent it to Zalgo under his orders. Zalgo intended to murder the baby and feed it to his Hell-Hounds but the Shadowlurker stopped him, persuading Zalgo that he needed a heir to his throne. With that, Zalgo named the baby "Slenderman" and prepared it to rule his throne. Zalgo would later go one to have four other children, intending to find out which one is the most worthy of the throne.

Over a course of two decades, Zalgo would subject his young sons and daughter to horrific abuse, both of the physical and psychological kind. Not long after they are born, Zalgo, in order to put his new initiation to the test, strips his terrified children naked and then dumps them into a pit of hellfire from the Pit, causing them nightmarish agony, searing their skin black and giving them magical tentacles (which we're actually the children's rotten flesh.) From this point onwards and for years on for every day of Slenderman's life, Zalgo puts the child through brutal life-or-death training routines, where the slightest deviation means beatings and torture and the other four children die in the brutal courses, leaving Slenderman as the only survivor. One exemplary instance of this was when Zalgo forced the boy to fight a hulking demon henchman whilst he was still a young child, leading to him to be beaten senseless in his ineffectual attempt to attack the demon. In the midst of this routine, the young, inquisitive Slenderman, sneaks away from the battle in tears of pain and finds a portal to the human world. Slenderman stared out into the outside world (which should be noted Zalgo has never let Slenderman venture into). Zalgo sees him gazing longingly outside and seems to comfort him... before grabbing Slenderman by the neck and tossing him to the brutish demon and ordering that Slenderman be brutalized for his brief distraction, watching without a hint of emotion as the demon brutally beats the young boy.

During his teenage years, Slenderman wandered around the Pit, seeing all the enslaved humans and monsters from different worlds forced to Zalgo. The Dark World is riddled with likenesses of Zalgo, and his demonic minions swarm the lands. During this, Slenderman finds that his long-lost mother, like all his other family members, have been put to work in the mines, though she is being tormented by Zalgo's evil minions far more than anyone else. Before the woman is about to be punished via whipping, Slenderman arrives and battles Zalgo's minions. He easily defeats them and frees his mother from his shackles. His mother, Akira, tells her son that Zalgo means to use the riches found in the Pit to strengthen his powers and take over the entire multiverse. Slenderman promises that he will vanquish Zalgo by the power Zalgo bestowed upon him before Akira dies due to starvation.

Zalgo, sensing this, told his henchmen to kill Slenderman but Slenderman fought his way through Zalgo's kingdom, using his father's power. After teleporting to his throne room, he challenged Zalgo for the throne. Zalgo, believing no one could harm him, accepted and they engaged in battle. Zalgo shape-shifts into the form of a large gorilla. Zalgo attacks Slenderman with furious claw swipes and powerful punches, managing to harm the Slenderman's back. But soon enough, Slenderman manages to catch Zalgo's arms with his tentacles, ripping his arms and legs off, forcing Zalgo to morph into a spider. Slenderman states that Zalgo will never be able to defeat one of his own, no matter what form he takes. Zalgo continues to attack with his teeth and sharp arms, but is cut down by Slenderman once again, and is sent tumbling in the darkness of his lair. Zalgo then emerges in the form of a giant squid. He tries to attack with his tentacles, but Slenerman cut his tentacles one by one, eventually taking to higher ground. Zalgo then shape-shifts into the form of a hydra and charges at the prince, who dodges and cuts Zalgo in half with a magical beam, forcing him to shape-shift into a dragon. Slenderman then prepares to finish Zalgo and morphs him tentacles into a sword and pierces Zalgo through the head. Zalgo tumbled to his lair's floor, reduced to the helpless, cowardly shadow he truly is. He looked up at his son and declared, "You might have beaten me now, but I will return in the future stronger than ever". Slenderman exclaims that there is no future for Zalgo, but he disagrees. Zalgo tears a portal to the Dark World through which Slenderman is flung into the distant future, where Zalgo promises they will meet again, but next time he will destroy Slenderman once and for all. However, this inadvertently made Zalgo's predicament worse, as the Monsters, who had been killed and tortured by Zalgo for years, finally found a leader: Slender Man.

Role in the series 

Zalgo is a recurring villain in the webcomic. He may not appear often, but when he does he is usually the main or true antagonist. 

Zalgo has a somewhat abusive past as his mother neglected him throughout his childhood, never paying him any attention despite him being next in line for the throne, leading to a running gag where a character will talk about his mother only for him to have a flashback to a traumatic experience. 

Despite being one of the most powerful monsters to ever live, Zalgo avoids fighting in combat due his fight with Slenderman severely weakening him and since no one in the Dark World fears Zalgo anymore due to the Proxies protection, Zalgo cannot properly regain his powers.

Despite not appear too often, xcomickittyx states that while MancalaEnderman and President Bush are the main antagonists, Zalgo will, and always has been the true antagonist. 

Legends of the Multiverse five-parter

In part 1, an overjoyed X arrives at Zalgo's lair to inform him about the existence of Enderman's multiverse portal. He spots Zalgo in the distance, only to find it's actually a speaker-box in the demon's likeness that refuses to hear him out and ordering him to leave. Still persistent, X simply finds another way into Zalgo's lair and demands to speak with him. When Zalgo reluctantly agrees, X wonders if Zalgo can hear even though Zalgo does not have ears before finally confirming the status of the multiverse portal. Rejoicing at the revelation, Zalgo restores X's power and dances along with him in celebration. Meanwhile, the Unwanted House Guest yells at Jeff and BEN, saying that it is three in the morning and asks why they are there. BEN says that they wanted to make sure he was not dead, to which the Unwanted House Guest asks why they would think that, and Jeff proceeds by explaining about the dream. Then a surprising look appears on the Unwanted House Guest's face after Jeff is done explaining his interesting dream. The Unwanted House Guest asks them if they want to save all life from Zalgo and they agree. After they head out, Unwanted House Guest tells them that they need to collect all the magical gems from Mr. Widemouth and Enderman's power crystals that protect them from Zalgo.

After some time spent collecting crystals, the group stops to rest for a bit and Jeff asks Unwanted House Guest how many more crystals they need. Unwanted House Guest indicates that there is one left. Jeff gets hungry and rummages through the Unwanted House Guest's knapsack looking for candy, finding the key to the Multiverse Portal after being smacked out by the Unwanted House Guest and asking why he had it. Unwanted House Guest says that he found it in the mouth of the Stiltwalker and Jeff blushes with embarrassment as he remembers giving the book away to the Stiltwalker. Unwanted House Guest says it has magical powers and tells him to turn the sword on the cover of the book which Jeff does. The circle on the front opens up showing 9 slots where all the gems go in mystically (except Lara's which just falls over the book) and show a brief diagram about what would happen if all the slots where filled. At first, Jeff, BEN and Lara wonder what all the holograms are, but Unwanted House Guest uses the blue crystal on his face to activate another hologram. A man named Booko appears and explains what the first set of holograms represent, which is all the known universes and dimensions, and how they are connected. BEN tries to play around with it, but it frightens him and he calls it off. Booko goes on to mention that in the center of the universe is the Time Room where Mr. Widemouth dwells. Unwanted House Guest states that he is going to push Zalgo into there, seemingly to place the demon in non-existence. While Jeff and BEN are agreeing with his idea, Unwanted House Guest has another interesting look on his face.

They then go to Proxy Mansion to get Ms. P's gem (she is experimenting with little creatures, cutting off their legs and reattaching them). Jeff breaks through the roof, failing at trying to do so quietly, and after regaining himself, asks for the crystal on her drawer. Miss. P is shocked and refuses, forcing Jeff to grab it without explaining why, during which, Miss. P accidentally cuts Jeff's cheek with the scissors she is still holding from her experiments. They stare at each other for a brief moment, both stunned, and Miss. P says "That was an accident." Jeff removes the gem from her drawer, drops the gem and is grasped by Lara who stretches out of the room from the hole Jeff made when he fell in. Slenderman get's suspicious and calls a meeting of all Monsters, only for the Unwanted House Guest to not show up. He goes to Unwanted House Guest's tree, only to find it had been set on fire. Using his power of seeing the past, Slenderman had discovered what happened.

Weeks ago, Zalgo had been stalking Unwanted House Guest's girlfriend, Clara, for weeks, as she keeps tabs on her boyfriend's criminal activities. This understandably spooks Clara, who is then placed in a safe house at Unwanted House Guest's home by Unwanted House Guest, until he could track Zalgo down and neutralize him. Unfortunately for Unwanted House Guest and his lover, Zalgo's minions use his own connections to learn of Clara's whereabouts and are able to warn Zalgo. With that, Zalgo broke into the safe house, and waits for her to come home. When she does so after grocery shopping,  X violently smash her head into the counter and Zalgo ties her up to the chandelier in the living room. Unwanted House Guest soon begins to suspect that something is wrong and has one of his friends disguised as himself enter the safe house as a diversion while he sneaks in the back to gain the upper hand on X and Zalgo. When the decoy arrives through the front door, Zalgo is gleefully waiting in a chair and immediately shoots the monster through the heart, instantly killing, knowing that he is not his true target. The real Unwanted House Guest then sneaks up behind Zalgo and attacks him, but X arrived at Zalgo's side and overpowers and beats Unwanted House Guest, tying up his hands in the process. To eliminate any evidence of him being at the safe house, Zalgo sets the room ablaze using his fire powers. As Clara struggles from the heat of the fire below her, Zalgo then cruelly and sadistically makes Unwanted House Guest hold his gun and shoot Clara through the heart, immediately killing her, as X drags the struggling Unwanted House Guest out with him, where the duo murder him. This was so Zalgo could use his skin and manipulate Jeff and BEN into collecting the Multiverse gems for him. With that, Slenderman and the Proxies run off the prevent the end of the world.

Jeff, BEN and Lara run off with the gem with the Proxies not far behind. Once outside, he then puts the gem in the final slot of the Multiverse Portal. Lights start to flash out of the stones on the portal. Then the keys start to shake while the pieces start to fall off as the keys to the portal turns black (or to some rock-looking substance) after the pieces of the cover slide off and/or illuminate. As Jeff is running, "Unwanted House Guest" (being behind the trees in Enderman's house) tells Jeff to hurry with the keys. Then, Slenderman runs out telling him that the Unwanted House Guest is really Zalgo. Just as she says this, the Plague Doctor gets up and blasts the Unwanted House Guest, detecting Zalgo's presence, thus revealing half of Unwanted House Guest's face, and showing Zalgo's true face. Zalgo then asks for the keys. Jeff realizes that Zalgo "messed Unwanted House Guest up" and after dodging a grasp from him smashes the keys with his foot. Then Jeff is knocked out by the power of the keys. Jeff, not knowing what had happened, woke up seeing that his action accidentally opens up the portal. He attempted to shut it off until X knocked him back to the ground. Zalgo laughs because he is pleased and thanks Jeff, tauntingly, before he and X enter the portal to begin the domination of the entire multiverse, and multiverses beyond.

In part 2, Zalgo had already began to spread his rule across the different multiverse, intending to expand his army to limitless proportions. To do this, Zalgo and X orchestrated multi-universal-wide wars and caused mass-genocides in universal scale, manipulating zillions and then disposing of them when they have served his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people, including children, women, pregnant women and beings from others universes, tyrannically and oppressing zillions of sentient beings, wiping out zillions of lives for fun, destroying billions of galaxies, planets and realities to secure and then maintain power over the Multi-Universe. During these stages, Zalgo killed every Slenderman, Jeff, and Proxy in all the multiverses he invaded. In one instance, Zalgo killed Sally and Ms. P right in front of Earth 543 Jeff. Rather than let Jack join them in the afterlife, Zalgo encased Jeff in stone, denying him from being able to see his loved ones and leaving him to his sadness and despair for eternity. 

After hearing the main universe's Proxies had already begun their quest to defeat him, Zalgo resurrects BEN's main foe, Mancala as an undead robot from his molten burial to execute them before they even get to him. Almost immediately after, Enderman, B.O.B and the Rake enter Zalgo's lair, berating the demon for hijacking the Multiverse Portal. A disinterested Zalgo ponders murdering them until he heard Enderman was the one who created the multiverse portal. He then agrees to their services afterward. Much to their surprise, Zalgo says he doesn't care what they do and declares that he does not care about destroying the Proxies, ordering Enderman to simply find more multiverses.

In part 3, Zalgo is excited to find Mancala had followed through with capturing the Proxies. Zalgo orders the team to fix the machine, but they refuse, explaining why they would do something that would lead to their own self-destruction. It was then Enderman realized that what the Proxies only did was taking out his self-destruct button, which Enderman wired everything to. After Enderman follows the Proxies instructions, this allowed the machine to power up and create more multiverses. A delighted Zalgo, declared the Proxies to have outlived their usefulness. He sentences them to their doom by having them fed to the Demon Cerberus. He also attempts to have Enderman and B.O.B fed to the Cerberus for their utter annoyance, much to Enderman's dismay. However, this was foiled by the efforts of an arriving Earth 543 Jeff, allowing the Proxies to escape back to their original dimension. Zalgo scolds his henchmen and criticizes Shadowlurker for letting them get away. Shadowlurker tried to reason with Zalgo, but Zalgo blasted him back with lightning and sent him to the torture chamber.

In part 4, Zalgo's army expanded to over centillion henchmen, but Zalgo himself is only concerned about eliminating the Proxies. Mancala confronts Zalgo and demands his repayment. Zalgo refuses, saying he only agreed to give him full power if the Proxies were fully executed. Mancala reminds him of the deal. Zalgo, however, doesn't care and just laughs at him. Enraged, Mancala starts throwing fireballs at Zalgo, which doesn't harm him at all. Zalgo then takes his powers away and Mancala is thrown out Zalgo's fortress by the Shadowlurker. Afterward, Zalgo sends X to deal with the Proxies.

After hearing Lara had gone to the Dark World to retrieve an old device, Zalgo quickly teleported to Proxy Mansion to capture her. After she incapacitates the Rake (who had been waiting to kill her beforehand), Lara turns around only to be confronted by Zalgo, who grabs her by the throat and takes her to the Pit.

The Proxies reach Slenderman and once again try to convince him to not hand himself over to Zalgo, saying that no one knows their destiny. He agrees by telling them he didn't know he could make such wonderful friends and that he wanted to make their last day perfect only to have them worry about him the entire time. Miss. P holds his hand and tells him "That's what friends do." But Slenderman says "And as my students, you have to let me go". Then he traps them to prevent them from stopping him, as they try to stop him he proceeds to Zalgo's lair. Zalgo eagerly absorbs Slenderman's power, becoming more unstoppable than ever and killing Slenderman in the process. Zalgo then decides to fulfill his goal and rewrite the multiverses in his image. Zalgo then destroys every Multiverse with a single thought, ready to begin his new reign.

In part 5, Zalgo had successfully turned the entire multiverse into his own Hell, quite literally a "Hell on Earth". Unbeknownst to him, however, the Proxies had survived the destruction of the multiverse due to Slenderman's magic. Determined to stop Zalgo and avenge Slenderman, the Proxies, who team up with Mancala, head to the Pit to put an end to Zalgo.

Meanwhile, Lara wakes up in the Pit, stunned by her surroundings. She goes to escape only for the only door to run away from her, revealing it to be Zalgo's tricks. Suddenly, she is greeted by Zalgo himself, who begins dancing with a menacing look on his face and warped classical music playing in the background. Lara see's another exit and runs towards it, only for Zalgo to stop her and rise her up by the neck, screaming and laughing in her face. Lara proclaims that she does not fear Zalgo, to which Zalgo declares she will. Zalgo throws Lara to the ground and proceeds to vomit incredibly hot blood on Lara, warping her mind and turning her into a demon. Shadowlurker looks on, realizing Zalgo has fallen too far.

The Proxies arrive at the gates of the Pit and split up into two groups. During this, Mancala betrays BEN and tries to kill him and the Proxies, but BEN manages to split his power crystal with the Sword of Splendorman, where he explodes and finally dies. They then find Zalgo's Lair, where they find Lara, in her demonic form and flying around the lair, with the bodies of over centillions of Zalgo's victims flying above them in corrupted forms. Before she has a chance to attack them, BEN kisses Lara, which restores her to normal.

Suddenly, Lara's deceased brother, Isaac, who had been murdered by X under Zalgo's orders, appears from behind Zalgo's throne, asking where Lara had been. Lara tearfully claims she had been looking for him all along and asks him if his Sonic game was good. Isaac tearfully states he doesn't like the Pit and wants to go home with "mommy" and "daddy". Lara claims she misses him more than anything else before, however, shooting him with BEN's electric oar, revealing Isaac to be nothing but Zalgo. Zalgo rises up and grabs Lara, threatening to slash her throat if they get any closer. Zalgo then begins to use Lara as a bargaining chip, claiming that if the Proxies leave her to Zalgo, he will give them their previous lives back and allow them to live long lives. The Proxies, however, have grown comfortable living as serial killers and refuse as BEN's fires another blast at Zalgo, causing him to release Lara. Zalgo proceeds to completely unleashes his power, constantly shape-shifting into the Proxies' worst fears and regrets. He turns into Jeff's brother Liu and attempts to strangle Jeff before Jeff stabs him in the heart. Rising back up, he turns into a monster made of water and attempts to drown BEN again before BEN uses a fire charm and lits him on fire. Zalgo then turns into Slenderman himself and grabs Jeff, BEN, Ms. P, and Eyeless Jack by the throats in an attempt to strangle them to death, only for Laughing Jack to sever his Achilles tendon with a knife. Angered, Zalgo morphs into the Stiltwalker and tries to impale Laughing Jack with his claws. Jeff reacts quickly and cuts each of his legs off with the Sword of Splendorman. Zalgo then turns into the Unwanted House Guest and bites one of Laughing Jack's fingers off. Laughing Jack cowers on the floor as Zalgo slowly walks towards him to deliver the killing blow before every Proxy piles on Zalgo in an attempt to slow him down. Jeff manages to stab Zalgo through the heart with the sword, destroying the Multiverse Portal in the process. Zalgo's universe begins to crumble into its previous state, with everyone killed during the destruction, including Slenderman, returning to life. Zalgo crawls desperately on the floor away from the Proxies, his strength depleting to human levels. Zalgo then begs Shadowlurker to save him, but Shadowlurker stands aside, unsure of what to do. Zalgo then insults Shadowlurker and calls him out for being "weak". Shadowlurker, tired of years of abuse and torture at Zalgo's hand, blasts Zalgo out of the Pit with lightning and sends Zalgo into a spike pit below, finally killing the Nezperdian Hive Mind forever.

As the gang celebrates Zalgo's defeat and the restorement of the multiverse, Lara finds Isaac's Sonic plush, confirming that either X or Zalgo had long since killed Isaac. Lara breaks down crying, falling to her knees while clutching the plushie while the Proxies pile in and hug her for comfort. But for Lara, while tragic, this is a healthy kind of moment. As she finally gets the closure she needed and can now begin to move on with her life, too.

After his second defeat 

After being defeated by the Proxies, Zalgo completely disappeared from the Pit, and still has yet to resurface. Rumors began setting that Zalgo had eventually died after his defeat, merely succumbing to his injuries sustained in his fight against the Proxies. However, many have debunked this rumor, stating at Zalgo has survived much worse.

Regardless of Zalgo's current state, his minions have remained loyal to him with many cults forming around the entire universe showing their support to their fallen god. 


Zalgo was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including my mother, father, sister and possibly grandparents, are just his little toys, and The Pit is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in. All these eons, I have seen so many people fall victim to Zalgo, kind and decent people. All I have left are memories.
~ Jeff 2# telling the main universe's Proxies of Zalgo's evil, and an homage to Tom's quote from Sonic.EXE
Zalgo is evil incarnate; he embodies the very essence of a satanic overlord. He has ruled the Pit for well over a 10 eons and does not take kindly to disobedience. Zalgo is responsible for countless genocides,with planets, towns, villages, and small settlements being completely destroyed, alongside all their inhabitants, while nature itself is left to rot or decimated to make room for Zalgo's strongholds. It is likely that religions are also affected, given Zalgo's loathing towards all that are good and sacred. While Zalgo has recreated numerous planets into his own image, he is often just as satisfied with leaving entire areas barren wastelands, seeing the carnage as reminders of his power to the general populace. Atrocities are a daily occurrence since Zalgo's rule, as he welcomes demonic henchmen from across the universe and provides them with areas that are still fully occupied, entrusting the new arrivals to wipe the populaces from any planets.

Zalgo murders his men out of irritation and aggravation but despite the constant annoyance from his royal advisor, the Shadowlurker, Zalgo has never shown any desire to kill him (though he has killed him on one occasion, only to revive him to make him suffer longer). Aside from this, Zalgo views Shadowlurker as disposable, looking down on him with contempt and regularly tortures him for minor infractions.

He is a notable sadist, enjoying the suffering of everyone of all ages and race, usually if he himself does it. He has a region in the Pit dedicated to torturing souls and his own henchmen. In fact, his sadism is the only real reason for why Zalgo does what he does. Zalgo eradicates planets, enslaves trillions, and manipulates hundreds because the suffering of others amuses him. He clearly enjoys his killings and torture on the innocent. He also is known for being a masochist, although in a non-sexual way; he's not only enjoy inflicting pains towards his victims, but also enjoys some kind of retaliation from his enemies. 

Most likely due to being born in riches and privilege, Zalgo has a distaste towards the poor and middle-class, giving them the worst torture out of all his victim's. He has called the Proxies "plebians" on many occasions, which is a slur towards the lower-class.

In the two-part special "Tales of the Dark World" a few scenes are told through Zalgo's perspective. He claims himself to be superior to other Dark World creatures, with others (mainly Proxies) are "inferior", with Slenderman being the only being who matches his power. Even then, he views Slenderman as "fat, stupid and lazy" due to Slenderman constantly being in his mansion, admiring himself, a hypocritical statement, considering Zalgo almost never leaves the Pit and admires himself also.

In "Legends of the Multiverse", he seems to have lost the deep echo in his voice. Due to Slenderman and the Proxies hindering his omniversal conquest and generally foiling his plans, Zalgo's mental state became increasingly unstable, as he would often lose his cool, overreact, and lack common sense, causing him to lean slightly towards his more insane, comedic like his pre-production counterpart, where once before he would have killed whoever displeased him, in this state of annoyance he instead got annoyed that Enderman's crew had disrespected him in his lair.

Despite this, Zalgo's sadistic and serious tendencies appear to be largely intact, as he appeared to be quite pleased with himself after incinerating over a thousand universes, and making jokes about all the woman, men, and children he slaughtered while doing so. Additionally, he showed sadistic glee when murdering Slenderman and destroying the very fabric of reality.

Powers and Abilities

Despite not being quite as powerful as Slenderman, Zalgo is still one of the most powerful demons to ever live and is still not without his powers.

  • Super-Strength:  Zalgo is shown to be very physically strong, as he is able to pick up and toss an entire planet with little effort.
  • Shape-Shifting:  Zalgo can immediately transform itself into any kind of being, regardless of the size or nature of the form. Zalgo took the form of a giant plastic statue, several small life entities, flying leeches, a cat, a human, and Isaac during his battle with the Proxies. Between shapeshifting, Zalgo is an orange amorphous lava-like goo, which is somewhat close to his true form. Some may disagree, however, saying that the most common avatar is the closest to its true form. Others may argue that the crucified Jesus form is its true form. This is untrue, however, the Jesus form is only Zalgo's original form.
  • Telekinesis: Zalgo can lift inanimate objects as well as people with his mind. This includes chairs, houses, and electronic devices.
  • Sonic Scream: Zalgo can produce very powerful and demonic screams powerful enough to cause space-quakes and deafen people.
  • Agelessness:  Zalgo cannot die of natural causes, such as old age and illnesses. He was born several thousand eons before the creation of the Milkey Way galaxy.
  • Teleporting: Zalgo can teleport from any location without losing energy. Although a useful and pragmatic ability, Zalgo doesn't exploit it too much.
  • Limb Detachment:  Zalgo can detach his limbs, organs, body parts, and even his head for any reason.
  • Pyrokinetic Abilities/Immunity:  Zalgo was born within the fires of the Pit, thus he is capable of manipulating, bathing in, and producing flames and lava alike. He was capable of incinerating entire civilizations with just a touch of his claw. He also produced enough lava to flood an entire planet. Zalgo can use his powers to perform a wide variety of techniques, such as the rapid creation of flame henchman, spikes, and walls. He can use his magic to propel himself across a flame surface. Zalgo also displayed the ability create flame demons and imbue them with life, enabling them to move of their own accord. This ability can manifest itself consciously, as was the case with his demonic henchmen. When Zalgo's fire struck people, it passes through the heart with magic and instantly melts the person to death. Zalgo also is clearly not bothered by the heat, preferring most of his homes be in hellish wastelands and fiery dimensions like the Pit; he was seen casually living in his fiery hell known as the Pit without exhibiting any signs of discomfort. And as many souls would burn and suffer the unbearable heat, Zalgo remained casual and unharmed, a further indication of Zalgo's affinity to the heat.
  • Creation: Zalgo can create monsters of any shape or size, from lizards to hydras. This also applies to objects like money, furniture and weaponry.
  • Poisonous Breath: Zalgo is capable of emitting poisonous vapors from his mouth.
  • Reality-Warping: Zalgo can shift any landscape to his liking. He is able to conjure raining treasure and bend reality itself to his liking.
  • 'Flight/Interstellar Travel: Zalgo is capable of flying both in air and in space at amazing speeds well beyond the speed of light.
    • Levitation: Zalgo can "fly" several feet off the ground and slowly descend back to the ground with ease. And while doing this he can dash upward and he will gain altitude quickly (therefore making his flight ability superior to that of Slenderman's) before descending.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Zalgo is able to hear what Jeff and his friends while inside space, which is physically impossible considering sound cannot travel through space.
  • Immunity: Zalgo can survive almost impossible punishment, such as being thrown into the sun, getting cut in half and impaled through the head. He also cannot be harmed by any weapon that is of Earth (anything made by humans). According to Mr. Widemout, nothing short of demi-god power can harm Zalgo.
  • Brainwashing/Hypnosis/Corruption: Zalgo has the power of brainwashing several minds simultaneously. This also suggests that Zalgo has the ability to erase particular things from a person's memory or knowledge. Generally, it appears that the weaker willed citizens and visitors succumb to Zalgo's powerful mind control. This ability presumably has no effect on Slenderman or his Proxies.
  • Phasing: Zalgo can phase through solid objects with ease.
  • Healing/Regeneration: Zalgo can heal himself if he sustains an injury, but cannot if the wound is too deep or severe.
  • Water Manipulation: Zalgo's powers extend to the manipulation of weather, as he was able to generate a blizzard with powerful gusts of wind powerful enough to freeze one's skin. He also caused a solar storm merely because he was in a bad mood.
  • Earth Manipulation: Zalgo can cause earthquakes, move mountains and even shift a planet's tectonic plates using telekinesis.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Zalgo has the ability to turn off gravity around him to where it only affects those around him.
  • Ressurection: As long as Zalgo is killed in the Dark World, he can simply resurrect himself and carry on as if nothing had happened.
  • Dream Manipulation: Zalgo is capable of entering people's dreams and warping them to his liking.
  • Necromancy: Zalgo is capable of resurrecting the dead and bending them to do his bidding.
  • Blood Manipulation: Zalgo can control the blood in people's bodies.
  • Cursing: Zalgo is capable of putting curses on people, landscapes, and worlds.
  • Elasticity: Zalgo can stretch and extend his limbs.
  • Light Manipulation: Zalgo is capable of emitting a powerful light towards enemies that is capable of blinding them.

Despite his omnipotent powers and immunity, Zalgo does have a few weaknesses. 

  • Divine Power: Other god-like beings, such as Slenderman and Alton, can easily kill and harm him.
  • Silver: He can easily be harmed by objects made of pure silver.
  • BEN's Black Stuff: BEN's Black Stuff is capable of melting Zalgo's skin on contact. 
  • Bravery and Courage: If his opponent is not afraid of him, he is slightly weaker against them. The Proxies exploited this weakness in their battle with Zalgo in "Legends of the Multiverse".

  • Name: Zalgo
  • Origin: Creepypasta (originally), Pastamonsters
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Age: Over a trillion eons old.
  • Tier: Low 2-C' | High 2-A
  • Attack Potency: Universe Level+ (destroyed at least two universes at a baby) | Multiverse level+ (destroyed the multiverse and rebuilt it in his image)
  • Speed: Massively FTL (capable of interstellar travel), likely Omnipresent within the Pit |Unknown
  • Lifting Strength: Class E, likely higher | Unknown
  • Striking Speed: Unknown | Unknown
  • Durability: Universe Level+ (survived multiple attacks from Slenderman) | Unknown
  • Stamina: Incredibly high, if not limitless
  • Intelligence: Incredibly intelligent, he has vast knowledge of the multiverse and all its mystical beings and artifacts. Is smarter than Ms. P.

Key: Base Form | With the Multiverse portal

Mercy is for the weak!
~ Zalgo's motto
Such fragile creatures you are.
~ Zalgo slaughtering and taunting villagers.
Wake up! Tortures no fun if I can't hear you scream!
~ Zalgo before torturing an injured Slender Man.
Well, son, are you having second thoughts about challenging a superior warrior to battle?! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED! NOT BY YOU OR ANYONE!
~ Zalgo during his fight with Slender Man.
Come now. I can't have you giving up after such a glancing blow. No, I'm afraid your torment is only just beginning. There are so many horrors I have yet to show you.
~ Zalgo during his fight with Jeff in "To Proxy Mountain.
How's that? Are you beginning to regret you're foolish decision to the defy me? Or shall I remind you of your place, you worthless inferior insect?!
~ Zalgo taunting Jeff in "To Proxy Mountain"
With me, you would live like a god. Yes, you could have anything. Or not, you could choose to suffer and die.
~ Zalgo trying to persuade Jeff and Ben to join him in his efforts.
It seems you were born from your mothers side. Foolish, uppity, bordering on pathological. You don't stand a chance against me, boy.
~ Zalgo before fighting Slender Man.
Do your worst, inferior one!
~ Zalgo before his defeat in "To Proxy Mountain.
You can no longer deny it, Eyeless Jack is now nothing more than a toy at my disposal. As of now l, you, your friends and he, belong to ME."
~ Zalgo taunting Laughing Jack.
Here's a little advice on the virtue of mercy: It's only value is to your foe.
~ Zalgo taunting Jeff.
~ Zalgo's Villainous Breakdown.
You will suffer and die by my hands. I wonder what look Slenderman will have on his face when he finds out one of his best students died suffering. (Laughs) It's fun to even imagine that! (Begins to torture Laughing Jack with lightning) What will you do now? If you don't hurry and run away I will kill you. (continues shocking him as he screams in pain) Did that hurt? Are you in pain? But you see, my resentment for Slenderman is too much to be satisfied with just this. Now, why don't you try to run away? (Jack falls to the ground screaming in agony) What's that? Can't run anymore? Come on now, Slenderman wouldn't give up so easily. (Continues torturing Jack) It's a big mistake if you think you're allowed to stand in front of me! (Electrocutes Jack as he is on the ground) Can't move anymore? If so why don't you plead for your life? Say what you want me to help you. (Jack writhes in a pool of tears) Cry.. Better yet, cry while screaming! Look at me and ask me to spare your life! (Laughs) Even if you do, I won't spare you! I will kill you, a Proxy, by my own hands. Serves you right, insect. serves the right, Proxy. Serves you right, Slenderman!
~ Zalgo torturing Laughing Jack
Don't cry, girl. The lord of all evil is taking time from the schedule to kill you. You should feel honored.
~ Zalgo before attempting to kill Sally

When you destroy a planet you forget about all the little things. The pretty birds tweeting, the children playing their little games, hundreds going about their day... HAHAHAHAAA! I just love my job!
~ Zalgo while showing off his collection.



  • In the original Creepypasta, Zalgo is a possible Satanic demon who would take popular family-friendly comic strips and make them dark and scary such as making the character's eyes bleed and flush away the color.
  • He is considered the single most evil villain in the series for many reasons:
    • He enslaved the monsters who were nothing but loyal to him.
    • He is not afraid to kill anyone, including innocent children, civilians and even his own henchmen for fun.
    • When Slenderman showed mercy towards a severely weakened Zalgo, Zalgo taunted him for it and still continued to attack Slenderman.
    • While in control of the Dark World, he slaughtered entire villages full of people while forcing their leaders to watch the villages destruction.
    • He plans on destroying Earth and the Dark World and turning the universe into the New Hell. 
    • Killed his own wife and planned to kill Slenderman as well.
    • Relentlessly put Slenderman though hours of training everyday when Slenderman was a child, often starved him for days and would literally beat him within an inch of his life as punishment.
    • He planned in killing his father to become ruler quicker.
    • Ordered the execution of his sister's six-month-old son, fearing he would one day usurp him.
    • Unlike many villains who have a tragic past or at least have a reason to commit evil acts, Zalgo chooses to be evil and commit evil acts for his own pleasure.
  • Zalgo was redesigned at least once; xcomickittyx felt that his original design was not scary enough.
  • Despite being undead, he can apparently eat.
  • The mouths on Zalgo's stomach can apparently speak and eat.
  • President Bush seems to be capable of sensing Zalgo's presence..
  • Zalgo is by far the only villain in Pasta Monsters to successfully kill off a hero. Mancala did kill off Laughing Jack, only for Ben to revive him. Zalgo, however, has murdered The Unwanted House Guest, who has stayed dead.
  • Zalgo is similar to Aku from Samurai Jack
    • Both are fairly comedic yet threatening villains.
    • Both have similar powers.
    • Both can only be defeated by divine power.
    • Both are demons. 
    • Both live in a hellish lair.
  • Zalgo hates Eyeless Jack the most out of Slenderman's proxies because he is the only one Zalgo has never been able to traumatize.
  • Enderman claims that Zalgo treats his victims better than his henchmen.
  • Satan and Zalgo are cousins and Slenderman claims Satan gave Zalgo a spell book.
  • Ben has stated that Zalgo once shook hands with Stalin.
  • He has similar traits with Frieza.
    • Both kill their goons when they fail
    • Both betrayed different groups, Zalgo betrayed the monsters, Frieza betrayed the Saiyans.
  • Zalgo exhibits all signs of the Seven Deadly Sins:
    • Lust: He has been implied to have sex with many women, usually by force.
    • Gluttony: He devours the souls of demons on a daily basis and constantly asks for more.
    • Greed: His goal was to gain as much power as possible and even killed the majority of his family to become ruler faster.
    • Sloth: Zalgo usually never gets involved in combat, relying on his henchmen to do the job for him while he lounges on his thrones. This example is justified, however, as him losing power as weakened him drastically. This is also usually a good thing, as if Zalgo did get involved in combat, even in his weakened state, he would still be too powerful for some to withstand.
    • Wrath: He ruthlessly murders and tortures his henchmen if they fail him.
    • Envy: He desires Slenderman's power and therefore is jealous of him.
    • Pride: He is very arrogant and is an egomaniac.
  • Zalgo seems to have some form of PTSD following his defeat at Slenderman's hands.
  • Zalgo also shares similarities with Pepper Satanica from The Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten spinoff, The Punkettes.
    • Both are Evil, Malevolent Rulers.
    • Both enjoy tormenting their enemies.
    • Both have similar powers.
    • Both are Complete Monsters.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Zalgo cannot be identified as male or female, as he is a being above the concept of gender or race.
  • Unlike other members of his race, Zalgo keeps his mental state and can speak, as opposed to simply roaring. This is because he was already extremely violent, murderous, sadistic and insane and his demonic instinct had no effect on his mentality.
  • It was revealed that sometime before the events of the comic, Malitch invaded Zalgo's home and tried to kill him, only to be stopped in his tracks by sheer terror and going completely senile and crazy at the mere sight of Zalgo. Precisely why Zalgo never revealed Malitch's madness or even retaliate and try to kill him in return, though he might have simply found it more amusing to leave Malitch in his confused terror.