Zachary Delightful is the main protagonist of the Myles TV franchise and the Ridonculous Race franchise. He serves as the arch-enemy of Commander Carl and Lord Dregg in both franchises. Though he has heroic tendencies that are slightly better to people as the Myles Fly, he is the most evil anti-hero and even ripped out an animal's heart making most characters assume this is his true nature. This turned out to be correct as he is psychotic, heartless, rotten and downright greedy.

Zachary's Evil Acts

  1. He bullies Cricket and other people physically and socially. He even executes his own henchmen for the evulz, or for fun, or to make examples of them or all three.
  2. He laughed insanely at the Barnyard animals acting like idiots, revealing that he is mad.
  3. He is partially responsible for creating Mewberty.
  4. He ran over countless civilians seemingly killing them, though this could be an accident.
  5. He laughed at Squidward's face and seems calm at his breakdown.
  6. He murdered Scrat and rips out his heart horrifying nearby students.
  7. He rips out Pig's teeth and even tried to kill him.
  8. He allowed a guard to be killed.
  9. He cons civilians out of their money and even stole it from them.
  10. He sacrifices people to a whirlpool just for his entertainment.
  11. He brags about his victories in people's faces.
  12. He allows Avocado Soldier to be sold on EBay.
  13. He murders villains even stating that blowing up the Moon Lover was the only way to get rid of lollipops. Luckily they are just bubbled but still.
  14. He poisoned a minion in a gas leak.
  15. He allows his brother to be repeatedly executed by Carmen even as a ghost.
  16. He removes the team's powers just for allowing Mordecai to be injured.
  17. He blows up Centium Labs right in front of Davenport.

Because of this and more he is the tertiary antagonist of the Myles TV franchise, the true main antagonist in G:ZERO Possession until Sensei Yang's death and his redemption, the quaternary antagonist in the Ridonculous Race and the worst villain in the series, even more worse than the arc villains he faced.

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