Xiao Fung (Character What)0001

Xiao Fung is one of the Demon Sorcerers in the Character What series, He is the Demon Sorcerer of the Wind and a villain from Jackie Chan Adventures.

Powers and Abilities

Xiao Fung possesses wind-based powers and possesses demonic magic, He is also the embodiment of the wind.

  • Frog Physiology: Xiao Fung has a appearance resemble to a giant demonic frog.
  • Aerokinesis: Xiao Fung can control elemental wind.
    • Air Breath: Xiao Fung can breath out strong winds from his mouth.
    • Air Absorption: Xiao Fung can suck air into his mouth.
    • Tornado Creation: Xiao Fung can create tornados
    • Wind Generation: Xiao Fung can create major windstorms.
  • Super Leading: Xiao Fung can lead and jump like a frog.
  • Shape-Shifting: Xiao Fung can change into a human.
  • Demonic Magic:
  • Immortally:

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