Xemmas is the leader of Organization XIII and a major villain in the Character What franchise.

Character What: The Adventures

Xemmas first appear at the end of My Little Pony, When he and the others saw that Shadow Joe and the Mace Six having a happy ending as Xemmas and the other villains watching in Shadow Aaron's water. Xemmas and along with the other villains were unhappy about that Nightmare Moon was defeated.

Shadow Aaron tell the all villains include Xemmas that they now know that Shadow Joe will do what ever he can to stop evil, Shadow Aaron then teleported the villains along with Xemmas back to their own hideouts.

Character What: Tales

Character What Hero Force

Character What: Villains Revenge

Powers and Abilities

Xemmas is the embodiment of nihilism.

  • Nihilikinesis: Xemmas can manipulate and control nothingness.
  • Blade Retraction: Xemmas can create void energy blades known as Ethereal Blades from his hands.
  • Evil Darkness: Xemmas can create evil darkness.
  • Replication: Xemmas can create copies of himself out of nothingness.
  • Teleportation:
  • Illusions: Xemmas can create illusions.
  • Darkness: Xemmas can control the World of Darkness.
  • Force-Fields: Xemmas can create force-fields out of void energy.
  • Dark Portal Creation:

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