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Wraielzebub, The Infinite One
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Deceased
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

In a very dark, depressed corner of Ultimoria, lays the graves of many restless spirits who had been slain by Grandis. One of these spirits is Grandis's own relative in the form of Wraielzebub, who was revived by Grandis so that Grandis would have access to temporary replacements for his role whenever Ultima or Dragora couldn't fill his position otherwise. Wraielzebub, however, could only agree to lead in Grandis's place if he experienced moments of "inner peace", in which Wraielzebub is completely calm and stabilized, and thus capable of leading. If not with inner peace, Wraielzebub is a very chaotic wraith who will destroy whoever trespasses in the spirit world.

Early "Life"

A relative of Grandis from when they were both originally human, they both share the distinction of having the last name of "Mollohan" as their human identities. What their exact relation is appears to be unknown, but Wraielzebub is sometimes referred to as Grandis's cousin, so this may have been the case with their human forms. When Wraielzebub died, it was due to being directly killed by Dragora and Ultima through some unknown event, and was seemingly forgotten about. When Grandis later found him, he was revived into his current form and given the title of viceroy.

Later down the road, he earned the title of "The Infinite One" by freak accident when he, Grandis, and several other Ultimorian deities who, while all drunk off their minds, all ended up fighting each other with the last man standing ending up being Wraielzebub despite the fact every other Deity present was utilizing almost every power they had in the fight.


In his homeworld of the spirit realm, Wraielzebub haunts a cabin in the middle of a forest which is a reference to one of his past life's favorite hobbies of hunting big game with his father. Three young humans, who are apparently spirits themselves, trespass on Wraielzebub's domain. Each of them are searching for something, with the female of the girl, a chubby, glasses wearing 23 year old named Marcia, enters the cabin, and is immediately confronted by Wraielzebub with her two male companions imprisoned.

When Wraielzebub learns of the fact she has the same last name as him, he asks if she knows of Grandis, but she never heard of him apparently. He then also asks if she's heard of someone named "Travis", and her eyes go wide in realization, which leads Wraielzebub to break down. When the two male companions break free and try to Marcia, they end up igniting Wraielzebub's rage, and all three are chased out of the premises. When all three are gone, Wraielzebub contacts Grandis saying "There are others...".

10K Guardian Beast

(Note: In this story, Captain Sirryu is called "Overlord Yamamoto", due to the fact a character from this series has Sirryu's title as his actual name, so the result is meant to avoid confusion)

Wraielzebub, in a moment of inner peace, claims he is taking over Grandis's normal job temporarily, since Grandis is on vacation working on a webcomic. Due to such, Wraielzebub was temporarily given Grandis's abilities and overall role as the Super Boss of this game. However, his moves are different from Grandis in regards to how he fights. Grandis, in the original game, is extremely slow and favors tanking damage, whereas Wraielzebub is a lightning bruiser built for damage output and insane movement speed. Beating him on the highest difficulty unlocks Wraielzebub's Skull, which can give the player three separate choices of any item in the game and claim it as their own for free, with the exception of story based key items for obvious reasons. If challenged again, Wraielzebub won't give a second skull as a drop, but he'll instead drop the "Grandis MK VI armor", which'll transform the current player character into Grandis as depicted from the original game, but with a few alterations.

If Wraielzebub is the current player character after having been purchased to be unlocked as one, Dragora takes his place as the shopkeeper, and utilizes Kagugora to become the Super Boss replacement that Wraielzebub faces. If Kagugora is defeated, Wraielzebub will earn an Ultima Gem, which has the same basic effect of the Wraielzebub Skull, but with a noticeable difference; it can be used at any time and as many times as you'd like, but instead of summoning items, it summons boss fights, giving you access to every boss fight in the game. This is the ONLY way to face Omnicron outside of running through the campaign on maximum difficulty without saving the game at least once.

Dogma's Damnation

Wraielzebub, despite being one of the more recent Ultimorian Deities to have had come into existence, is subsequently destroyed by Dogma and left with no reincarnation form of any kind. Due to the fact Wraielzebub was an Ultimorian Deity during the Malevolent Era, it is unknown what exactly happened to his seat and why he never returned; it is speculated that his seat may have gone to Darigus, who was absent for much of the Malevolent Era.


  • Wraielzebub's design is a pun off of "Blue Devil", which is the mascot for my High School's football team. However, the colors that the mascot uses is Blue and Gold, but Wraielzebub is primarily blue instead.
  • Wraielzebub is both taller and lighter than Grandis by default statistics, but like Grandis, his size can vary very drastically if he so chooses to become super sized at all.
  • Omnicron, the boss that Wraielzebub faces in 10K Guardian Beast while in the role of the player character, is actually an enemy that Grandis had a hand in creating but figured he failed in sending Omnicron to it's proper destination. The Omnicron that Wraielzebub is actually the same Omnicron that Grandis had sent and lost track of, and uses various exploits to keep itself alive for long, long time.

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