William Dent founded Dent Global Group at the same time Thomas Wayne founded Wayne Enterprises and Simon Stagg started Stagg Industries. William and Thomas used to be close friends long ago until they had an argument on whether or not to continue locating the crystal needed to complete Project Avalon. Thomas refused to continue prompting their friendship to be terminated. Despite that, William continued to remain in touch with Martha Wayne and tried to protect the Wayne Family when they were threatened by the gangster Lew Moxon.

William later became devastated when his wife Lucy killed herself due to Harvey failing to save his older brother Murray while he was playing with matches.

After the death of his wife, William had a brief affair with Martha in his grief who was deliberately cheating on Thomas, who consequently gave birth to his daughter Taylor , but William was unaware of this but felt immense guilt for Lucy's memory, after the funeral William sat at Lucy burial spot for hours after the event until his cop friend gave him information on the killer. William heard of Nanda Parbat, a place to deal with his pain and despite the insistence of his cop friend Frank Pike, William was set on leaving and explained to Harvey that he would return. He found his way to Nanda Parbat and was brought before an 8 year old Nyssa al Ghul, member of the League of Assassins, whilst she trained but she immediately believed him to be the League's next victim, but William clarified and told her he wasn't there to fight her but to train. As Nyssa demanding explanation William performed the same coin trick on her and impressed her, she gave him a new name for the League, "Al Sa-Her" (ساحر Magician).

He served with them for two years and trained by Al-Owal under the supervision of the League's leader Ra's al Ghul, who guided him and helped him see the world for how cruel it truly was and helped him find purpose. After training and serving with them for two years, he was released from the league by Ra's and became the first person to ever be released, on condition that he follow the League's codes. After leaving the League, he also learned additional skills in all manner of combat eventually becoming strong enough to withstand even unbearable pain.

Since then, he adopted the alter ego of Prometheus and swore to use Prometheus only if anyone stood in his way of saving Gotham. However, William's methods brought him into conflict with Bruce.


Education History

  • Princeton University (pre-Season 1)
  • Yale University (pre-Season 1)

Work History

  • Trustee of the Dents' family fortune
  • Founder of Dent Industries
  • CEO of Dent Industries 


Before his wife's death, William was a kind man who loved his wife and son very dearly, and was a devoted businessman and humanitarian, striving to save Gotham just like his wife, Lucy. After his wife's death, he became heartbroken and was haunted with guilt that he had not been able to help her. During his mourning period he also had an affair with Martha, which guilt-riddled him even more. He seemed to enjoy spending time with Harvey, even smiling when he heard Harvey having nightmares because it gave him an excuse to spend time with his son. Blaming Harvey for his mother's death, William went to Nanda Parbat. Training there he changed his perspective on the world and how he could help his city. He returned as an apathetic, calculating, and ruthless man. He began to develop an alter ego of Prometheus and used him if anyone stood in his way of saving his city. Willaim believes what he was doing was right and is for the greater good, and was willing to do anything, regardless of the number of lives he ruins and will kill anyone who gets in his way to see his goals fulfilled, which makes him somewhat of a sociopath. He truly believed in the righteousness of his cause, projecting this in his acceptance speech for "humanitarian of the year". He also truly loved his wife, still wearing his wedding ring so many years after her death. William is a charismatic person, able to project his own beliefs and self-righteousness into his words. William is calm in battle and willing to fight anyone that is a threat to himself or the ones he cares for. So far, the only person he is afraid of is Ra's Al Ghul. Despite his insanity, ruthlessness, and cold heart he still loves Harvey and Taylor dearly and wants what's best for them but has a rather harsh way of showing it. William is shown to have a deep interest in various warrior cultures. This was shown as his office was decorated with Asian statues and Japanese swords. In his secret room he had racks of swords and other weaponry from multiple cultures.


  • Peak of human physical condition
  • League of Assassins training: William has gone through the training all League members do. He likely possesses skills with a variety of other melee weapons such as swords,
  • Master archer
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist
  • Stealth: As a highly trained assassin William was shown to be highly skilled in stealth. This was shown as he was able to approach and kill targets without being noticed. After his first fight against Bruce he escaped the scene without being seen.
  • Skilled tactician/Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen
  • Master swordsman
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain
  • Network: William has a very high network of people all over Starling City, including one in the coroner's office, which he used to fake his death.
  • Toxicology: William was able to use votura to create a drug that made Taylor kill Sara without remembering it.
  • Expert computer hacker: William was able to spy on the computers in the Arrowcave without Felicity being aware of it.
  • Skilled magician: William can perform slight-of-hand magic trick including making a coin seemingly appear out of nowhere. He is also a master of hypnosis.


William is left handed like Harvey

William's favorite drink is Armagnac

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