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William Dent founded Dent Industries at the same time Thomas Wayne founded Wayne Corp and Simon Stagg started Stagg Industries. William and Thomas used to be close friends long ago until they had an argument on whether or not to continue locating the crystal needed to complete Project Hades. Thomas refused to continue prompting their friendship to be terminated. Despite that, William continued to remain in touch with Martha Wayne and tried to protect the Wayne Family when they were threatened by the gangster Lew Moxon.

William later became an alcoholic leading him to be very violent to his son Harvey after his wife Lucy killed herself due to Harvey failing to save his older brother Murray while he was playing with matches. However, William's butler Max got William into Arkham Asylum and took care of Harvey until Harvey was old enough to manage his family business.

When Harvey got older, William stole Dent Industries from him while leaving the investors of a law firm he ran in bankruptcy which eventually led to Edward Nygma coming after him. William also got involved in several events of Bruce Wayne's life such as: Bruce learning about William blackmailing Moxon on the night before his parents got murdered, teaming up with him when Sid Banderslaw tries to steal Wayne Corp, stealing Wayne Corp from Bruce with a video him at a party, protecting Harvey when the Falcone Crime Family is after him, and hiring Dead Shot to deal with Bruce after learning about his investigation.

William also made enemies with the Maroni Crime Family as well since Sal Maroni was desperate to complete Project Hades. Maroni even hired William's abandoned step daughter Jessica to kill her father at a policeman's ball until the Flash (Grant Gustin) saved him. Even Harvey hated William despite the fact that William went to Washington DC to clear his son's name when Harvey was framed. Harvey spent the second half of season one trying to locate his father and kill people in the process since William was the reason his company was making millions of dollars and Harvey tried to betray his father by getting Professor Carter Nicholas to work for him when his father disapproved of it. William is also a known enemy to the vigilante known as Knight Fall since he was the one who arranged for her mother to be murdered when she was little and to Bruce because of his schemes that usually put people in harms way.


Education History

  • Princeton University (pre-Season 1)
  • Yale University (pre-Season 1)

Work History

  • Trustee of the Dents' family fortune
  • Founder of Dent Industries
  • CEO of Dent Industries 
  • Special Adviser of Dent Industries


William is left handed like Harvey

William's favorite drink is Armagnac

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