Disturb you as it may, my absolute favorite pastime is to watch the anomalies of this world unfold as they do!
~ Dr. Faye to Christian Vade, prior to the Never incident
That man is a creature. What sane person would lead such a horrifying experiment?
~ Nevada Howe on Dr. Faye, recorded April 12, 1993
Doctor Welter Faye
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In regular attire - as a human


Welter Faye Y (The Madmind, the Shadows' Consultant)


55 (at death)


N/A (later Y - Darkness)


Mortal (later Quasi-Mortal)


Human (later half-Mavoren)

Home Realm

Universe (Earth Negative)


Detroit, later the Rift


Order of Inverse, later Draynak and then Lucia


Pure Evil


Deceased (date of death September 17th, 2006 in EN time)


Dr. Welter Faye, or simply Dr. Faye (occasionally stylized within the Order as "wƎlʇƎr ƒ∀yƎ"), was an Brazilian-born individual and a former chief executive of the underground society known as the Order of Inverse. During his time on Earth Negative, he was responsible for creating and enacting several of the Order's plots against the world. Unlike the other members, Welter does not share the Order's xenophobic beliefs, nor does he seek to establish independent control among the world's populace. Faye only helped found the Order to pursue his own immoral goals of inflicting as much misery on the world as possible, seeing life as a game to play and manipulate.

Faye would not remain a mere human for very long, however. Following his prominent role in the Never Incident, as a result of converging dimensions that ultimately led to the freeing of the Dark Divinity Draynak, Faye would begin a revenge plot with Draynak's former servant Lucia that would ultimately set the stage for reigniting the passion of otherwise inactive Dark Divinities, the destruction of Earth Negative, and the ultimate unsealing of Lord Malevolence. Faye would grow less and less human as he was subjected to greater traces of Blacker, and his major role in the Never Incident and Malevolence's unsealing led to him being dubbed "the most dangerous human in known history" by the Omnisociety.


Past (1950 - 1995)

Welter Faye was born in a small village within Brazil. Although his past is shrouded in mystery aside from that point, what is know that, having abandoned his morals years ago, Faye sold out his own parents to the corrupt police of his hometown and narrowly escaped death by stowing away on a ship headed to America. From that point, the then younger Malcolm Graves (later known as Polarius) took Faye under his wing upon hearing what he had done. Faye showed no gratitude, but remained reasonably loyal to Graves. In 1968, Graves and Faye paved the foundations for the Order of Inverse, by arranging the events that lead to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and then employing those who opposed his beliefs into the underground Order of Inverse.

In the Order (1968 - 1995)

To held spread momentum, a month after King's death, Faye personally organized the Izowa Disaster, setting in motion the spiteful genocide of several thousand minority races out of spite. The Order grew into a criminal network, seizing control over the local drug trade and quickly growing in power. Funded by neighboring extremists groups as well as the drug trade, which quickly expanded (and was eventually joined by the establishment of a series of sexual slavery rings at the suggestion of Faye) was dedicated to destroying the world's collective government, throwing all political balance astray, and establishing independent control to the people via anarchy. They were motivated by racist beliefs, and organized lynching, assassinations, massacres, murders, hate groups, and unlawful experimentation, all which Faye happily presided over.

In the 1990s, Faye continued to be more and more active. In 1991, Faye had construction on the Focus Chamber begin, which served as a sort of laboratory for the more localized affairs of the City. Faye personally used the Chamber directly a few times himself, confronting trapped prisoners of the Order, extracting some of their organs, and applying to them several forms of neurotoxin - some of which had been manipulated by Faye himself - that decayed their tissue, all without anesthetic and while the patient was still alive to study "applied decay." In 1993, Faye invaded the Cold Hive on an expedition to Antarctica. Capturing one of the docile Engineers, Faye organized painful experiments on it, subjecting it to horrific mental torture, creating deformed growths in the Engineer, and testing its reactions to pain by flaying several parts of its skin. Eventually, the Engineer's mind was destroyed and turned hostile, flying into a rage-fueled frenzy and killing six of Faye's workforce. Faye deemed it unstable and had it frozen and ditched above surface, as he wanted to finally see it die. This series of events was documented by a researcher under Faye's employ, named Nevada Howe. Faye's pointlessly cruel actions eventually caused him to try and leave the Order, for which Faye was implied to kill him over.

In 1994, Faye was tasked with spying on gay activist Theodore Andrews. After conducting intel, Faye learned that Theodore was about to be married to Andrea Fibman. On the wedding, Faye broke into the cathedral and indiscriminately shot with a lent gun at everyone attending, killing Andrews, Fibman, and thirty-eight innocents before seizing Andrews' body and making off with it before the police could arrive. Using a dark talisman which had materialized into the human world through a dimensional anomaly, Faye resurrected Theodore as a rotting, semi-aware Wight, undead but still with the memories of his past life. Now immortal and unable to join his loved ones, Andrews vented out his fury and attempted to kill Faye, but the doctor escaped before Blank could reach him. Faye released Blank onto the surface world, and simply left him be as the immortal, undead monster began slaughtering everyone in sight in his fury (eventually joining a secret society of Wights known as the Blanks).

Attack on St. Howard's (1995 - 1996)

In 1995, for unknown reasons, Faye settled down for a temporary period in Canada, specifically in St. Howard's, BC. Staying there for just short of a year, Faye did not actively antagonize anyone during this period, but what is known is that Faye did hold a conversation with Dr. Church in the months leading up to the Attack about an unknown business deal, perhaps correlating to the Order's interests. Not much is known about what happened to Faye during the Attack, but he directly mentions that he was in the town at the same time Lucia (under the name of the "Shadows' Consultant") led the Attack on St. Howard's in the last months of 1996. Somehow, Faye managed to survive; though he was not in the party of survivors, nor was any physical evidence of him seen during the Attack, Faye was one of the few surviving people to emerge out of the fog with all traces of their identity completely erased from the world. Faye attempted to make contact with Graves, but he too had forgotten, and Faye's apparent knowledge on everything relating to the Order and Graves himself made Graves deem him an enemy. Faye would develop a deep obsession with the City, seeing it as the root of perfect chaos, and devoted the next five years of his life to studying them in hiding.

Voyage to Onolo and the Never Incident (1996 - 2001)

Settling In

Word of the Order's affairs gradually reached overseas to Mexican territory, off the coast of Salina Cruz. In November of 2000, word of Welter Faye and Malcom Graves reached the ears of the village of Onolo, and its Headman Christian Vade. Currently befouled by a persistent series of cryptic, foreboding events spreading around the village, Christian had been fruitlessly attempting to keep the events under wraps. At some point in time in late 2000, Christian desperately contacted Faye, who had overheard what had been happening in Onolo. Knowing that the affairs were the result of the City, Faye sailed over to Mexico, giving the idea that the Order was a paranormal agency, and took residence within Onolo's office in mid-December. To preserve secrecy about the incidents, Christian kept Faye's temporary employment seceret until early May, where secrecy could no longer be held. Faye twisted the truth about his origins, stating his family had been killed by the corrupt officials of Brazil and supporting the idea that the Order was an independent, illegally-financed paranormal agency. However, he kept the details intentionally hidden. To keep some validity, Faye adapted to his guise, steadily. Faye did not develop any personal relations with the Onolonians or any of its staff, conducting research during nightly hours past the village's curfew, and keeping hidden within the lower chambers, investigating any evidence he happened upon. In early May, however, the first steps leading into what would later be known as the Never Incident transpired, and the Passenger invaded Onolo. Although Faye was within quarters during its rampage and never saw it personally, from that point, Faye could not remain undercover any more, and revealed himself to the public, personally introducing himself to Daniel Hopper (who had seen the Passenger first-hand and gone into a coma because of it).

Faye revealed himself with delight to Daniel Hopper and explained that Christian Vade had contacted the Order after assuming they were a paranormal agency. After some pleasantries, Daniel was introduced personally to Christian Vade (as well as the Memorycatcher) and Welter Faye proceeded to show Daniel several cryptic messages that had shown up around Onolo (carved in by Lucia, unbeknownst to them). Faye shortly thereafter picked up news of a strange person (Hansel Brighterson, who at that point could only remember his name as "Mr. Bright") having washed up on Onolo's beach, and hurried Christian and Daniel to them whilst he stayed in the Town Hall. All throughout his first meeting with Daniel, Faye set Daniel on edge due to how gleefully he took the terrible situation. Through the next small while, at the same time Mr. Bright was integrating into society and relating tales of the City, Faye stayed at Christian's house and helped to question Mr. Bright. He seemed to show some nervousness upon being questioned on his occupation by Michael, and took the time to write in the Memorycatcher. Eventually, Faye was part of a four-person party (Christian, Mr. Bright, Michael, and himself) who went on an expedition to the City. Faye was part of the group that managed to fight off the mist-being, who later took Christian Vade by accident to the Cast. Faye returned to Onolo shortly afterwards unscathed and giddy, and shortly after told Mr. Bright he had business to attend to, vanishing for the next while all while Onolo continued to descend further and further into chaos.

Attack on Onolo and Resurrection of Draynak

Faye's malicious, noxious gaze made Michael withdraw and silently reconsider many viewpoints of his. He had grown up believing that anything outside grey shades of morality were mere concepts of Tolkien fantasy, nothing more than words writers used to set who the reader would root against and who they would root for. True evil did not exist in the real world. No man woke up, cackled and rubbed his hands together, and thought, “Tonight, I shall make the world crumble!”

But there it was. Faye's wicked, ear-to-ear grin, the harsh glint off his spectacles, his expression telling of nothing but menacing intent, told Michael that Faye was something inhuman. He recalled more a devil than he did a man. Faye looked and felt as jovial as he had always been, but this time, it wasn't a comforting or endearing prospect. It was a psychopathic glee, the joy only pure evil could feel.

~ The revelation of Faye's true identity to Michael Seer

Days passed as the City became more violent in its assaults and, unbeknownst to anyone but Christian, the cosmic being known as It came closer to passing through Earth's dimension. Faye vanished for multiple days, unseen by anyone, kidnapping about seven people (notably Joe Candy, who was left in a vulnerable state by Lucia and was taken by Faye sometime after). Eventually, after Michael had regenerated into a full Seer following Mathilda being taken to the City (which was done in tandem with Daniel, Katrina, Alessa, Edison, and Hansel being taken to the City as well) Faye settled into the house of Michael Seer. Lucia shortly after ordered the City to attack Onolo, Faye observing with mad glee as the City ravaged everything around them from the confine of Michael's house. With the people he had taken, bound, and knocked unconscious, Faye intended to perform a series of experimental tests to judge the City-dweller's reactions, starting with leaving his seven victims outside bound and gagged for the City to consume while he observed. 

Before Faye could proceed with the test, however, a regenerated Michael stumbled into his house in a blind panic during the attack, and was immediately greeted by Faye. Michael angrily asked what Faye was doing in his house; Faye merely said that he was "watching the fun unfold" and offered to Michael to join him in observing the City. Michael, intending to project his avatar into mind-space to look for survivors, turned down Faye, dumbfounded at his ecstatic reaction to the carnage around him. Faye allowed Michael to go into his room, but at some point, when Faye believed Michael was asleep, Faye bound him as well as the final subject for Faye's tests. Michael, after Faye had set up the bound victims upside (of which only Joe was awake) snapped out of the Remeditary to find himself in the circumstance Faye had set him up in.

Angrily confronting Faye on what he was doing, Faye expressed to Michael the truth about who he was, relaying to him that he had been part of the Order before the Attack and that he had developed an fixation with the City as a result of seeing them as the epitome of chaos. Speaking of the beauty of chaos and stating that an attack of this caliber on Onolo would have been the only possible outcome to the City's invasion, Faye left to watch Michael and the subjects to be devoured by the City-dwellers, drawing the attention of a slag-behemoth with a flare gun. Before the slag-behemoth could kill them, however, Michael managed to hastily link to the Remeditary. Using his mental avatar to try and speak to the slag-behemoth, Michael succeeded in drawing its attention, and after trying to reason with it to spare the subjects and bring him to the City, a voice (likely that of the Priest) told the slag-behemoth to take everyone present to the rose field. The slag-behemoth took ahold of everyone, including Faye, who was laughing the entire time, and thrust them to the extradimensional rose field.  Faye was one of many people brought to the rose field through various circumstances revolving around Lucia's plan to resurrect her master, the Dark Divinity known as Draynak, and enslave the entirety of the Teraverse to its will. Faye, in glee due to his surroundings, took the chance to hide away from the other Onolonians, and Michael warned that Faye was not who he said he was. Lucia successfully managed to break Draynak's seal, allowing its incorporeal form to infest within Daniel's daughter Crystal, whom the Consultant had violated and tortured in order to make her a compatible host for Draynak. As soon as Draynak took form, Faye revealed himself. Staggered by Draynak's regal display, Faye immediately called Draynak perfect and pledged himself to him. Draynak remained ignorant to Faye's mad worship as the doctor fell to his knees to worship the being where it stood.

Soon after Draynak had left and Lucia revealed that Draynak was apparently intending to bring about the end of the Cosma, Faye broke into a cackling fit, relishing the "end of all worlds" that was to come. Irritated by Faye, Michael strolled up to Faye and clouted him in the face, breaking his nose and sending him reeling back. Faye, unshaken, got up and calmly told Michael that fighting was pointless and that Draynak had already won. Extending his hand to Michael in the offer of twisted friendship, seemingly forgetting all animosity Michael held for him, continuing to extend it even as Michael spat on his hand. Bemused by Faye's persistence on having Michael join Draynak, Michael was prompted into a speech, where he analyzed that Faye had likely given up long ago and that his innocence had long since withered through circumstances Michael did not know. Comparing his own life to is, Michael summed that Faye was ultimately pathetic for turning to such a path while Michael ultimately made better of his life and saw the good side of humanity reach through when defending itself against the City. Michael's speech finally caused Faye's smile to drop, and Faye turned to Lucia and suggested that they kill him. 

Lucia immediately went for Michael, no less enraged at his speech, but was engaged in battle by a defiant Christian, who punched her in the face and sent her reeling back. Telling Michael and Daniel to hurry to Draynak, Christian and Hansel immediately went to subdue Lucia and Faye; Faye quickly engaged Hansel. After Hansel briefly stated his disbelief that Faye was simply a "raving psychopath," they engaged in a swift battle, with Faye taking the chance to produce a knife he had hidden in his coat and stab Hansel in the leg with it. Wounded, Hansel toppled Faye and started strangling him, Faye continuing to push the knife deeper in until he finally stopped moving, his smile still rigid on his face. Shortly after, Lucia managed to kill Christian before Lucia herself was subdued by the Priest.

After Daniel's death, Lucia realized that something had gone wrong (this being the revelation that the Rain had been drawn to the City alongside It by pure accident). Slouching Faye over her shoulder, Lucia left with Faye into an unknown dimension. She would later attempt to kill the escaping Onolonians directly, which ended up nearly costing her life as she plummeted into the depths of the City and into the Grave.

Destruction of Earth Negative (2001 - 2006)

Note: The information listed here is early and incomplete. Information will be changed and updated without notice.

In the Grave

Ultimately, while Lucia's intended plan did not come to fruition, Faye would escape unpunished for his actions in the Never Incident. Although the details are vague, Faye woke up in a place he did not recognize after the events of the City. Giddy at the prospect of a world beyond Earth, Faye jumped between worlds for an unknown period of time before finally settling in a Hollowed pocket dimension outside the Universe. This dimension, known as the Grave, was on the verge of the Dark Hollows and was in dangerous proximity to Lord Malevolence's weakening seal. Lucia would rejoin with Faye shortly after, having detected his presence after healing herself from her fall. Faye and Lucia would, for the sake of convenience and similar ambitions, team up for the next few years to begin to work on the machinations for Lucia's revenge plan, now working independent of Draynak and free to pursue their own agendas.

Lucia and Faye would harness the leaking energies of Lord Malevolence and thoroughly Taint their own hearts, becoming pseudo-Mavorens that, due to the overwhelming energies of hatred and evil in their hearts, would retain their own minds while still reaping the benefits of Malevolence's dark energies. Empowered to a quasi-Mortal (under the tag now of Faye Y and now known to the Bountylist for his role in the Never Incident) Faye and Lucia, knowing Lord Malevolence only as an ancient, eldritch creature that was somehow connected to Draynak (in actuality being the "fell entity" Draynak had stated to have Tainted its heart) devised a new plan, that being free Lord Malevolence and utilize its energies to obliterate Earth Negative and soon after everything else they could manage. Faye would go along with the plan happily, helping Lucia not out of friendship or a devotion to Draynak's values but out of a continuing lust for chaos and destruction. This, however, would set the foundations for what would later become known as the Malevolence War; the most destructive conflict in the history of the Teraverse.

After five years, Malevolence's seal started to crack in the slightest, and Faye and Lucia realized that Malevolence would need a host body in much the same form as Draynak. Michael and Zyra were the immediate candidates, and the two ventured once again back into Earth Negative to retrieve them and seek their revenge, bringing with them Malevolence's energies which would start to Taint the world and draw Ix Nagoth's attention back to both its billion-year-old project as well as the freedom of its father.

Searching for the Seers

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Physical Appearance and Traits

Faye is a 50-year-old (by the time of the Never Incident) male human, born in an unknown location in Brazil, and residing in Detroit as part of his occupation with the Order of Inverse. He is native to Earth Negative, although his actions threatened far past. Faye is fairly averagely built and somewhat short, standing just short of 5'6. His head is particularly rounded, primarily bald but with prominent, bushy, chestnut-brown hair at the very sides of his head around his ears. His forehead is fairly wrinkled, his cheekbones are sunken in, and lacks any and all facial hair. It is unknown what his eyes look like, as Faye is always seen bearing a pair of thick spectacles (which, his by his admission, are purely aesthetic) with have been tinted so that none can see his eyes.

During his time on Onolo, Faye dressed in a lab coat stained with various unknown substances. There is a barely noticeable tear on the right shoulder area of his lab coat, one which has been sewn closed. He dons a pair of trousers with pockets around the hips and knees and cleaned-off work boots that reach up to his mid-leg. He is described as unusually pale and with a light Brazilian accent. Faye's most distinguishing trait is his constant smile. Whether smirking or baring his teeth, Faye almost never dropped the smile, only briefly doing so at the end of Michael's speech to him in the rose field.

As a Tainted and under the guise of the Shadows' Consultant, Faye dons the leather wear of Lucia, excepting the glass shards. Unlike Lucia, Faye talks even when the mask is on and tends to wear it over his head. As a result of exposing his body to copious amounts of Blacker, Faye's body starts to gradually decay, only kept solid as a result of his constant ingestion of liquid Blacker (nicknamed "Darkwater"). His skin has turned a deathly shade of gray and his eyes have withered away, replaced with festering, rotting holes filled with leeches and maggots. These creatures infest his body at Faye and Lucia's total command. Parts of his body have already rotted and has become soft as a result of tissue decay, which Faye demonstrates by putting his finger through his cheeks and carving a glasglow grin into his face with just his finger moving through his flesh. He holds command over Y-based powers and is capable of decaying reality around him, and the dark energies often emanate from him. Ultimately, this decay takes its toll after Faye is completely possessed by Lucia, and by the time he is freed from her control, his body completely collapses on itself.


Perhaps, Mr. Seer, I was taught by a madman. You are free to your own sentiments. But law and structure are things so rigid and controlling. The true beauty of this world comes from chaos. Chaos, to me, is an absolute. What fun is anything if you can figure out the result before it even begins? No, it's so much better to see things unravel without any constant, any restraint, or any predictability. Life itself is governed by a series of events and choices outside of our own control. You can never predict where you'll ultimately end up. Life can be a course as smooth as a sail through a perfectly placid pond, or it can be changed as sudden as one unfortunate car accident. Tell me, why should this not be the truth for all things?
~ Dr. Faye to Michael Seer, during the Never Incident

Faye is the definition of twisted curiosity; a man who accepts no limits and strives to explore every possible solution, every possible result, and every possible reaction of the world around him, no matter what twisted means he has to do to sate his curiosities. He, by his own admission, seeks nothing more than to find the "ultimate chaos" in life. For this reason, Faye is wildly unpredictable and holds no true allegiance to anyone; he might give a lollipop to a child, and then quickly after eviscerate said child to see the transition from joy to shock. In essence, he is a temperamental, disturbed, and chaotic sociopath who jollies off doing whatever he pleases and seeing the various ways he can inflict pain and misery in the world around him. He sees life as an experiment, and considers people as nothing more than tools to exploit, and happily engages in any operations which involve the death of others while also authorizing his own.

Despite his murderous and manipulative personality, Faye is a childish man, who is impossibly and perpetually happy and always jovial. He talks to others, even enemies, like close friends, and holds no genuine animosity towards any being, no matter how they have wronged him. He views such things as racism and hatred unneeded, and so abolishes them. Despite this, Faye has no qualms about killing anyone he wants, even people unrelated to his operations, and considers everyone someone only to manipulate and toy around with. Despite his pleasant demeanor and childish affection for his job he was a truly dangerous and violent man who could snap from being a close, trusted associate or friend (as he was with Christian Vade) to a psychotic murderer whenever he felt it befit him, and often cultivated deep relationships for months or even years at a time, just for the sake of breaking them to amuse himself and see the reaction.

A scientist with a doctor's degree, Faye uses his medical knowledge to torture others, in one case creating a neurotoxin he then mutated into a flesh-eating bioweapon (which he then tested on the inhabitants of a South American village, killing everyone living there). Faye holds none of the racist beliefs of the Order, and only operates with them as it allows him to do as he wants without fear of repercussion; despite this, he is even more chaotic than the free-reign, anarchistic extremists populating the Order. He freely admits that, while his lust for chaos may have been imbued in him by Malcolm, the concept of the City far exceeds any of Malcolm's values.

As a Tainted, Faye has become noticeably more hushed and collected. Although he is still as violently homicidal and unfettered as he always been, he rarely raises his voice and talks in a perpetually quiet and curt tone. He does not laugh as much, and still talks in a jovial manneer and continues to show no emnity towards anyone. Under this, however, he is now possessed of an explicit streak of murderous cruelty that drives him to push himself farther and farther in his quest for the "ultimate chaos." He is perfectly willing to work with Lucia, acting as the Consultant in her stead and murdering people at random during the silent hours. He treats his enemies even more as friends, perfectly willing to kill them but never missing a chance to try and establish polite conversation or compliment them (however sarcastically).

At the same time, Faye gradually becomes a shell of what he once was, the extremes in which he has undertaken continually greater toll on his being. By the end of his life, Faye is actively seeking death, and though he does not openly show it, he is inwardly tortured by both the circumstance he has put himself in and through Lucia's mad hunger for revenge. His gleeful composure drops when Lucia decides to seize control over his mind after her own body is destroyed, reducing Faye to surprised begging and trace anger. His final words are sad and accepting of his ultimate fate, and Michael almost manages to pity Faye in his final moments.

After his perverse curiosities extended to the risk of reality itself, Faye was put on the Bountylist - a feat otherwise impossible for a Mortal-Level being - and stayed there up until his death. Despite only being human, Faye was one of the most depraved and evil beings in the Teraverse, responsible for engineering several atrocities ranging from genocide, psychological and physical torture, the engineering of rape and sexual crimes (although he only directly engaged in such behavior a few times himself during his younger years, not out of standard but simply to preserve his twisted concept of "innocence") to eventual multiversal crimes to thrill himself. He was wholly without redeeming qualities or any humane traits to detract from his psychopathy and ultimately ended up one of the most vile and treacherous beings in Earth Negative, only rivaled by actual Dark Divinities.


  • Faye's true motivations and malicious personality is subtly foreshadowed during his introductory scene in The City of Never, where, shortly before meeting Faye, Daniel's attention is diverted to a painting of Franz von Stuck's Satan, his attention being pulled from it by Faye. Many other brief hints are given to his true nature, all revolving around his apparent lack of fear of the City and bizarre mannerisms.
  • In The City of Never's original ending, Faye became the servant of Draynak after pledging himself to it and intended to take advantage of its powers to plunge all of the Cosma into a twisted, multi-dimensional chaos.
  • Faye was initially meant to die in a mutual kill with Hansel, stabbing him through the midriff with his hidden blade before Faye was strangled to death by Hansel in his dying convulsions. This was quickly changed to Christian dying in place of Hansel by Lucia's hand, and Faye surviving and ultimately escaping with his life.

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