Warlord created this Illuminati after he was able to escape the Reality Prison. It is located at the core of Reality Zero. Warlord created it and hired Supreme Hunter, Lord Steinbeck, Evil Wardrone, Reptoraptor, and Unicron. They created a new Illuminati. They located it in Reality Zero's core. They plan to take over all the realities and destroy some dimensions. They have already gained a large army. Warlord's Illuminati would find new members and then destroy the dimension that they were in. While doing that, they found an alternate version of Snoke that joined them. Warlord officially declared himself Emperor of all realities. Warlord's Illuminati has spread to multiple realities and the dimensions in those realities. They have grown larger than the original Illuminati. Warlord has agents everywhere. Warlord has taken over thousands of realities and dimensions in those realities. Warlord has gained enough power to make the leaders of his Illuminati invincible. Warlord has Illuminati agents everywhere. Warlord's Illuminati has bases in almost every reality.

Warlord's demise

Warlord started a second War of Realities. Warlord sent warships into multiple realities to enforce his empire. Before Warlord could invade Dimension Zero of Reality Zero, Wardrone blew up Warlord's warship. The warship turned into a black hole. Warlord fell into the black hole. The leaders took control. Supreme Hunter became the leader.

Warlord's return

When Warlord returned, Warlord took control. Warlord still had warships invade other realities and dimensions. He chose to continue the second War of Realities. Warlord's Illuminati created a new Reality Prison. Warlord rebuilt his warship. The Illuminati has only grown stronger. During a council meeting, Warlord promised that he would no longer threaten Dimension Zero of Reality Zero. Warlord's Illuminati still continued to take over other realities. After alternate versions of Wardrone attacked Illuminati soldiers, the truce with Wardrone was ended. Evil Wardrone was put in charge of orbital defense. When Wardrone and his team attacked, Evil Wardrone succeeded in bringing down Wardrone's warship. Multiple Illuminati soldiers fought Wardrone and his team. After the screen room was destroyed, Warlord ordered for all the Illuminati warships to take off. All of the warships went through portals that led to Dimension Zero of Reality Zero.

Warlord's End

The invasion didn't go as planned. While the warships reached Earth, Warlord was killed by Wardrone. With Warlord dead, a power struggle emerged. Even without Warlord, Supreme Hunter took control and the Illuminati was still called Warlord's Illuminati. The power struggle still had an effect on the Grand Generals as Grand General Jered believed that he should lead or at least be second in command.


Emperor: Warlord (deceased)