Wally was a stag who became the new principal of Jellybean Elementary School. Wally created a new work program where the students were forced to dig for diamonds in the nearby mines at school whenever they were in detention so he can retire quickly and become rich. Wally made several appearances in the newspapers where he was popular to the public. However, Wally was deep down a sociopath who stole money from the previous school he worked at when they were raising money to help Hati and to build a new hospital. Wally was eventually stripped off his rank by the school superintendent after Commander Cheeks wrongly accused him of kidnapping and murdering the Prime Minister of Italy when it was actually a daycare student in reality. Wally was then gunned down by Cheeks and later sent to the hospital.

Later, Wally wanted to get revenge on that daycare student by taking it out on his brother who was a physicist at the California Institute of Technology in the field of both neurology and physics. So, Wally joined an evil cult called the Blonde Enforcers that liked to play video games, listen to rap, and kill anyone who's not blond. Wally pretended to be blonde by wearing a wig until he was found out and sent to the hospital. It's unknown to happened to Wally since then, however he can never join the Blonde Men again since that group is now loyal to Mayor Barney Bear.

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