Last words from villains before their defeat, whether it be death or otherwise.


Animal Treasure

Into the Hole

~ The Mole, as he is preparing to kill Eddie, Jane and Molly on the cliff. Instead, Eddie throws the sword at his heart, causing to he falls to his death off the cliff.
~ Fenny and Weasel, when they is reformed having enough of his boss' abuse.

Over the Woods

Go away, you big hungry bear.
~ Rocky McTooth's last words before The Bear throwing him into the cliff, killing him.
I have to eat you! (laughs)
~ The Bear before he is buried to death by the big avalanche caused by Jake.


~ Lordrock while he is crushed to death by the crumbling tower.
Do you say hello to Prince??? (Rulck: Tell himself!) AAAAAH!
~ Little Creek is knocked by Rulck's bone and presumably falls to his death into the river below.
~ Randal Cuteless is banished out of the N Land and is presumably arrested by his ex-minions.

The Cartoon Crossover Universe

I am going to make them suffer, Maturin. These mortals you've adopted, the Guardians, the mortal worms in the Macroverse, I will take them all from you one by one!
~ Gan's last words
Canine upstart! I am Randall Flagg. None surpass me. No one even comes close! Etch this into your skull! I am the conqueror of the universe! The likes of you are only fit to grovel at my feet! Or, better still… to die! In Disgrace! At the hands of your Master!
~ Randall Flagg's last words


Video Games

Good Wolf

Wrath of the Waterfall

I wanted to reform and start over, that's why I quit. So please Ciar, keep on fighting. You can't let Luxuria make us by miserable like this, please keep fighting for me. And.....tell Hummie I think he's a swell wolf.
~ Shamira while dying in Ciar's arms after being kicked in the neck by Menora (her best friend) while sacrificing herself to stop her from killing Ciar
Is that......?
~ Maovesa noticing the figure above him is Temperantia just before she blasted the black unicorn knife with her wind breath, stabbing him dead

Assassins with Hearts

What have you done to me?! (Cheshire: Farewell Dilyn) Get Back Here! You Leave Me Like This! HELLLLLLP!!!!
~ Dilyn paniacing as Chesire leaves to transform obese after casting Vaccinium rubus on him, and letting him roll down the hill
Innocent Ones like me...MUST NOT DIE LIKE THIS!
~ Margaretta trying to fake innocence (as usual) before Temperantia saw right though her and stabbed her throat, causing her to fall down the chimney
Fools! even if I die, you will never be accepted into anywhere!
~ Reina underestimating the wolves right before Muraco showed up and stabbed her in the chest then decapitated her
Oh screw that! They won't even see me coming.
~ Gunda doubting that the pack can defeat her, just before Temperantia stabbed her from behind
It WAS fair! I Am A Princess! (Temperantia: Princess or Not, You're no grateful one!) No!!
~ Princess Suna before Temperantia stabbed her in the chest, avenging her mother

The Forgotten Castle

Take it, stop them, and...tell my family..I'm sorry
~ Mama Yitta redeeming after being axed in the face by Dace

Back to the Gin Mill

Why......Why you goodie-goodie!
~ Pyre as Sherise threw a water knife at his heart to save Cayleen

The Search for Muraco

~ Nachelle screaming right before Dace gave one last kick in the stomach, causing her to fall down unconscious.
I don't care how bad you look in public! ONLY I MATTER IN THIS HOUSE! You are nothing! Looking hideous is what you DESERVE!
~ Ayana gloating her power towards Maimuna before Caritas stabbed her in the abs from behind, killing her.
But I'm supposed to get away!
~ Birgitta was she's stabbed in the chest by Shamira, right just before she stabs her bigger in the back
Who's cares if you defeat me?! I'm still his specie!
~ Horada sarcastically saying her hurtful claim one last time after being defeated by Temperantia, Philo, and the Ursa Brothers before they beat her to death for trying to mercilessly kill Huntley.

​The Spell

WE ARE NEEDED! Are dare you call us scouts VILLAINS!
~ Ouida shouting in rage at the Howlers for defeating the Spritegem Scouts before an enraged Ilom decapitated her

Hex of Howling Wolf Fields


Becoming the Omega

~ Morella cursing after Qistina and her brothers impale her with their magic, right before her magic flying pumpkin coach exploded

one night at flumpty's

have fun! *giggle*
~ Flumpty bumpty at the end of his call

the end of the world

i will return

General dragon before being punctured

Manga & Anime

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Punkettes


Kids Next Door: Pam and Penny

~ a demonic Pam was been defeat by Sector V


Golden Crescent

New Moon Arc

The Chronicles of Morth

Now, Highness... Highness, help me up.
~ A wounded Tarqyl to Althavir, before Althavir stomps his head in
Worthless... little grub...! You are disgusting! Disgusting!
~ Althavir initial last words, before having its form destroyed by the Dragoneye
Oh, no, no, no!
~ Grislen, before being eviscerated by Faron and left to drown in the Northern Sea
Do not clutch onto the past, Faron. I realize, this, my endeavors were for something that was right in front of me the whole time... We will meet again, Faron. In another life, in another time, I will see you...
~ Tyraz, as his form gives away as he destroys Mount Crimson
You worthless rat! You hideous, grubbing mud-sucker! I'll boil your flesh until not even ashes remain, you cockroach! Nothing of you will remain! No! Arragh!
~ Althavir's final rant as its soul is torn apart and taken into the Dark Hollow
What a sad, naive fool you are, Avatar. Let's see if your blade is as strong as you say it is. I will be waiting in the shadows as I have all these eons...
~ Rennenogon (Necrossio's Aspect), as he fades away, thus destroying Necrossio's consciousness for the next thousand years
Now, you will see the power of our true Lord!
~ Count Volock, before his soul and body is incinerated by the Pure Fountain
It's time for the king to reign again.
~ Necrossio, before being destroyed by the Divinities' superweapon
Roadwalker... Roadwalker...! DIRT-PUSHER!
~ Hagar the Mad, as he is sealed back into the Wildoak

Neverworld/Earth Negative


L-Look at all that fresh fucking meat behind me! Take all of 'em! Kill 'em, butcher 'em, stab 'em, whatever! Just please don't fucking hurt-!
~ James Greek/Whir, before he is killed by the Shadows' Consultant

Was I... Was I wrong?
~ Weston Church, as he is left paralyzed with an ambiguous fate ahead
Now... Show me you have the resolve to protect what matters to you.
~ Pond, before Zyra erases her from existence

The City of Never

'ell on Erf! 'ell on Erf! Ah'm gun'a die!
~ Joe Candy, some time before he is devoured by the Emperor of Rain/Ix Nagoth

Every man has different terms.
~ Welter Faye, before he is strangled into unconsciousness by Hansel Brighterson

Such is the idiocy of your kind.
~ Lucia, to Alessa, before falling into the depths of the City

Memoirs of Never

~ Malcolm Graves, as he succumbs to his stab wound
It's too late. It's always been... too late.
~ Welter Faye's last words as his body completely decays from the effects of his Tainted soul
Let me go.
~ Lucia, before being forcefully trapped by Zyra in the collapsing Rift and eventually falling into the Blank Zone to unconsciously drift for all eternity

Related (Harmony, The Prince of the BanditsIce)

Ready to see your little girlies? Send 'em my hellos.
~ Hugo Glee, before being tossed from the roof of Arland's church onto the sharp fence surrounding it
This world is mine for the keeping, and I'm not going to let you take it from me!
~ Arland Arevalous, before being knocked out by Victor Ross; Arland has his memory wiped shortly after the Pale's rampage, redeeming him
No... I'll show you a real paradise, buddy-boy.
~ Severa Sixfinger, before being shot by an arrow and falling into the Hell's Jaw waterfall
I must get out of here, before it is too late... God have mercy on me.
~ The final words written in Nevada Howe's journal, as he realizes the error of his experiments and is implicitly killed by Welter Faye some time after

The Octagon

Earth Z

Thank you, all.
~ Jason Verne, before dying in his sleep of an unknown cause
Quartley. Quartley, Quartley, Quartley. I'm so proud of you. Now, let's see who's the better man.
~ Alistair Sharpe to Quartley Point, before Quartley instantly kills him with a shotgun blast to his head
Come on. Pull one of your fancy fucking tricks. No aces in the hole? No last minute coin flips? Show me what you were made of.
~ Conan Redgrave to Abel Wisely, before the monitor towers surrounding the Quarry's walls give away and collapse with Conan still on them

Theatrical works

​Cruel to Be Kind: The Story of the Gentle Giant

~ Melissa Pearce threating Sharon that she is going tell their parents that she and the Wolfhounds defeated the Poodles in a fight, only for Sharon (whose had it with her snobby attitude) to shoot her four times with a revolver

​Little Town, Big Doggie

MOMMY! (cries in pain loudly)!
~ Janet Applegate crying for her mom after Bernie bite her for bullying Loretta
~ the "Alice" Teenagers running away in fear as Bernie attacks them and throws off their accessories, abandoning Jane.

TV Series

9th-12th Grade Arc

You chose poorly.
~ Commander Carl as he boasts his success only to be banished to the outside of time. He is resurrected in the June Arc Finale only to presumably redeem himself as he rejoins society.
What in the world is a Myles Bot?
~ Silas as he wonders who are the Bots referring to only to be shattered into pieces therefore killing him once and for all

Minor Antagonists

You do pretty well against the undead. Let's see how you do against the living! (...) Noooooooo!''
~ Potter when he gets too cocky and ultimately gets singed to his sudden and gruesome demise

Myles Bots

You are beneath me, Shredder!
~ Waternoose/Ze Clock after being standed up to by Shredder before he is kicked into an incinerator therefore wiping him from the timeline and rendering him unable to be brought back
No fair. What's that? (Screams) (Burping is heard)
~ Scuba Bandit as he has fallen to his defeat only to be devoured offscreen
Stand back, O'prince. I'll crush you like the lowly ant you are.
~ Joshua expressing his hatred towards Graphite Ranger as he attempts to kill the ranger only to suffer the same fate as Queen Grimhilde
I lost everything! EVERYTHING! Now you'll know how it feels.
~ Suggs deadset on killing Graphite Ranger only to be talked down and eventually redeems himself as he leaves the story a better man

The Last Jedi

Please Jedi, you have to listen to me. I need you to know what happened to the Jedi, what I used to be. They're gone; destroyed. Ernie did it. After I served him faithfully and blindly followed his every last order he lied to me. He manipulated me, and now, I'm forced to ask you low-class Jedi scum to avenge me! (beings crying) I was growing in strength and Ernie became aware of my attempt to overthrow him. It terrified him. [crying] I'm begging you. Please. Beat him. For me! You must defeat him! Please! He must die by a Jedi's hand...

~ Darth Griffin before succumbing to his injuries
What the...
~ The Imperial Royal Guard before his death.
The Jedi and his allies are out mortal enemies. They must die at any cost.
~ The Cult Leader before being killed by her daughter, Lara.
~ Sideshow Bob falling to his death.


You can run, but you can't hide...and you'll not escape! you like robots ?
~ Max-Russel Aarons attemping to crash Jess and Leslie before he kicks the bucket


~ Queen Athena (Panelure Games)'s last words.

nice try Carl…you really thought I could be trapped by your stupidity? How pathet…

~ Will Pixardy's last words before Fred (Elle-Carol)'s van ran over him/her as Carl warned him not to jaywalk.

Oh Sonic Honey Iced Tea...
~ Principal Tesla Prower's last words before blowing up with Mr.Garrison (Breezie Summer Camp).

~ Alice May (Breezie Summer Camp)'s last words before getting shot.


The fuck was that?
~ Taylor Irwin, moments before supposedly killed off-screen
This is what happens... No one listened to me. This is what happens when you aren't reminded of your damn place! Give me the gun. Give me the f*cking gun. Don't even think about it, you filthy f*cking Jew. You listen to me -- I am your Kapo! You are my Jew! Don't you understand?
~ The Kapo before getting his head shot by his former prisoner