Ursula (Character What)

Ursula is a major villain from the Character What series, Ursula is also the main antagonist from Disney's The Little Mermaid.


After Shadow Aaron's defeat by Shadow Joe, Ursula was summon along with other villains by Shadow Aaron to warn them about Shadow Joe is the upcoming threat to all evil.

After Shadow Aaron's second defeat, Shadow Aaron revived Ursula since he kill her.

Character What: The Adventures

In The Little Mermaid, Ursula reprise her role from The Little Mermaid film, with Shadow Aaron making aware that Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle will stop her.

Ursula send Flotsam and Jetsam to watch Ariel, At Ursula's Lair, Ursula and Shadow Aaron saw that Shadow Joe save Ariel (including Flounder) from Glut the Shark. Ursula then know that Shadow Aaron was right about that Shadow Joe will what ever he can to stop her, Shadow Aaron remind Ursula about Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and Ursula remember that King Triton banish her from Atlantica. Ursula state that Ariel will be the key to Triton undoing.

Flotsam and Jetsam watch Ariel going to a ship with humans on, Ursula and Shadow Aaron saw Ariel watching a human named Eric. Shadow Aaron had a plan to allow Ariel to save Eric, So Shadow Aaron disappear and went into the sky and cause a thunderstorm.

Ursula have a battle with Shadow Joe in her giant form, Eric impales Ursula by plunging the ship's splintered bow through her belly, Shadow Joe than strike lightning at her and the shock kills her (similar fate from the film).

Character What: Tales

In Shadow Aaron's Revenge: Part 2, Ursula appears in a flashback when Shadow Aaron can to her grotto to see her.

In The Little Mermaid II, Ursula make a cameo on poster (like in the film), She is also mentioned a few times.

Character What: Hero Force

In Destroy Shadow Joe, Shadow Aaron send Ursula along with many other villains to destroy Shadow Joe. Ursula team up with Discord and Gaston, but they lost the fight with Shadow Joe, Later Ursula along with the other villains were lost in a labyrinth that Shadow Joe created. When she found Shadow Joe in the labyrinth, Shadow Joe imprison Ursula in a giant bubble.

Ursula makes a cameo in The Return of the Dazzlings.

In Return for Revenge, Ursula join forces with Shadow Aaron and the other villains to seek revenge on Shadow Joe

In The Octonauts and the Villains, Ursula was one of the few villains who were with Shadow Aaron to help take over the Octopot.

In Villain Meeting, Ursula was sitting next to Discord at Shadow Aaron's Villain Meeting, Ursula and the other villains Rainbow Dash when Shadow Aaron order them to.

Ursula appears in the during song "Being a Villain" singing with the other villains.

In Hero Fail, Ursula was with the villains who were helping Shadow Aaron to defeat Shadow Joe.

In Villainess Talk, Ursula was with Cruella De Vil and Maleficent at Sunset Shimmer's Villainess Meeting.

Character What: New Hope

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Villainous Danger, Ursula along with Discord were with Shadow Aaron to help him with his plans to defeat Shadow Joe. When Shadow Joe was headless, Shadow Joe was still alive (due being immortal) and he then fight Ursula and Discord. Ursula use one of her tentacles to grab Shadow Joe's right arm and Discord use his tail to grab Shadow Joe's left arm. When Ursula and Discord got Shadow Joe in plane, Shadow Aaron shoot at lightning blast at Shadow Joe, Causing both Ursula and Discord to get shock as well. Superman to the rescue to stop the villains, Superman defeated Shadow Aaron, Ursula and Discord and they all fell into the sea. After Shadow Joe wake up and reform a new head.

In Villains Pals, Rainbow Dash free Ursula along with Pete, HIM, Discord, Captain Hook and accidentally the Toiletnator from their prison cells.

In Breakfast Time, Ursula was one of the few villains fighting over the Rainbow Munchies cereal.

In Watch the Piplings, Ursula was with the other villains at Pete's "We Hate Shadow Joe Barbecue".

In Villain Theme, Ursula was part of Shadow Aaron's team, She was seen during the villain version of Dark Horse, She also had a singing role in the song.

Character What: New Adventures

In Ursula's Return, Ursula seek revenge on Yojojo who was the Pipling who kill Shadow Aaron, Ursula disguise herself as Vanessa to get Yojojo close to her and fall in her trap.

Character What: Good Hero Times

Character What: Villains' Revenge

Ursula reappears in The Return: Part 1, Frollo bought Ursula along Cruella De Vil, Freddy Krueger, HIM and Discord to Shadow Aaron, Shadow Aaron then tell them that his plan was to send them to destroy Shadow Joe.

In The Return: Part 2, Ursula along with the other villains join forces with Shadow Aaron to launch attack on on the base.

In Darkness Nightmare, Ursula appears in the Piplings' dream.

In Beware of the Enemy, Ursula was one of the few villains with Shadow Aaron who are helping him capture the Piplings.

In Watch Out for the Gorg, Ursula appears on one of Twilight Sparkle's pictures.

Character What: Friendship is Magic

Character What: The Last Stand

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Potions: Ursula possesses great magical abilities, create magic potions with various spells.
    • Metamorphosis:
  • Contract Bestowal:
  • Animal Scrying:
  • Voice Thievery: Ursula can steal a person's voice using her shell necklace and use their voice for her own.
  • Size Alternation: Ursula can grow into enormous size.
  • Polyps Transformation: Ursula has the ability to transform Merfolk into Polyps.
  • Underwater Breathing: Being a Cecaelia, Ursula can breath and survive underwater.
  • Speed Swimming: Ursula can swim faster than a avenge human.
  • Prehensile Tentacles: Ursula can use her tentacles to grab or hold objects.
  • Ink Generation:


Character What: The Adventures

  • My Little Pony (first appearance; cameo)
  • The Little Mermaid (death)

Character What: Tales

  • Shadow Aaron's Revenge: Part 2 (first re-appearance; cameo)
  • The Little Mermaid II (picture; cameo)
  • The Return of the Sea Witch

Character What: Hero Forces

  • Destroy Shadow Joe
  • Sunset Shimmer's Betrayer
  • The Return of the Dazzlings (cameo)
  • Return for Revenge
  • The Octonauts and the Villains
  • Villain Meeting
  • Shadow Aaron's End
  • Shadow Aaron's Army of Villains
  • Hero Failer
  • Villainess Talk
  • The Shadow Creatures are Humans
  • Round One
  • Evil Victorious: Part 1
  • Evil Victorious: Part 2
  • Fight to the Finish
  • Flutterbig