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Ultron (Ultimorian Universe Incarnation)
Ultron, the Hired Guest
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown
There are... no strings... on me!
~ Ultron

Ultron is a recurring villain from the Marvel Multiverse who gained an incarnation native to Neo-Ultimoria as a hired employee at Shiramu Inc.. While he is never present during the day time hours, he is located at the facility at all times. According to the rebirth incarnation of Grandis, his current job is simply as a heavily brutal security system for the office building, and not much else. However, unlike Grandis himself in this timeline, Ultron maintains his job as a high ranking villain, and is current set to appear in a fanfiction crossover with The Blue Tri and The Avengers.


Ultron is a humanoid type of robot designed after Iron Man's more recent suit variations, and some physical aesthetics that this Ultron has are taken from various other incarnations of Ultron due to the fact in this canon, this particular Ultron was created by Grandis. Ultron's body is a bluish silver coloration, with soulless red eyes constantly having an enraged expression, and a mouth visor which displays visible sound from Ultron's own words or vocals. Aside from a few specific examples, Ultron has a fairly standard design for who he's supposed to be in regards to his overall character's existence. One side note, if any, is that Ultron's fingers end with clawed tips, and his legs are more slender in appearance than most incarnations.


Ultron can be likened to as "Omnicron except actually follows orders", at least, in this particular incarnation. While Ultron does NOT require a boss at all times for him to do his job as either a guard or a big bad, he still listens to Grandis either way since Grandis treated him and how differently this particular Ultron was programmed in his default persona. In his default persona, Ultron is a highly loyal, efficient, and downright brutal butler for Grandis who is almost never seen before an intruder is already dead at his own clawed hands. Aside from that, Ultron barely speaks unless he has a reason to.

Similar to Grandis's original counterpart, he keeps Trophies of characters based off of other works who have earned his hatred. His most favorite is a head of The Coachmen from Pinocchio, most likely due to the various Pinocchio references this Ultron inherited from his MCU incarnation, including using similar lines of dialogue as that particular Ultron.


Bomberman Classic

While Ultron is not directly seen in full lighting, his eyes and mouth can be seen glowing in the dark when one of Bagura's MOTW villains tries to break into Shiramu Inc's private records, and various sound clips of a deep, synthesized voice can be heard, warning Bagura to know his place or else Grandis will have him fired. At first, Bagura doesn't believe him, until Ultron informs Grandis himself the following day and Bagura is ordered to meet Grandis in his office where, instead of Mirror M, Ultron is waiting in the shadows to speak with Bagura. Like the above appearance, Ultron is not seen in full lighting, but parts of his outline for his head can be seen here instead of simply his glowing portions.

Sometime after the crossover with The Avengers is finished, the first appearance of Ultima in this particular series is met with Ultron having just returned and having told Grandis everything Ultima did, specifically in illegally spreading around Ultimorian Technology, particularly forbidden technology from the secret vaults such as a prototype weapon capable of mass damage, but while Ultima attempts to tell the truth and state Ultron stole said weapon, Grandis checks all the security footage from the timespan in which Ultima had went missing, and Ultron had never left his post in the dark room at all during this, making Ultron a Karma Houdini for the actions he's responsible for that would've normally caused both Ultima AND Ultron to be in big trouble with Grandis.

Based on information found out later, Ultron has the ability to manipulate security footage, which may be how he "never left" in the first place. Although another possibility is that Ultron left an exact replica of himself as a drone to simultaneously maintain his normal post and take part in the crossover as the Bigger Bad. However, it's apparently distinct later on that Grandis actually is aware that Ultron had done exactly what Ultima had informed him of, he just didn't choose to blame Ultron since Ultron had actually proved something important to the testing of the prototype weapon; it's imperfect in that Ultima can tank and absorb the ammunition when normally he shouldn't stand a chance against it. While Grandis does admit it was a heavy risk to take the weapon anywhere, Ultron assures him that this was the only weapon of significant power that got into the grasp of a Marvel owned character.

The Avengers: Trident Force

(Note: Ultron, in this appearance, is never identified as being native to Ultimoria. Only indirectly implied to be the same Ultron as described above.)

Ultron appears as one of the main antagonists of the story, being the villain who represents Marvel's side of the crossover, whereas rebirth Ultima takes the place of The Blue Tri's side of Big Bad. Ultron's plans keep getting interrupted by Ultima and vice versa, and at first, neither of the two are aware of it; Ultima is in a blind rage where he's blaming Ultron's actions on Tony Stark, and Ultron blames Ultima's actions on Thor since Ultima is a God. It isn't until both of them are in the same location at once seeking the exact same relic in which they finally meet each other.

It should be noted that Ultron, like any of his incarnations if possible, is capable of being killed with the right force. Enraged to see Ultima up against him for two reasons, particularly in that Ultima works for Shiramu Inc., and that he now realizes who kept screwing up some of his plans the entire time. Ultima, due to his Dark X persona taking control at the moment, offers to work overtime for Ultron's usual duties as a frequent guest of Ultimoria, and wonders who built him out of either Tony Stark, Ant Man, or perhaps somebody else with Ultimorian Technology at their hands (Both are stated to have access to it for at least a year prior to this story).

The two Big Bads get into a fight with each other, Ultima's magical abilities not even causing Ultron to flinch, as Ultron demonstrates he has a self replicating ability just like Omnicron, and he creates all the copies he needs to pin Ultima to the ground, restraining him with a powerful force, as only here does Ultron decide to take up on Ultima's offer for a team up, but on the condition that if Ultima fails to impress him like he did just now, he'll regret it from Grandis later down the road (Unlike Bomberman Classic, he refers to Grandis by his actual name rather than a title such as "Boss" or "Master").

With this, both Big Bads take on The Avengers and Kerason, who like Ultima, had been transported to this universe through unknown means, and Ultima is the first to go down against the united heroes due to the fact Kerason learned of Ultima's weakness for fine dining breads that forced Ultima back into his benevolent persona. When Ultima, now a good aligned character once more, attempts to prove his true faction by eliminating Ultron's incoming sneak attack, Ultron instead uses a modified arm cannon modeled after a prototype of Grandis's Neo-Black Hole Spawner and begins to blast Ultima repeatedly with the prototype until the prototype overloads, weakening Ultron enough for Kerason and Hulk to send him flying into a solid wall where both physical powerhouses beat Ultron into submission.

After the battle, Ultron somehow disappears before Hulk and Kerason landed their final punch against him, and the Avengers and Plio are enjoying some time off since Plio is going to still be here for a while until he can track down the various other Ultimorian Tech that wound up here to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Ultron appears back at Shiramu Inc. and informs Grandis of Ultima's failures.


  • Ultron's inclusion as a Neo-Ultimorian "Deity" is due to the fact Omnicron actually survived Dogma's Damnation, and that when Grandis went to create a potential rebirth version of Omnicron, he was warned ahead of time against doing so, and instead designed an Ultron incarnation that would both be working at his office building as a night guard, or function like a true Big Bad when needed in a Marvel Story the Author decides to make, or, in some cases, simply require the presence of a Marvel Character instead.

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