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Ultima, the Chaotic Creator
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Deceased
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown
~ Ultima on one of his signature shouting rants

Ultima (archived as "Mal Ultima" since the Neo Ultimorian Canon) is a being of madness to put things bluntly. Ultima would more than likely be the first of the Ultimorian Deities to grab you by the neck and behead you without questioning, all the while incinerating whatever internal organs you have to ensure you're dead. As Grandis's second in command, Ultima is to not be underestimated. Ultima successfully managed to temporarily kill Dragora for a good seven days, the longest time that Dragora had been confirmed deceased, and also was capable of fighting off Oblivion's mad tyranny for a while until he became crippled. Nevertheless, when Grandis took the throne as Top God, Ultima is the most loyal to him in all respects. Something to note is that Ultima seems to have an eternal rivalry of sorts with Dragora...


Normally shrouded by a metallic, red cape, pieces of it can break up to form Ultima's "wings", in addition to one that stays in place and serves as a tail instead. When in cape form, it surrounds his entire body, thus concealing his metallic humanoid body underneath of it, leaving only his shoulders and head exposed. His body is composed of a pitch black material, with white, glove-like hands, and hooves composed of stardust. He appears, at first glance, to only have a singular eye in the form of a visor, but he apparently has two eyes underneath of that, and that his normal head is but a helmet that hides his true form. Apparently, underneath his helmet is a face that looks somewhat similar to a more youthful Grandis.


As a Creator Deity, Ultima is capable of forging both time and space itself, but cannot directly control those elements in any way. With this power, he is capable of creating entire universes with his hands. In those very hands lie the "Balance", which is represented by a sphere of light and dark energy in each hand. Whichever powers that Ultima utilizes at a specific time depends on which of these two hands he's making use of. With his dark hand, he has the ability to drain the life force from a specific blast radius that his hand has, and with his light hand, he is capable of super charging himself with a vast surge of pure energy. It should be noted that Ultima, by default, is 30 meters tall and weighs 10 tons, but he can freely change his size to be much more massive in size, which relates to how he was capable of giving almost every other Ultimorian Deity such living hell whenever they face him.

Due to having originally been split into two halves in prehistoric times, he gained the power to split the souls and bonds of individuals completely using the dark and light powers of his right and left hands respectively. No matter what kind of "Love At First Sight" bond exists between a set of characters, he can and WILL sever it entirely if given the order. Apparently, though, he's also capable of forging bonds by force using the reverse method as to how he can break them apart, though he only does this gradually since even though Ultima is a Creator Deity, his chaotic mental state makes it difficult for him to utilize his true set of powers without causing some kind of extreme damage from sheer accident, so when he does do this, it's usually gradual.


OH PLEASE, do you THINK I need to honestly understand why you humans NEED to worship those other FALSE GODS?!?!
~ Ultima

Ultima, to pretty much everyone, appears to be shouting his own dialogue at a moments notice, to where his voice is very booming and echoing in nature, often to the point that human ears can be damaged by his overly loud tone, and thus not be capable of understanding him properly. If this happens, let's just say Ultima doesn't like it when a point he's trying to make clear isn't getting through to whoever he's talking to, so he continues to not only shout with rage, but also slaps around the person he's talking to to get their attention. As the only Ultimorian Deity to have ever successfully killed Dragora at all, Ultima has a bit of an ego in regards to who he is, and will stop at nothing to make sure his enemies know all too well that Ultima is the one that'll be bossing them around whether they like it or not.

In regards to the above quote, Ultima believes that only he and the other Ultimorian Deities deserve the title of being "Gods", and claims that every other God in religion is some wannabe that pretends to do great things, whereas Ultima points out that those so called "impostors" all took the credit from Ultima himself to the point Ultima did not appear to exist to normal humans. This may relate to why he is so eternally loyal to Grandis, since he is the only one who understands and believes in Ultima's own ideals and nature. In terms of his voice, Ultima appears to sound as if three different male voices are speaking in unison, all at differing pitches to the point Ultima's voice can literally be painful to listen to. He and Grandis apparently call these voices the "Three Voices of Chaos", reflecting Ultima's title of the "Chaotic Creator".


Ultima, the renowned creator of Ultimoria, was born sometime after Dragora, and when he was born, he utilized his two magic hands to create all the galaxies, stars, and planets out of scattered dust fragments he collected with his own powers. During this, Ultima was a massive giant that far exceeded the Ultimorian universe in size, a mere demonstration of just how big Ultima is capable of becoming when he uses his size changing abilities. When he finished creating the Ultimorian universe, he shrank in size greatly, and that is when he first had his encounter that would change all of existence...

VS Dragora

In the beginning, long before the stars and planets finished forming, Ultima had a great clash with Dragora, the only other Ultimorian Deity who existed at the time, over how exactly the universe should've been created, and their argument was extremely violent in nature, to the point they were both attacking each other with heavily lethal attacks that would kill just about any other creature possibly alive at the time. Other universes who witnessed this battle would notice the two of them as highly bright flashes in the sky, be it day or night, and would later become outright terrified when Ultima and Dragora's eon long battle carried over into their own universes.

In the Attack on Titan universe, Dragora and Ultima had a huge clash which each other that made pretty much anything alive in that universe an innocent bystander between a battle of two fiercely enraged gods, and while the time frame in which they were fighting was approximately 300 years before the present in that universe, nearly everyone in the present has some sort of genetic memory that these two colossal gods had done battle in their own universe, to where if either of them returned at any point, the two of them would create mass panic among the inhabitants even if they're not directly in sight. Apparently, Reiner holds the most memories of the two of them. A Titan Shifter known as Blood Eye would apparently not only know of them, but later mistake another entity as being just as deadly as Ultima and Dragora, and took many cautions in observing this unknown creature.

In the aftermath of their battle, and entire human settlement (Not the same one seen in the main story) is utterly demolished, and the landscape contaminated with Dragora's own anti-matter blood, and it later becomes clear in present day Ultimoria that this was NOT the only universe in which Ultima and Dragora's climatic battle took place...

New Leadership

Eons pass, and Ultima finds himself clashing against Oblivion, but the fight quickly ends when Oblivion's own prowess begins to outmatch Ultima, but Oblivion does note that Ultima shows a lot of potential, but nevertheless, like every other god in Ultimoria, he is forced into hiding by Oblivion. When Grandis later appears on a search for Dragora, Ultima is not far away, and is apparently delaying his rivalry with Dragora until Oblivion gets what he truly deserves.

With Grandis as their leader, Oblivion is promptly sealed within a glass box, from which Ultima helped to forge so that Oblivion could not escape from it. Later, Grandis would later learn of Ultima and Dragora's great clash from many eons ago, and would ask which universes that Ultima and Dragora clashed in, since Grandis apparently had some business to do in those very universes...

Insufferable Madness

Ultima, a Creator Deity, was relatively horrified to see other Deities just like him be outright mauled to death by a savage creature known as Madness, who did not like the Creator Deities of his universe for essentially causing doubts within the sapient lifeforms that would later exist as to what truly created them all in the first place. As an Omnigod of Life's Evolution, Madness sought merely to destroy the Creator Deities and thus end their ego trip.

Ultima, on the other hand, did not appreciate Madness's actions, and is believed to have had a part in sealing Madness away in the Staff of Madness, and is also apparently capable of wielding the weapon without any difficulties unlike most other lifeforms. Then again, given that Ultima is already mostly mentally unstable, this could be the actual reason why he's able to wield the weapon without consequences. However, that doesn't stop Madness from at least trying to toy with his own thoughts when he wielded the weapon.

Madness, telling Ultima that Grandis was effectively using all of the Ultimorian Deities as pawns just to further his own selfish goals, did not seem to influence Ultima whatsoever. As the deity most loyal to Grandis, Ultima didn't buy it for the fact he long since knew this as being true...

OH WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP INSOLENT BEAST?!?! I will hear no more of this so called puppet master you refer to Grandis as. We've long since known Grandis has been selfish in his ultimate desires... Just like any TRUE Ultimorian Deity King would be in their place of power, and ESPECIALLY if one such Deity wishes to maintain their position of power. They must be fierce! They must be commanding! They must be sending us out into battle, no matter how petty the situation! They must be able to bring us all to the ground with their own power! They must speak with the voice of absolution!! Grandis, out of all of the leaders I've been through, is THE Voice of Absolution that there ever will be!!!
~ Ultima to Madness.

Ultima spoke words that seemed to defy Madness's own logic it seemed, and with that, Ultima tossed the weapon containing Madness into a cosmic void, before promptly using his own powers of Creation to conjure up an entire Binary Star System, with two planets orbiting far from each star, with one of which being capable of supporting life. As a demonstration of Ultima's powers, he did not individually create all life on the planet in question, but rather simply kickstarted the process that would allow for the lifeforms that would exist on this planet to evolve on their own, and before leaving the planet, left his own version of a Monolith behind to keep a close eye on the evolving species, and determine which one gains the ability to evolve to sapience when the time is right.

Dogma's Damnation

Without even realizing it, Ultima was not aware that by tracking down Madness, he had traveled 7 trillion years into the future, and when he finally returned to his own time, Grandis and Dragora were disintegrated by a towering Omnideity known as Dogma, who set out to destroy everything related to Ultimoria and erase their ilk from the history of existence. When Ultima kicked the bucket in his futile attempt to stand up to him, his interactions with Madness were erased, and Madness, as a result, never even heard of Ultima nor was influenced by him at all, meaning Ultima's event which happened in the future no longer happened.

Many years afterwards, Ultima would be brought back to life by Grandis, although neither of them were malevolent, but now they were benevolent in nature, and it is now Grandis who is the creator of Ultimoria this time around.

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