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Tyrannox (Blue Tri)
The Infernal King of the Cosmos
Alias General of Fire (Former)
Mugen General (Current)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Ultra General (Former)
Deity General (Current)
Status Deceased (Pilot to Season 2)
Alive (Post-Mid Season 2)
Skills Immense strength and size
Railgun Attachment (Season 1)
Omnigun Attachment (Season 2 onward)
Hobby Lounging about.
Goals To teach those who defy him a "lesson".
Tyrannox, determined to make sure something stays guarded or a job is done. However, anger him enough, and his own rage can literally cause entire break outs to occur by sheer mistake. His power as a fighter, in which he excels at, is near unrivaled.
~ Bio.

Tyrannox, the Infernal King of the Cosmos, is a Dinoid (Dinosaur Android) from an unknown planet not far from Sol, and whose empire is capable of creating ships with faster than light travel. Tyrannox, who is part of a trade outpost within Sol itself and near where Earth is, knows a lot of information about their "forbidden device", which is a creature called "KeraBeast", and Tyrannox states that this creature, whatever it's true powers are, will be able to change everything as they know it. Tyrannox, however, accidentally allows for KeraBeast to escape to Earth when his destructive temper kicked in, is then tasked with retrieving KeraBeast alongside his ally Pterazok.

After being destroyed in the Pilot, Tyrannox is at long last revived in Season 2 as Tyrannox Mk II, and gains a brand new weapon to go alongside this new upgrade, and also a new paint job out of Tyrannox's own personal request from Blades (the Dinoid who had worked very hard to revive him in the first place). His title, as his original self, is "The Infernal King of the Cosmos". As Mark II, his title is "The Honest Arcane Destroyer", representing the hidden fact that the reason why Tyrannox is an antagonist is because part of his actions were direct responses to having been lied to, from either humankind from directly lying to him or outright breaking their promises made with him, or from Saideus, who kept saying nothing but lies almost all of the time.



  • Strength: 10/10
  • Defense: 9/10
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Intelligence: 6/10
  • Ignorance: 2/10
  • Following Orders: 4/10
  • Anger Issues: 11/10

Tyrannox is a character whose incredibly powerful as a fighter. Out of all of the characters, he's the only one who doesn't have to grow giant size to face KeraMaster almost immediately, as his fight with KeraMaster lasts for a few minutes before he ultimately merges with his ship to take on the much larger foe. Even then, it takes KeraMaster absorbing the energy of Tyrannox's rail gun attachment to gain enough energy to acquire an attack capable of finally destroying Tyrannox. Tyrannox's down points, however, have nothing to do with combat; it's his own ignorance and unwillingness to stop what he believes he's doing is correct, and have to drop that in favor of something he doesn't believe is a good idea. He's not even wrong about his choices most of the time, as when he noted that nobody else could be trusted with guarding KeraBeast at the beginning of the story. However, when you anger him enough, his IQ pretty much drops to where he can cause disastrous mistakes for his own allies; his own temper allowed KeraBeast's container to shatter from his own strength, and his own anger prevented him from realizing his rail gun attack was beginning to give KeraMaster a method to finally kill him. Not only that, but Tyrannox heavily butts heads with Saideus, who just outright enrages him almost immediately with a mere whisper of his voice. Overall, Tyrannox is a strong fighter, but his temper issues can literally end up making him too dumb to live.

Tyrannox Mk II

  • Strength: 12/10
  • Defense: 11/10
  • Speed: 9/10
  • Intelligence: 9/10
  • Ignorance: 1/10
  • Following Orders: 8/10
  • Sense of Trust: Max/10

Tyrannox Mk II is the upgraded, revived form of the original Tyrannox, and retains all of the original Tyrannox's memories and personality. In this form, he's bigger than his original form, but at the same time, he weighs less than he did originally. In addition to his technological frame, the remaining majority of Tyrannox Mk II is made of Arcane Magic, as his power supply runs off of a purely magic based component, and his new weapon replacing his Railgun, called the "Omnigun", is capable of destroying entire galaxies from a long range at full charge, as demonstrate when he underestimates how powerful his new weapon is when he kills Saideus as an experiment just before promoting Blades into the role of leader of the Dinoids. In addition, Tyrannox Mk II's shell, out of his own decision, was given a complete repaint as to his new look to invoke the appearance of a divine entity, which would remain unchanged for the duration of The Blue Tri and beyond that.


Raising Blades

Velocilites, as Tyrannox had known through his long life, had never been given kind treatment, especially when Saideus overthrew Tyrannox 100 years back. 300 years ago, when Tyrannox still ruled, Tyrannox stumbled across a destroyed hut in the middle of a desert on his homeworld, and in said hut was the curled up, sleeping form of a baby Velocilite. Not just any Velocilite, however, but an incredibly rare, one of a kind Albino Velocilite that Tyrannox had never seen such a type of Velocilite before. Due to his own curiosity, and the fact it was clear there were no other survivors of whoever destroyed this nest, Tyrannox took in the infantile Velocilite as his own and called him "Blades", from which the infant shall forever be known as.

For the next 100 years, Tyrannox had to deal with raising the Velocilite from infancy into his late childhood/early teen equivalent, and Tyrannox constantly kept Blades sheltered for most of his life, since he outright dreaded the safety of Blades should he ever end up leaving into the outside world, since an Albino Velocilite would practically never survive, or, at least, that's what he believed for most of his life with raising Blades. Everywhere Tyrannox went, Blades had always accompanied him, even when Saideus overthrew Tyrannox 100 years prior to the present and into the present day itself. Blades and Tyrannox shared one thing in common; they were both honest to each other at all times, and had full trust in each other in their more recent times together.

Within the past 100 years, Blades became a high ranking scientist under Tyrannox's watch. However, Tyrannox gave Blades a clear, important warning; if Saideus ever got to the point of insanity where either or of them would be the target of Saideus's own rage to where either of them could possibly be killed, he told Blades to be prepared at all times to flee from the vicinity of the Dinoids, since he highly trusted that Blades, by this point in his life, was fully capable of now surviving on his own. In addition, as much as it was a tough decision for Blades when the time finally arrived to do so, Blades ultimately proven to Tyrannox that from that point up to Tyrannox's revival at Blades's own handwork, Blades would surprise Tyrannox's still functioning mind that during Tyrannox's state of death, Blades proved himself to have matured a lot to the point he would later be given the title of leader of the Dinoids when Saideus was finally killed.

First deals with Earth

Everyone who was at that meeting, knew one thing and one thing alone... The world was going to change... Not because of us humans... But because of what this alien creature called a "Dinoid" did to our beloved home... Fifty years ago... He arrived during a conference to arrange for a satellite to be put into orbit to destroy an asteroid that was heading towards Earth within the next two weeks... He arrived in our meeting hall, giving us a choice... We, humanity, all join together in a single nation and launch the satellite into space to destroy the asteroid... Or by the time the asteroid is near impact... He would destroy the asteroid himself... And claim Earth as his own...

However, what he did not tell us, what during our time to discuss as humans, he would travel across the entire planet... Destroying...... Everything.... In his path with his giant form, with the power of a cannon capable of destroying entire planets according to him... Some places were deliberate choices to for him to destroy... He wanted to ensure we all agreed with each other, and that he would do whatever it takes to send the nations who did not agree to this peaceful union into complete oblivion........ We lost nearly 5 billion humans during those two fateful weeks..... When we finally launched the satellite, and sometime after he left Earth, we took photographs of what Earth now looked like......

....The results..... Scarred us all for life....... That... Is why we are heavily against Dinoids appearing on Earth...... Why we must all be cautious that we and them never go to war.... Even with improved technology fifty years later, no human has ever managed to slay a Dinoid.... At least.... None that I can recall.....

~ Fukui Yoshi.

Tyrannox, as the background for him is known, is a Dinoid known by many above the age of 50 living on Earth. A extremely infamous one without question. During a conference 50 years ago to debate about putting up a satellite that'll destroy an incoming asteroid that'll impact Earth in 2 weeks time, they all gave their responses, some insisting it has to be done, and others insisting whoever launches it will utilize it as a weapon against other nations, which is what prevented such a satellite from being launched before. The thing's already built by a few nations, but so much paranoia as to what else it'll be used for is present that this entire meeting was gathered to debate if anybody should launch it into orbit at all...

...Then Tyrannox arrived on Earth, literally crashing through the ceiling in his normal 15 foot tall initial form, and interrupted the meeting with a proposition of his own. Either humanity stops being separate by war and violence among each other, and unite all into a singular nation, and then launch the satellite into orbit to destroy the incoming asteroid, or 2 weeks later about an hour before impact, Tyrannox will destroy the asteroid himself, but at the cost of conquering all of Earth as his own. Humanity did not know what to think of Tyrannox, who simply told them to be patient with their decision if they need to, and that he would wait... he deliberately did not inform them of what else he'd be doing in the mean time...

Tyrannox Tyrant Mode

Tyrannox's Master Mode, known as Tyrannox Tyrant Mode.

To ensure humanity unites to a single nation, Tyrannox begins traversing the world in his Tyrant Mode, which is nearly 100 meters taller here than it is 50 years later, and would begin to glass entire countries whose leaders would be willing to betray others to cause more wars with the satellite, so his decision was to cause mass genocide against the humans who would not be entirely peaceful with the agreement. With Japan having built giant Super Robots to utilize in a War, Japan was the first target. All four robots currently available were only 50 meters tall, and nowhere near the height that Tyrannox was, to the point had no difficulty crushing them underneath his feet after knocking them onto their backs, killing both their pilots and melting through the solid steel used to make the robots with his own intense body heat. After Japan, many other nations were targeted and destroyed entirely by Tyrannox's "Tyrant's Desolation" signature attack, which is a massive particle bomb fired from the railgun on his back, and would literally sink entire landscapes to below sea level and destroy everything above ground and below, and if possible, submerge these entire landscapes under miles of ocean water. With the help of his railgun, Tyrannox managed to pull this off MUCH faster than he would have under normal means, since the Railgun's range of fire can reach across entire oceans, meaning most of his attacks never required him to leave the United States for them to impact specific countries.

Two weeks pass, and the humans are nearing their deadline for how much time they have left until Tyrannox destroys the asteroid for them and simply conquers them. Most of them are hesitant to even bother with launching the satellite at this point; almost all of Earth and it's beauty is nothing but living Hell, ignited into flames and ash by Tyrannox's destructive, warmongering ways. In a last ditch effort prior to their ultimate decision, all remaining military and navy forces were sent from all nations to try and combat Tyrannox directly, as a means of distracting him while the satellite is launched to destroy the incoming asteroid. Tyrannox, with minimal efforts, lays complete devastation upon all of the nations' armies and military forces, outright laughs at their foolish methods of trying to defend themselves against his intrusion on their world. With that, Tyrannox had this to say...

You humans are nothing but fools... Wastes of space in the intergalactic scale of sapient lifeforms... Many other races and cultures had approached Sol before, and they were terrified at your war among each other instead of focusing on advancing to the next level... It's impressive, really, that it only took my own arrival here to finally get you all to shut up and work like one big happy family..... though at what costs and risks did you go through to finally come to your senses...?
~ Tyrannox, giving his little rant to humankind in his last day present on Earth in 2159.

Once the satellite is in orbit and destroys the asteroid with a powerful laser, Tyrannox looks up into the sky to see the remnants of it fall safely to Earth. Impressed that they actually decided to listen to his offer, begins preparations to leave... but not without devastating one last country before he leaves, and would not be seen again by human eyes for another 50 years. According to Saideus, the current leader of the Dinoids, this is not the worst cataclysm caused by Tyrannox.

However, while it's not revealed outright, it's made to look like to the viewer that Tyrannox was destroying human countries for no reason due to the fact the flashback took place from a human perspective. However, when the same flashback is told from Tyrannox's view, Tyrannox states he wouldn't have touched anything had it not been for some of the council members flat out lying to him about uniting into one region, those same council members trying to launch nukes at the ship Tyrannox arrived in, which the ship itself was a colony ship containing not only innocent civilians, but also many, many unhatched Dinoids that if they weren't killed off by these attacks, were most certainly killed off when the remaining members of the council attempted to use the satellite to kill Tyrannox before he left. Tyrannox trusted humanity when he arrived, and he had been effectively backstabbed by them each moment he was there, and thus their desolation of innocent Dinoids left Tyrannox in such a rage that Tyrannox had no choice but to give them a taste of the exact same treatment humanity was giving his own kind.

The Rebirth of Tyrannox

Tyrannox Mk II

Tyrannox Mk II in addition to Tyrannox Mk II Oblivion Mode.

In Season 2 of The Blue Tri, Tyrannox is revived from the dead as Tyrannox Mk II, where he asks for a complete redo of his paint job as his first request from Blades, as the upgraded weapon he has to replace his Railgun, called "The Omnigun", does not match his color palette. In this resurrected form, it's revealed throughout the course of The Blue Tri that had it not been for humankind and Saideus flat out lying to him, he would've never been an antagonist in the first place. His entire reason for even bothering to destroy most of Earth's landmass was because some people at the council openly lied to him about putting up the satellite immediately, and some others lied just go score a sneak attack against the other nations, hence why he destroyed their own countries. When he was about to leave, humanity directed their new satellite at Tyrannox's ship and began firing at him, which left Tyrannox to believe they broke their word when he enforced them to never do anything to earn his wrath again, since they would regret it, and thus he bombed the council building from clear orbit with his Tyrant's Desolation cannon.

In addition to that, Saideus, during his rule, was nothing but a cheapskate and a liar a good majority of the time, and Tyrannox thus earned a great hatred for Saideus as a result, which is when he first met Blades for the first time. Saideus had ordered Tyrannox to eliminate the "Rogue Dinoid" that was Blades, and called him untrustworthy, something that Tyrannox only believed partially because he long since knew of Saideus's history of lying to get what he wants. When he finally meets Blades, he sees the exact opposite when Saideus almost immediately points out that Saideus placed a eavesdropping device on Tyrannox, from which Tyrannox noted as true and crushed it in his hands, and when Tyrannox spared Blades from Saideus's wrath, Tyrannox soon found himself under attack by a Dinoid called Spinobreaker, and when Blades informed Tyrannox of Spinobreaker's exact weakspot, Tyrannox fully earned Blades trust and decided to promote him to his head adviser.

When Tyrannox was killed in the pilot of Season 1, Tyrannox gave his final words out to Blades saying that he is promising on making his grand return as a divine god from chaos that will personally slay Saideus and end his reign of leader. In mid Season 2, Blades finally manages to succeed in reviving Tyrannox from the dead, all the way to the point of reviving him with a new Cannon weapon that would make him the most powerful Dinoid, and thus when Tyrannox used the Omnigun to destroy Saideus, he was treated with hails from the other Dinoids, but immediately told them they are praising the wrong leader; the new, true leader of the Dinoids from that point forward would be Blades and Blades only, since his full trust in Blades deemed Blades worthy of being the leader of the Dinoids.

However, while it is true that Tyrannox would return from the dead and slay Saideus, he had yet to truly live up to the divine god part of his word... until Season 3 of The Blue Tri...

Draikox and the Dragonstone

Tyrannox Mk III

Tyrannox Mk III, the result of Tyrannox permanently absorbing Draikox's Dragonstone artifact; Tyrannox is now a Corona Dragon in basis with this new form.

During Season 3, the Dinoids as a whole are working on redeeming themselves by paying massive sums of credits to their former enemies in addition to various deals to get on everybody's good side. Blades, being the ruler, has trouble handling the stress at times, and Tyrannox finds it problematic in his own way in that he personally wants to help out Earth to fix the damages he had done there, but knew the humans would be very bitter towards him. However, when a Dinoid reveals itself in the form of the Arthropluera type Dinoid called Armorapluera, this particular Dinoid had been in hibernation for so long that it had never gotten a chance to get the memo about how things had changed entirely, and decides to attack the humans by allying itself with Omnicron and summoning Draikox into the physical realm.

When the Dinoids personally go in to kill Draikox with Amphigoliath, Tyrannox tries to scout Draikox's body for any sign of a weakness; each hit they do simply repairs itself, and Tyrannox uses the Omnigun to figure out why it does so. Eventually Tyrannox deduces the presence of this spherical stone in Draikox's body, and eventually launches himself directly through Draikox, grabbing the ominous stone with his jaws, and swallowing it to ensure that Draikox can't get it back somehow. Armorapluera, not even impressed by Tyrannox, summons a portal in his direction that causes him to fly and crash right into the sun, seemingly burning alive in the molten surface...

... until a massive puddle of magma suddenly is expelled from the sun and lands within Amphigoliath's chest, just as Armorapluera is facing trial by Blades. The puddle of magma, however, is not what it seems, as soon it begins to materialize into the form of a giant, gold and black Dragon that immediately lets out a high pitched shriek upon the formation of it's head, absolutely scaring Armorapluera as he soon deduces from the symbol on it's snout that the Draconid is none other than Tyrannox. Tyrannox, as the Corona Dragon type Dinoid Tyrannox Mk III, overhears that Blades had already sentenced Armopluera to death, and Tyrannox simply agrees to it and decides to melt Armorapluera to death with his own fiery breath.


(Note: The following storyline, and the above description, are not set in stone just yet.)

Tyrannox, at the beginning of the pilot, is seen guarding KeraBeast's containment cell, remarking about how KeraBeast could possibly change "everything", but doesn't elaborate as to what he means by that. When called to the bridge by Blades, Tyrannox refuses to show up initially, due to the fact he personally was chosen to guard KeraBeast's container, and that he holds full responsibility for whatever happens to it.

Tyrannox's Temper

Er, Saideus, I don't think know is the best time to tick off your best fighter...

When Saideus begins yelling for Tyrannox, however, his rage gets the better of him and Tyrannox's own careful grasp on the container becomes much more intense to where his three fingered hands actually manage to break through the heavily reinforced glass material containing KeraBeast, and in mere moments, Tyrannox forgets his own agenda and storms off towards the bridge, muttering how Saideus is getting exactly what he asked for, and leaves Pterazok to deal with KeraBeast while he's at the bridge.

Within moments after he leaves, KeraBeast escapes his now shattered container, and begins plowing through numerous Velocilites. With Pterazok just about to interfere, he finds himself charged through as a projection of a mysterious form surrounds KeraBeast and full on tackles him into a wall, which allows KeraBeast to hijack a pod to escape with, and head straight towards Earth.


  • Originally, Tyrannox was considered a Complete Monster from the in-universe characters, and even meta-wise. However, once the backstory about him highly respecting honesty came to be, his backstory with humanity and Saideus resulted in him being antagonist towards them because both parties kept lying to him, and as a result, he punished both of them the moment he had the chance, and killed Saideus since he personally believed Saideus was nothing but lies. He then promoted Blades to leader instead of himself because Blades, despite intending to give the vibe of a Starscream type of role at first glance, is actually the most honest and loyal of all those who served Tyrannox, even continuing to after Tyrannox first perished and even after Blades got promoted to leader. Now, instead of Tyrannox being a complete monster, it is now Saideus who is considered such, though in-universe, Tyrannox is still regarded as this by species who are not Dinoids and know very little of Tyrannox's true nature to begin with.
  • His Mk III form is a homage to Beast Wars Megatron's Transmetal II form, which in and of itself showcases the bigger homage that Tyrannox already was to that character due to the fact Tyrannox, as a whole, was always imagined as having the same voice actor; David Kaye.

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