Typhon is a villain in The Cult of the Great Duckieness. He is extremely malevolent and not to be trusted under any circumstances. His lust for power overcomes that of any other desire and his few thousand years of experience has only made him that much more cunning. He was leader of the main country He was responsible for the death of The Mighty Pickle after swapping bodies with him. Yes, he swapped bodies with a deity, because not even kingship could sate his greed. Greed for power that is. He has been known to backstab every single person that has ever served under him. He is perportedly dead, and also erased from time itself, but in the case that you run into him whack him in the head, burn the body, and don't look back.


There are actually two aspects of Typhon's biology. This page will explain one of his aspects as fully as possible. Granted this quote does a much better justice of explaining it than anyone could probably come up with, so read on:

"First, think about a bunch of ants. An entire swarm of hundreds. Now, this would probably be stupid of ants to do, but what would happen if they climbed on each other and held together so that they were as large as a person and that shape. Now ants would probably fall apart but that's sorta one way to describe it. Typhon's basically the same thing. Just with bacteria, and they're not even bacteria of a specific variety. They're just everyday run of the mill... Bacteria. As a result he has many abilities (most of which aren't hard to understand). He can turn himself into a swirling vortex similar to a dust devil (or even a tornado if he's large enough). Fireballs, amorphously dodging attacks, seperating parts and putting them back on (akin to the damage from a bladed weapon), manipulation of memories through direct contact, fine tuned manipulation of objects at a much smaller level than humans are capable of, the potential for extreme growth rates at any time, infecting others with any number of diseases (nobody really knows what stuff he's picked up over the years), and the list goes on but I'm afraid I give you any more right now. I don't even know."

- A character explaining it to another. I think it went over everyone's heads.

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