"don't EVER try to stop me!... EVER!" -Tuck

Tuck is the main antagonist of strongdrew941's user-made sires : "best pals hand toons". He is ember's worst enemy, as he plots to kill her when he shouts at the main protagonists, Miley and Tommy. After every defeat, he will always come back, as he says.


He is just a basic hand, as the sires is called "best pals hand toons". He appears in part 1 and 2 of "The Bad Guy Strikes Out"


  • He is the 2nd villian to appear in the "best pals hand time" seires, along with henry being the first.
  • When you look at strongdrew941's videos of tuck, you can see that tuck doesn't have clothes on and Miley and Tommy do. It may be possible that strongdrew941 is making it easy to see who the antagonist is.

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