Tso Lan (Character What)0001

Tso Lan is a Demon Sorcerer in the Character What Sega, Tso Lan the Demon Sorcerer of the Moon and a villain from Jackie Chan Adventures.

Powers and Abilities

Tso Lan possesses moon-based powers and demonic magic, He is also the embodiment of the moon.

  • Insect Physiology: Tso Lan resemble to a insect.
  • Gryokinesis: Tso Lan can control and manipulate gravity.
    • Gravity Beam Emission:
    • Gravitational Upforce:
    • Moon Control: Tso Lan is able to move the moon out of orbit and control it's gravity.
    • Levitation: Tso Lan can make himself levitate.
  • Dark Bolt Projection:
  • Space Survivability: Tso Lan is able to survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Telepathic Speaking: Since Tso Lan rarely use his mouth to speak, He speak telepathically using his tongue.
  • Lunar Teleportation: Tso Lan can disappear and reappear.
  • Super Strength: Tso Lan is stronger than he looks.
  • Multiple Arms: Tso Lan possesses four arms.
  • Prehensile Hair:
  • Immortally: Like all Demon Sorcerers, Tso Lan lives forever and is unable to die.
  • Demonic Magic: Like all Demon Sorcerers, Tso Lan possesses knowledge of magic.

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