triad is one of many branches of Chinese transnational organized crime criminal organizations based in Hong Kong,Macau, Taiwan and also in countries with significant Chinese populations, such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam,Japan, France, and Kat Island. In MegaKat City, the Triads are secretly led by Dr. Charlie Tan, the head of TanTech. Tan would recruit outcasts into his organization who are all willing to kill and die for him.

In Razor's Edge, Tan was involved in Dark Kat's scheme to frame the Swat Kats by providing the ninjas. Tan bribed the MegaKat Memorial Hospital members to keep two operations Dark Kat hired a secret of the Enforcers. Fortunately, Razor managed to achieve his confidence back when he discovered the whole entire scheme and helped T-Bone defeat the Black Widow. Dark Kat managed to escape while the ninjas that worked for Tan ended up getting arrested by the Enforcers.