Tito Larcio Flavo (Latin Titus Larcius ; ... - ... ) was a Roman politician , member of a family Etruscan ( cfr . Tolumnius Lars , Lars Porsena ) settled in Rome for a long time .


Spurius Lartius brother , who was next to Horatius Cocles defending the bridge Sublicio against the Etruscans of Porsenna , twice consul , was chosen as the first dictator in history romana.Quando was consul in 501 BC was chosen as dictator ( it was the first time he was given the charge ) to command the army against the thirty Latin cities who had vowed to reinstate Tarquin the Proud to Rome , where it was feared would ally Sabines , while as magister equitum was chosen Spurius Cassius Viscellinus . Despite the preparations for war , and attempts to recover some of the console dictator Latin city the Roman cause , this would not have started that in 499 BC " ... After the election of the first dictator of Rome's history , when people saw preceded by the dark , he felt a fear that with more zeal to obey his word . In fact it was no longer possible, as in the case of the consuls , who shared power equally , recourse or appeal to the colleague, nor was there any other form of behavior that scrupulous obedience . "( Livy , Ab Urbe seasoned books , lib . II , para. 18 ) was elected consul again three years later , in 498 BC with colleague Quintus Cloelius Siculus , when the populace refused to serve against the Latins until they were freed from the burden of their debiti.Contrastò the harsh measures against the Latins and also became interested in improving the lot of the plebeians .

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