Tiger the raptor
Tiger the raptor is a major antagonist turned supporting protagonist in Jurassic Operation, and later, the secondary tritagonist in the following video game in the same name. He is the leader of the raptor gang, and he teamed up with the Giganotosaurus as his personal hench-dino and hunter.


Near the beginning, he is seen killing two InGen hunters, thus eating remains with his gang. When spotting Karen Lezary and Dylan Mercurine, he tried to hunt them, but failed as he retreated with the gang. Then, he contacted to the Giganotosaurus, informing about the invaders by roaring. Then, they encountered Cyrus Monberg, the new InGen manager, invading together with and tried to kill Paul St. Antonio, and his gang. They then captured the raptors, as they wanted to sell them to Mr. Phillium, but then, Phillium himself mentioned there is a new contract with the CEO of Byosin, to sell every dinosaur on the island to the Japanese Zoo. However, Cyrus did not agree, secretly releasing Tiger and the other raptors. The raptors then told all the dinosaurs to fight the Giganotosaurus, and they all stood against their dictator as the Giganotosaurus was busy fighting Karen, Dylan and Rocky the raptor. Tiger than thanked Karen for saving Rocky, as all dinosaurs were relieved to have a free life in the jungle.


  • He appears in the video game Jurassic Operation as the secondary tritagonist, and in the novels as an anti hero turned supporting protagonist.
  • He starts off as the secondary antagonist of Jurassic Operation, but he is later replaced by Paul St. Antonio.