Thrax (Character What)0001

Thrax is a major villain from the Character What series, Thrax is also a character from Warner Bros 1999 film Osmosis Jones.

Character What: Tales

In Osmosis Jones, Thrax reprise his role from the film, with Shadow Aaron on his side making aware that Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle will stop him.

Thrax have a battle with Osmosis Jones and Shadow Joe outside of Frank's body and on Frank's daughter's eye.

Osmosis Jones and Shadow Joe retain Frank's DNA bead from Thrax, and Thrax fall into a bottle of rubbing alcohol cause him to dissolve and die.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cellular Disintegration: Thrax can use his red claws to dissolve any cell with just one cut.
  • Gilding: Thrax can use his clock for gilding.
  • Super Strength: Thrax possesses incredible strength.

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