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The Woman To Eat the Children, aka Mulier Manducare Filli, which in Latin is "the Woman To Eat the Children", is a Creepypasta antagonist in the titular story. The Woman was once an orphan, and her origins are unknown, but it is believed she was orphaned in perhaps 1890s or 1930s New York, at the beginning of modern America. This is from a parchment scroll which has her legend in a New York library. The Woman stalks the streets, having never been civilized by her parents, and she is eternally hungry, so she eats any child she meets.
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She is not entirely uncivilized; she can talk. She seems to seduce children into coming with her then she tortures them and eats them, and lets their bodies lie where she leaves them.

Amongst her victims was a young girl named Rachel whose mother contacted police about her daughters' murder but no one believed her, until a police officer found the parchment scroll with the legend.

Somehow, a newsman named Mark Traw, who researched the legend, was seen hanging from every single flag in the United States, possibly indicating the Woman can perform mass hallucinations or hysteria. She has yet to be caught.

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