Swat Kats-0

In an alternate universe, Callie Briggs becomes the new mayor of Mega Kat City and made the Swat Kats become members of the Enforcers much to Feral's dismay. Callie ordered the Swat Kats to only assist the Enforcers with omegas, space aliens, biological warfare, and anything that thy can't handle while Callie was trying to recover the funds Manx wasted on his projects for the city. The Swat Kats aided the Enforcers in dealing with thefts in technology, slavery rings, drug smuggling, and weapon trafficking and grew to respect Callie even more for what she has done. Dark Kat, outraged by this, arranged for Callie to murdered in a car crash which enraged the Swat Kat of that dimension and prompted them to kill their enemies. The SWAT Kats were able to take over Mega Kat City and started to rule it with an iron fist. Feral tried to form a rebellion against the vigilantes, however he ended up getting shot by Lieutenant Felina who was tired of obeying her uncle's orders.

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