Hello, I am Ninjack23 and as you know as this, it is an episode.

The Pasta

As this disturbing cartoon called "The Shapes", I was surviving through it, a cartoon by James Wolon. When my mom puts it on, get from my bedroom, and watch it.

Day 1(Midnight Man)

I was getting bored and I was watching The Shapes and there was an episode called midnight man. I watched it, and it was an image of a smiling stranger. Which showed for 2 minutes. Then, the screen gone to static, and it ended, with no credits, just a blank image.

Day 2 (Circles Death)

I tripped up this tape, which was Circles death, an episode from the shapes.

I got so excited and decided to watch. It showed the the, with only Triangle and Square popping out of the black hole. Then, I thought to myself "Where is circle?" and I was terrified. Then, with no title card it showed circle... dead on the floor. And flashed a boy with no face (it was green man) and then ended.

All the pastas have ended.

Thank you for reading! Bye!

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