The Rebel (Team Fortress 2)

Tumblr mxt6djC7

the rebel is a Young Woman who's a rebellious lone wolf, very competitive, really easy to get jealous and good of holding grudges but is good at Riding motorcycle's. she is also stubborn. and very Sarcastic mercenary. her father is from England, and her mother is irish. and she is a fan of Horror movies to her habits of kill and Punk Fashion and like's chewing Bubble gum and her stuff bunny she also hates Cheerleaders and snobbish girls Her Weapons are Stilettos, Knives, Sai, Shot gun when she's in danger and Hidden blade sometimes, and electric glove. a bit of Martial Art


Appearance: beautiful, slender, fair skin, freckles. dark purplish red lip, long shoulder length hair auburn hair with red bead tied. greenish blue eyes, with golden earrings, leather jacket red team is dark red and blue team is dark blue, and and sometimes a shirt is top tied into a bow. dark short dress,black fingerless gloves

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