Constance Carlton
Alias The Queen of Time and Space
Origin Unknown
Occupation Care Worker (Formerly)
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Time Traveling
Goals Stop Lorcan from defeating her
Kill all the Darcys
Take over the world by alter the past.
The Queen of Time and Space is the main antagonist of Lorcan Darcy's Adventures series and the movie. She was a winner of the "Care-worker of the year" award for the last seven years in the row.

Early Life

Constance was a childhood friend of Alexander Darcy until her arch-nemesis Molly took him away from her. Years later, She becomes a care-worker over at the Traverse House and becomes a winner of the Care-Worker of the year award seven years in the row.

The cliffside kids soon learn they should be careful what they wish for, because you just might get it, and this time, there's no Tracy Beaker to save them, as she is banned from the house. Until two kids from the Traverse House vandalizing with a help from Tracy Beaker and Cillian Darcy and claimed that her whole year's work ruined.

Plotting for Revenge

Two months later, Constance saw an old device and transported herself back to cliffside where she saw her past self. She announces that she'll have her evil revenge by traveling back in time to make Alexander's ancestors fear of her along with Molly's ancestors and claimed to be called "The Queen of Time and Space".


You're making a mistake!! PLEASE!! (starts to glitch) NO!! IT'S A TIME PARADOX!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME (saying a message backwards as he glitches) DARCY!!!! (gets punched on the face by Lorcan) AAAAAAAAH!!!!!
~ Constance's last words before she's been destroyed by Lorcan

Between 11pm and 6am, Constance lost all of her powers to travel through time because she's in Lorcan's burning mind while he's using the RFI.

As Constance begins to glitch and fading away, she cries out his name and angrily charges at him, but Lorcan retaliates by punching her in one single blow, obliterating the maniacal triangle demon to her death in pieces avanged of Cillian and Lilly's death.

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