The Katscratch Mafia used to be the Mange Mafia that was led by Mac and Molly Mange, otherwise known as the Metallikats. Mac and Molly Mange were arrested and then sent to prision for their crimes. Mac and Molly carried a grudge against Mayor Manx for denying their parole when it was actually Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs who did that. Katscratch, a low level gangster, managed to takeover the mob. Katscratch has associates who work for him.


Katscratch ske

Katscratch-Katscratch took over after they disappeared, rising to become the top catnip smuggler in Megakat City.  When Mac and Molly returned as the Metallikats, they killed Katscratch for his betrayal.

Johnny Katpulet-Johnny stole money from Dark Kat during one of his operations. Fortunately, he was rescued by the MSA. The MSA bribed the doctors at the MegaKat Memorial Hospital to do surgery on the badly injured Johnny by adding stitches to his entire body. MSA Director Rosemary Manx convinced Katscratch to except Johnny into his gang. Johnny managed to seize control of the mafia in the end after Katscratch died and started to follow the Religion of Crime until he was captured by the KBI. Since then, Johnny was forced to become loyal to Governor Dave Lyons.  

Warden Cyrus Meece-In "The Metallikats" Meece was able to arrange for Mac and Molly to escape, however  


they drowned in the process as a result of a passing ship. Later in "Choas in The Crystal", Meece tried to exploit his prisioners in order to become incredibly wealthy which led to his undoing when a convict named Rex Shard attacked him when he transformed into a living crystal monster. Dr. Greenbox accidentally knocked Meece over which caused him to shatter in several fragments on the floor. 

Sergeant Arnold Thompson-A corrupt Enforcer sergeant who was secretly leaking information to Katscratch. Thompson used to abuse Chance and Jake back then during their old Enforcer days. He is an inspiration of the Spiderman character Flash Thompson since he hates Chance and Jake and admires the Swat Kats. Like the Batman villain Detective Arnold Flass, he is extremely corrupt. 

Fango-A drug dealer who works for Katscratch.  


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