Hatchet april fool murderer by pierre1987-d7cu511

The Hatchet April fool is a nameless red hoodedsweater  serial killer. Who kill his victim with a hatchet because some Young couples make a prank by calling people and scared them by menacing them. The two couples who was a white teenage couples and one interracial couple was not knowing that serial killer really exist. They were still calling people and menaced them until the police told them to stop. But the two couples didn't listen to them and continue their prank until someone call them and menacing them. The two couples believe it was trick from one of their victims until the phone ring again and the voice was more menacing. The couples of teenagers get scare and finally the man walking around the house with the hatchet. He destroyed the door with the weapon and eneer in the house making the two teens couples to run. He finally find them when they were hiding in the warrobe and killed them by cutting them in half without remorse. The police found the teens bodies but not their killer who still outside looking for new victim.


Hatchet april fool murderer by pierre1987-d7cu511

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