Princes Blueblood
Evil Lord Chuckles the Silly Pig
Kingsley Jackson
Gerry McStraw
Kanata Futaki
Alias Guards of the Gate
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Disbanded
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Prevent Lorcan to get to the gate of time
Princes Blueblood, Evil Lord Chuckles the Silly Pig, Kingsley Jackson, Gerry McStraw and Kanata Futaki aka The Guardians of the Gate of Time are the secondary antagonist of Lorcan Darcy's Adventures.


Prince Blueblood

D-bag Blueblood-1-
Prince Blueblood is the main antagonist of the prequel and the final three episodes of series 1. After the battle in Scotland, Blueblood's presume dead after Cillian sacrifices his life to save  Lorcan Darcy.

Evil Lord Chuckles the Silly Pig

Chuckles the Silly Piggy-1-

Kingsley Jackson

Gerry McStraw

Kanta Futaki 

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