You're not from around here,so you don't know about the Gray Man," I explained impatiently."The Nye have legends about this bogeyman that hangs around these parts, that he sometimes comes to people who messed around with black magic and spirit calling. Sometimes he doesn't need to be summoned, he comes when you're most desperate and in trouble up to your eyeballs... or in Ethel's case, most afraid.
~ --Midori Sayuko to Thomas Lutz, as the Gray Man was steadily approaching
The Gray Man
Reawakened Old God
Alias Far Liath, Gray Lurker, Grimmin or the Grey Gentleman.
Origin Unknown
Occupation Dark God, Omnipotent Ruler Of The Lonely Places
Status Alive
Skills Weather Manipulation, Mind Control, Interdimensional Travel, Influencing And Controlling Thousands of Worshipers , Casting Dark Magic, Making Bargains With Desperate People, Shape-Shifting
Hobby Trying To Take Over The World While Trying ToControl His Unruly Offspring
Goals World Domination Starting With The Northern Hemisphere. Complete Obliteration Of All Monotheistic Religions

The Gray Man is highly dangerous fairy being and the antagonist in the Creepypasta story The Gray Man. He is seen in this story where he unexpectantly manifested himself to a group of middle schoolers having a ouija board session. Not surprisingly, the children all bolted out of the house in sheer terror. The Gray Man is a amoral and capricious pagan deity who greatly resents his demotion to fairy status by the arrival of Christianity. Dissatisfied with causing just a few human fatalities with his weather-magic as well as souring milk and ruing peat moss, he decided to emigrate to the U. S. where he is now worshiped among some of the coastal towns and villages of Northern California, Oregon and parts of Canada. He goes by other names such Fear Liath, the Gray Lurker, Grimmin or the Grey Gentleman. The Gray Man cult has a large following of worshipers especially among Neopagan or Heathenry groups who are fiercely opposed to Christianity and the other monotheistic religions. The Gray Man wishes for total conquest of Midgard as well as other multiple worlds in the Yggdrasil universe. The Gray Man, like many Unseelie Court fey, has a distaste for humans in general although he will grant request to any human worshiper if he happened to be in a good mood when asked.


The Gray Man made his appearance in in the Creepypasta story The Gray Man, where a group of middle schoolers at a house warming party accidentally caught his attention through use of a ouija board. He is described by the story’s narrator Midori Sayuko as a tall, silvery-haired man dressed in a surgeon's gown.

Hogan’s Gap Incident

Although he can be summoned through a variety of evocation rituals including the use of a simple ouija board, sometimes he can come unannounced when the unknowing summoner is at their most desperate and in dire straits or in the case of Midori Sayuko’s friend and fellow classmate Ethel Mahr, most afraid." According to the local legends around the Hogan’s Gap area of California, if anyone sees the Gray Man even at a distance, they have already acknowledged his presence, and then he can make his next move which is to gain access to their house. If the person doesn’t immediately flee, there’s a sudden drop of temperature as the creature then manifests and takes three very important and irreplaceable things that belong to the person, usually the eyes, heart and soul. However, in accidental summoning at Sayuko’s house, the Gray Man clearly stated that those particular items were only taken when he could find nothing else in the house worth taking. Fortunately for Midori Sayuko and her friends, they all escaped with souls and organs intact while the Grey Man made off with a small refrigerator, Sayuko's mother’s collection of expensive tea and Sayuko’s newest pet Milo Kitten .

Infamous Curtisville Incidents

He walked around nearly a whole year wearing my bod like some kind of latest designer suit, and he ultimately fulfilled my wish of getting rid of nearly every damn Witness in town and as well as the world. He might of continued on with his extermination campaign with the other most-disliked religions had it not been for the Teslas intervening on my behalf, even though it ended with me hanging on a live wire. But I was too far gone anyway to speak on my own for that fiend pretty much consumed my spiritual essence.
~ -- Constance Greene in a postmortem letter to Marc Henshaw

The Gray Man doesn’t appear in the storyFar Liath Weather, but his presence is revealed in the Infamous Gray Man Incident(s) of 2003 when the unincorporated beach community of Curtisville was hit by a series of strange unexpected storms, freezing fog with a strange oily consistence that swirled around the houses and trees in strange corkscrew spirals and bizarre carnage that resulted in the mysterious deaths and mass disappearances of nearly all Jehovah’s Witnesses not only in town, but also the world.

This chain of events was further revealed in a lengthy posthumous letter made by the babysitter Constance Greene to one of her seven-year old Marc Henshaw, which he discovered shortly after her bizarre electrocution death as described in Curiosity Killed The Rat. In it, she described how she and the CMS (Curtisville Middle School) Culture Club, called up the Gray Man in a janitor’s closet in an effort to to defeat a brood of energy parasites masquerading as missionary family known as the Chalmers. After signing all their signatures in blood, the Gran Man agreed to get rid of the Chalmers as well as other Christian fundamentalists in town (her parents included), but only if he possesses the last person to exit the room. Naturally, there was a mad rush for the door and Constance, unfortunately, ended up in the rear since she was tricked earlier into eating tranquilizer-spiked snicker doodles by another witch Marina Majyo. The Gray Man was able to fuse his mind with her mind, momentarily becoming Constance Greene, leading to her to gain a heightened intelligence ,superhuman strength, pain resistance, as well telekinetic and telepathic powers that are mostly dormant in ordinary humans. This led her to massacre the Chalmers while they slept and cause a lightening bolt to completely obliterate their as well tortured and transform every fundamentalists in town into a warped, goblin-like creature.

However, there are of course grim consequences as stated in this Haitian proverb, "Great gods cannot ride little horses." A powerful pagan god like the Gray Man tends to wear out little mortal horses. While he ultimately fulfilled her wish of getting rid of nearly every Witness in town and as well as the world, he pretty much consumed her spiritual essence and if it hadn’t been for an elven family, the Teslas intervening on her behalf, even though it ended with her hanging on a live wire, the Gray Man might of continued on with his genocidal campaign.

The Visitor From Curtisville

He stood on the other side of the street, glacial-still amid the tumult of life racing about him. A tall and gaunt man, swathed in an odd costume that seemed like a cross between a medieval nun and and a surgeon’s outfit. His arms were tucked behind his back. His veiled head was held high, his sharp chin thrust forward. The man’s face was long and bone-thin, the skin, in contrast with the bronzed passerby, was a livid white. Piercing yellow eyes fastened on her own, cold and burning like the flickering phosphorescence over a bog. His thin mouth curled into a smile that held not a tinge of human warmth or merriment or even sympathy.

--Caption from The Visitor From Curtisville

The Gray Man reappears in this story, set years after the Far Liath Weather incident. We learn that the Gray Man and his followers known as Sin-Eaters often prowled the borders between the Mortal World and Faerie and stalked any person foolish enough to cross over the boundaries. One such person was Lolly Mcclaren, a sixth grade delinquent and psychic parasite from Curtisville with a severe anime and otherkin obsession. When her adopted parents were unexpectedly called away on a family emergency, she snuck out of the house with the intention of running away and becoming a citizen of Faerie. Unfortunately for her, she was actually dead due to a traffic accident although she still had full recollection of her former life as well as the ability to move due to exposure to the magically-charged excrement of the sucker stink-fish. However, these magical components didn t restore complete life functions so Lolly Mcclaren gradually become a necrotic perversion of her former fun-loving self. She was eventually torn to shreds and eaten by the Sin-Eaters although her hands escaped and made entry into Bartelzoff Arms Hotel, terrorizing a couple of the magician guests, Arthur Gerhardt, First Class Professor in magic and spells, and his ghoulish colleague and often-times rival Wilkie Grierson. Shortly before her grisly death, Lolly Mcclaren glimpsed the Gray Man upon her entry into Hogan’s Gap and again on the border of Faerie where he appeared as a tall gaunt man, swathed in gray hooded costume that was like a cross between a medieval nun and and a surgeon’s outfit. His piercing yellow eyes were also described as like cold burning phosphorescence over a bog.

Another eyewitness who was able to provide more detailed information about the Gray Man, and who also had the great fortune of surviving her experience, was a Gerdin pilgrim and tourist to Midgard by the name of Kes Allyntahl. In a fear-induced faint, she found herself in a vast field of tall grass with threatening storm clouds looming overhead, and there encountered three oddly-dressed strangers claiming to be sons of the Gray Man. The tallest was dressed in lab coat and was also a gynandromorph freak, split between male and female halves. The second was a blond teenage youth dressed in the rich fashion popular in the reign of Louis XIV while the third was a small boy of about six or seven, dressed in the top hat and frock coat of a Victorian chimney sweep.

It was soon revealed that they were visiting a fun fair when they should of been guarding a portal to Faerie known as the Fools’ Gate, until the proper Guardians return from holiday. Also to kill any intruders that pass through it, whether they be human or animal. Arriving in the form of massive, gray and silver dragon, the Gray Man berated the trio for neglecting their duty and was further enraged by the fact that they had earlier chatted with Lolly Mcclaren when they should have eliminated her since she really was--a psyhoner or an energy parasite whose lucid dreaming would cause a major breakdown of reality in the Faerie world. Kes Allyntahl was able to witness the Gray Man’s reaction of fear and disgust when the Chimney Sweep blurted out that Lolly Mcclaren had a glitter dust plague, actually an infestation of magical sparkle lice, voracious parasites who feed on whatever residual magic they can find.

Nature of the Beast

Originally appearing as an old man covering the land and sea with his fog-making mantle, the Gray Man now appears as a tall slender man with silver-gray hair with a gaunt but handsome face, wearing thin-rimmed spectacles. Those who witnessed his appearance also described him as clad in a gray, old-fashioned surgeon’s gown or a tailored suit from the Victorian era. In the cases of Kes Allyntahl and Deputy Nate Welsh, the Gray Man is never witnessed in humanoid form. In both cases, the protagonists might have been spared on account of their nonhuman heritage--Nate being a Wehr or werewolf while Kes is an felinoid alien. The Gray Man generally targets those who are merely mortal and monotheistic. Speculation abound as to the Gray Man’s origin. According to Deputy Nate Welsh who helping with the investigation in Far Liath Weather, the Gray Man or Far Liath, as he was sometimes known, was once a pagan weather God worshiped around 1500 BC in the coastal communities in and around Ireland and Scotland, until his usurpation by Christianity. According to another source on Creepypasta wiki, the Gray Man could also be a Titan and the offspring of a Frost Giant, perhaps the original Ymir. His birth might have resulted when his father was struck by lightning, and a chunk of the creature’s frozen mass broke off and melted into the Gray Man. That would mean that his "mother" was a storm, and maybe that's why he can seemingly control weather. It could also explain his shape-shifting ability as well as his anger issues. The Gray Man is powerful enough to be noted by Nate as a demonic entity, although the real extent of his powers are still unknown.


The Gray Man is similar to the legendary Fear Liath

* Both are tall and humanoid in shape.

* Both are believed to be guardians of a gate to other dimensions.

* Both normally stalks their victims, sometimes pursuing them over great distances.

* Both have powers to control the weather.

* Those who see them are filled with acute dread and also experience a dark and oppressive

atmosphere as well as a sudden drop in temperature.

* Both are considered hostile by the locals, and are much feared.

* Both have relatives living nearby or in other countries.

* Both might be considered members of the Unseelie Court. 


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