The demon, aka The Godslayer or Faceman, is the secondary, later true main antagonist of the first season of OMG Show and a recurring villain in season two. His objective is to eat people and he doesn't care if it destroys the world.

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Season 1

At first, he was seen disguised as Barney, under the command of Dr. Kong, whom used him for Project: Kindergarden. Then, Superman and Ironman came to stop him, but he ate Ironman as well, leaving Superman to retreat. Then, he ticked off the kids on his note list and went to the next step: teens. He then ate Dr. Kong as Faceman and his Faceman face appeared from nowhere as he ate him alive. It was seen on the news Barney is torturing people and that a live video footage of a face appearing from nowhere shows that Donkey Kong was murdered. As JJ Minmaster saw it, he went to Dr. Kong's layer and got turned his security system to a gigantic tank. Then, he tried to shoot the demon but the demon struggled out of the bullets, missiles and lasers, and got into a disco club safely. He then talked and said he had enough teens for lunch, and then it was revealed he is Faceman when he transformed into it, disappeared, appeared as Faceman in a restaurant eating a young couple, and faded out while he disappeared again. He then walked in his extremly gigantic black orc form as he ate specific buildings and 

Demon face


stepped on a traffic light. However, JJ battled him and stabbed him with the sword, causing him to faint and get into normal size. When he woke up, he found himself imprisoned.

Season 2

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