The Cacklers Are Imps Who Appear in Strike's OldSchool-Graphiced Game(Not Real),Kirby's Kirb-Tastic' Adventure. They are Small Creatures,Who Appear to Cackle a LOT.


They Appear in Some of The Most Unexpected Places and Then You Hear it's Horrendous Cackling,Then it Uses These Two Attacks on You:Whipping You Rapidly With it's Worm-Like Lure, Trying to Bite You.The Only Way to Outsmart The Cackler's,is to Make Sure You Go Down The Right Path and Don't Fall into Their Dangerous Trap.The Cacklers Are Sent By The Villianous Enemy of Kirby's Home Planet,King Cackle.Unlike The Other Cackler's,King Cackle Can Talk,Has Short Arms,Along With Wriggly Fingers.if You Spot Any of Them Planning to Ambush You,Use The Aiming Triggers and Then Press The 'A' Button to Suck it/Them into Your Mouth and Use Them to Lure You Through Dark,Dark Area's.After They've Done You Enough Help, Find a Deep,Cliff-Like Edge,With Dark Water Flowing Next to it and Spit The Cacklers Out into The Water.

Full Name:Cackling Imp Cacklers Goals:to Bring Kirby to The Cackle King,to Kill Kirby,to Please Their Master,to Evolve into Cack-Caker's Enemies:Kirby,Deedee,Meta Knight,Blade,Fire,Ice,Magic,Ninja

Allies:King Cackler Quotes:"khhahahahahahkahakakaka!"-Their Famous Line

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