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The Bullies

The Bullies Are The Antagonists Of Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten, They Are A Team Who Smoke with Cigarettes And crap like that, They Like to pick on And Beat The Everliving Hell out of Luka PepperJunkCure And Celestia PepperJunkCure. The Members of the Bullies are Zaz, Skree, And Dan.



Zaz is the Leader and Founder of the Bullies. he has Black hair, Blue eyes, A Black shirt with A Pentagram on the back, And Blue jeans.


Skree is The Only Female in the Bullies, she has Orange hair And Green hair that Looks Like Kim Possible's, and People mistaken her for the character, She has A Red shirt, and Blue and purple jeans.


Dan Is the Chinese/English Speaking Member. has Brown And Blue hair, Red eyes, A Green Shirt with A Purple star, and Black shorts.


  • They are Similar to The Greaser Dogs from CatDog.
  • They Even Drink Beer and other Alcoholic Beverages.
  • They Are EVEN Sadistic.

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