Fine, if I can't destroy you directly, then I'll just provoke your tansportation. The place would blow up and you'd probably die anyway. I didn't want to work for a human anymore anyway for I would've usurped her and actually enslaved humans. Oh well, time to initiate my divine destruction
~ The Black Cog's last words
The Black Cog
Alias The Black Cog
Origin Unknown
Occupation Base Guard
Status Deceased
Skills Technopathy, Electrokinesis, Black Laser, Anti-Matter Barrier
Hobby Keeping things intact
Goals To take over the world
The Black Cog is the secondary antagonist in the deviantart fanfiction Burning Flesh. He is a giant black robot with purely hard metal built by Clara Barnes that acts as the base's guard and second-in-command.

Burning Flesh

The Black Cog was first shown using the blue goop and technology to ressurrect Helsanna. While Clara was out cold, he ordered Helsanna to keep David Rust under survielence and check whether he survived. By the time Clara woke up, The Black Cog indirectly brought Helsanna back and they learned that David was alive and that he has fire powers.

Later, when David came in the base alone, The Black Cog gave him permission to enter as Clara was already waiting for him to show up. This changes moments later when David came back with his friends as The Black Cog used his anti-matter barrier to knock the five away into two separate pits. He had them flooded with seawater as well as groups of robots.

He was put in charge of the army building operation with Jeager and Helga Wright and Helga Wright to make robots, "recruiting" human soldiers off from the streets, and to develop cloning devices around the thorneship to make plenty of drones and battleships. He even congratulated a few soldiers for gathering magic crystals to give Clara access to magic powers besides her bio-powered light and electricity.

By the time everyone got on the thorneship during the worldwide invasion, The Black Cog ended up challenging Wreck-it-Ralph, Elsa, and Shifu as David and the others rushed downstairs to disable certain rooms. At one point, after his impervious metal was removed from his body, he used his mind to turn the metal pieces into flying metal weapons. After a part of his body was actually destroyed, it was revealed that he was actually an artificial lifeform made of electricity. After admitting that he was originally going to overstage Clara, The Black Cog tried to cover up and destroy the E.S.S. Dogsworth. Shifu carried the ship upwards and then plunged themselves into the ocean, thus using the seawater to kill him for good.

Fighting Style

The Black Cog is equipped with the Black Laser that fire's from his mouth. Whenever it's used, the small barrier covering his head disappears briefly. He can also use an anti-matter electric barrier charge. He's also a technopath as he could turn metal into weapons with his mind.


  • He is the only villain associated with Clara to not appear in Surprised Patrick: The Series. Although, he secretly provided one of the two vocals for "The Voice's" battlesuit.

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