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The Beast in White
Alias The Beast in White
Origin Unknown
Occupation  ???
Status  ???
Skills Completely defies any known natural law of existence to attempt to put itself always in advantage through it's simple re-writing of the laws of a universe which often results in the universe's destruction long before he gets a chance to do anything.
Physical form varies depending on who is looking at it (Grandis's viewpoint is the default artwork shown above).
Hobby  ???
Goals  ???

Like many beings within the pocket dimension located in "Grandis's Fun Box", the creature that has earned the codename of "The Beast in White" is a being highly implied to be the entire source of how Chronicle-King, the leader of the Seven Kingpins, first acquired his powers to begin with. The Beast in White, when it was not sealed within a second box where it was isolated, attempted to play the role of the "narrator" in the cartoon based pocket dimension and decided to re-write almost every law regarding how the pocket dimension exists in an attempt to cause it's destruction with no real motivation as to why. Chronicle-King, quickly deducing that The Beast in White is a threat to his plan to claim the throne in this kingdom with his newfound powers of reality warping, completely turned all of the advantages that The Beast of White was making for himself against him and sealed him away in hopes he will never be a threat again. Afterwards, Chronicle-King gains access to a similar ability that The Beast in White had to re-write rules in a given universe or other realm of existence, as now that The Beast of White even remotely exists, Chronicle-King steps up to the mantle as the one being who is capable of reversing any damages that The Beast in White is capable of causing should it ever even remotely get the chance to become free of it's prison... which Zaalim predicts will be an inevitable encounter at some point...

Design Notes

The drawn form which Grandis sees as the version of the creature is almost identical to a recurring nightmare that Shiramu-Kuromu has had about a "Figure in white with a bunny hood and red eyes". He also describes that part of what makes The Beast in White so terrifying is it's behavior doesn't match up with what it looks like and what it's capable of; it's personality, in his view of it, was that of a completely comedic villain despite it's sadistic nature whenever it has prey all alone and it reveals it's "true form" to them, which has been described as so terrifying all you'll be able to see during transformation is the glowing red eyes and teeth as everything around you fades to pure black, which is commonly how the nightmares had ended as well.

In Ultimoria, there exists a pocket dimension which is home to a faction of reality warpers who based their powers heavily off of old fashioned cartoons and many of them argue over "who will be the narrator". The narrator, in this case, is the guy with the ability to completely re-write the rules of the pocket dimension as needed to acquire power in their favor. However, while The Beast in White has the ability from the start, Chronicle-King gained the ability to counteract The Beast in White and ultimately sealed The Beast in White in a prison within this Eldritch Location. Many of the reasons everybody fears The Beast in White so much compared to Chronicle-King is that Chronicle-King has the same basic powers, but is smart enough to know how to use it properly and responsibly. The Beast in White, on the other hand, wastes no time in outright abusing the powers to where he doesn't even come off as anywhere near as comedic as what the Toons of the pocket dimension behave like, even though his dialogue and personality does a complete 180 to showcase said type of personality despite how vile of a being he actually is when he's alone with his prey...

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