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The April Fool Hatchet Murderer and The Halloween Hatchet Murderer are the two other antagonists from the serie Creeps high Deviantart project.

But in the serie the brothers are not adult but teen between fiveten and sixten, so The April Fool Hatchet Murderer is the oldest brother, The Halloween Hatchet Murderer is the youngest brother. Two of them are the sons of the original Hatchet Murderer Man, they want to be like their father, so they go to Creeps school, but they the two same enemie Jeff. They love bullying him, so they never go to stop because they don't like him, and will not go to be friends with him. So they continue to bullied him, but when Jeff Insulting them they get mad.


Jeff: They don't like him at all, they love bullying him and mock of him, every time he's around they will find a insult to him. So they will not leave him alone, they go to make his life a living hell, but when Jeff insult them they run after him for beat him or want to get ride of him for ever.

The Hatchet Murderer Man: They are the son of the original Hatchet Murderer Man, and want to be like their father when they go to finish the school. Because they want to be the best serial killer ever, they think they will finally take the pledge, when its done they will be the killer from the creepypasta story.


  • They are the sons of the Original Hatchet Murderer Man.
  • They have the same enemies who is Jeff.

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