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The Ape King
The Ape King, the Roar of Rage
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In The Blue Tri universe, while growing up, Plio Kenson (The hero of the story) always was a huge fan of a rather obscure cartoon called "Among the Beasts", which featured a Triceratops protagonist with his arch-nemesis being "The Ape King", a gigantic Gorilla type of animal with Adamantium ores emerging from his back, and his right hand replaced by an Adamantium Fusion Cannon. In the show itself, he has very poor aim with this cannon, but that doesn't stop him from being a threat nevertheless, mainly because he's far larger than the other animals on the continent of Animalia, in which all animals are sapient, and a good week prior to the beginning of the show, The Ape King turned every inhabitant back into their egg forms without much of a challenge, meaning he successfully took over the entire world, and the protagonists are working on finding a way to destroy The Ape King to dethrone him as the evil tyrant of the world hellbent on conquering the universe as his next challenge. In the cartoon, his voice actor is a character from The Blue Tri universe who's an analog to Jim Cummings, and utilizes a mixture of both a very sinister and comedic tone for the role of The Ape King's voice.

In-universe lore

The Ape King took over the world one fateful day when he reverted all the other animals on the planet into mere eggs which he intends to devour one by on to gain all of the powers of every animal in existence, and thus allow him to take over the universe. While his role is pretty generic, it's intentional when compared to the villainous acts done in the real world of The Blue Tri, just to make him appear more unrealistic in nature when compared to the other villains present in The Blue Tri. However, his goal is interrupted when a set of five eggs hatch, each based off of some type of Dinosaur, and soon enough, a Blue Triceratops leads a group of rebels against The Ape King, in the form of himself and four other animals in the form of a pink Pteranodon, a Green Dragon, an Orange (heavily outdated looking) Spinosaurus, and a Black Lion. When confronting the other villains, they each learn to evolve into one of their higher forms to continue their growth back into their mature forms from when they were originally reverted back into eggs by The Ape King. Whenever The Ape King directly appeared as a villain for an episode, he was never beaten, and he forced the heroes into either hit and run tactics, or flat out retreat with his own powers. Needless to say, whenever a new villain appeared and tried to steal the spotlight away from The Ape King, any villain who attempt to dethrone his status of Big Bad would immediately have their conflicts with the heroes ended by The Ape King utilizing all of the current power he has access to and enslaving the big bad wannabe that tried to overthrow him, and brutally tortures them into obedience to ensure they never try such antics again.

In the final episode of Season 1, the Triceratops, named Atlas, kills the Ape King after a brutal battle and finally assuming his mature form, in the form of MetalGreymon spoof type of appearance (Atlas himself is already a spoof of the Greymon family to begin with), yet his powers are more akin to Angemon in how he successfully slays The Ape King, but just as The Ape King descends into the infernal white void, The Ape King, similar to Devimon in which he is an analog to, gives a speech to Atlas saying now that he's gone, somebody else now has fair game to take over the role of Big Bad for him, and that while he had proven himself to be the biggest threat the heroes faced thus far, he considers himself far inferior to what OTHER threats existed outside of Eden, and soon many villains from the depths of the universe will want to claim Eden as their own....

The Blue Tri Appearance

In Season 1, Plio is shown to be afraid of giant great apes from the fact the MOTW is a Gigantopithecus Type Dinoid during the first Chapter revolving Halloween, and that through sheer coincidence, the Gigantopithecus Dinoid accidentally ends up looking almost exactly like The Ape King when Plio first saw The Ape King in the show when he was extremely young, and needless to say The Ape King's outright demonic, imposing form and his goals and what he was willing to do to achieve them made Plio outright terrified of The Ape King. Sure, his aim with his cannon isn't much, but had previously and successfully degenerated every other Beast on the planet into eggs and intended to eat all of them to acquire their powers and become the most powerful being in the universe so that he can take over as supreme leader. It's not necessarily the fact his ultimate goal is pretty generic that made him memorable to Plio, but the exact methods he was intending on going about doing so that made him so vile compared to the previous villains shown in this Season of the show. Also to note, it's not until Season 1's finale where he gets the disc which contains the remaining episodes of Season 1 of Among the Beasts, in which Plio learns of how his childhood hero, Atlas, and his various allies, came to finally confront the seemingly invincible Ape King, and the fact that each of the five Hero Beasts kept getting utterly pulverized by him. Even a few supporting characters were dragged into the fight to assist the heroes, and even they didn't stand a chance. It's not until Atlas evolves into his mature form in which he finally destroys The Ape King with the combined powers of both himself and all of his friends, and the aftermath heavily effects Plio's current mood regarding his condition.

In Season 3 of The Blue Tri, when Omnicron slowly accumulates in threat level to the other characters, Omnicron creates an exact replica of The Ape King from Plio's memories and brings him into the real world as The Ape King is rather shocked about this "new world" he wound up in, and decides to take it over. However, he realizes his mass degeneration power doesn't work, but instead, he had been given far more precise aim with his fusion cannon than he had in the cartoon he was in. Taking the role of Big Bad for the entire Chapter, The Ape King's mass amount of power forces a team up between villains and heroes alike (minus Omnicron of course), and it takes the combined efforts of nearly every faction to kill The Ape King in the real world.

It should be noted his appearance differs in the real world than it does in the cartoon he's from, in which he actually has shading in addition to several extra details to his body to make him look more life-like than his cartoon self.


  • Although he is a spoof of the Digimon known as Gorillamon, he is more or less an analog to both Devimon and Etemon, Devimon for his dark, sinister role as a Big Bad, and Etemon for his species's supreme levels of physical power as a Perfect Level Digimon.
  • Much like Digimon and Tamagotchi, Among the Beasts has a toyline of Virtual Pet devices that allow you to hatch and raise your own Beast among a selection of different choices and branch lines. Atlas (The Blue Triceratops), Jormungan (The Green Dragon), and The Ape King (The Gray Gorilla) are the three final form level Beasts in the Version 1 model. Similar to the original Digimon Virtual Pets, each of the three have a varying level of power; Jormungan is the weakest of the final forms in terms of stats but has the highest base damage, Atlas has high stats and base damage on almost everything but is extremely slow, and The Ape King is the strongest since he's fast, durable, hits hard, but relies on high stats too much since his base damage is actually the lowest of the three.
  • In the virtual pet toy from which The Ape King served as a recurring boss and also is the default final boss, if enough effort is used with the 7th, very weak Adult Form Beast, you can evolve it into The Ape King's species, whose real name is "Prometheus" as the species name. The Ape King is simply the name of the character from the TV show he appears in, and he's the only representative of his species.

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