The Amazing Travis
The Amazing Travis is the main character of the tumblr series, Travis Shorts


Travis is a secret agent, frequently stopping evil. Despite this, he is portrayed as a jerk who often abuses his status as a secret agent to his advantage.

Villainious Acts

Season 1

  • "Snack Machine" - He knocks out a police with a can of soda, quickly running away.
  • "Christmas Shopping" - He and Lane knock down a giant inflatable snowman, them both quickly running away from the scene.
  • "The Amazing Travita" - He makes sexist comments about how boys are better than girls, eventually prompting Kayla to turn him into a girl. 
  • "Revenge" - In an attempt to escape Demented Doom, he blows the entire place up, freeing all of the criminals there.

Season 2

  • "The Evilness Of Sex Ed" - He falls asleep during the sex ed video, causing the content to sublimnally leak inside his head. After waking up, he attempts to rape Delilah.
  • "Middle School Relationship" - He decides to tell Alana about Noah's crush on her. He soon finds out that she was a crush on him as well and sets out to find Noah, stating that his job is spread misery. Cobra even points out that as a secret agent, he should be spreading happiness, not misery.
  • "The Homosexual Travis" - He tries to force John to make out with him. It is revealed at the end of the episode that this was just a side-effect of a ray gun Cobra shot at him.
  • "The Musical Travis" - He deccides to become a musician, simply so he can do illgegal things with punishment.

Season 3

  • "Operation: Magical Floating Rabbit" - He captures Tomster against his will.
  • "Blank Check Of Doom" - After wishing for the world to be similar to "Blank Check" simply so he can do a parody, he sexually harasses Delilah (verbally) and does nothing to help Tomster when a sonic screwdriver gets lodged in his head.
  • "Travis' Amazing Book Of Secrets" - After reading a book full of Spencer's secrets, he tries to scare Spencer using his fear of clowns.

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