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Terranadrosus, the Bloodwrath Witch.
Alias Terranadrosus neosis
Origin Unknown
Occupation Apex Predator
Gamma Beast
Status Alive
Skills Human-level intelligence

Immunity to diseases and parasites, can feed off of them for sustenance.
Has an alternate, small form as a rabbit which is useless for attacking, but is indestructible.
It's true form is capable of absolutely wrecking things with it's gigantic leg claws, but is poor at withstanding numerous hits, ESPECIALLY fire based attacks.

Hobby Unknown.
Goals To survive in their reborn existence.

Terranadrosus (Ultimorian for "Rabbit of Bloods") can refer to either two subspecies of the same name. Terranadrosus chronicalus existed in the Old Era of Ultimoria, but had long since been extinct by the time of Oblivion's reign. Terranadrosus neosis refers to the species that re-evolved because of Chimera's influence millions of years ago in prehistoric Ultimoria, but despite being based off an older species, is classified differently because of the fact T. neosis has much more function with it's spider-like legs compared to T. chronicalus; T. neosis can "fuse" all six legs into two giant legs to better balance itself and gain increased speed and agility, in addition to a harder hitting claw attack as a result. T. neosis, similar to it's predecessor, has multiple forms; however, this time, it also has a third form instead of just two forms total. T. neosis can transform into a harmless, yet invincible rabbit while maintaining it's own speed, can transform into a human female with noticeably large breasts, or into it's true form. As note before, it's human form, which is always female due to the species itself being all females by nature, has a larger bust than what a human is normally capable of. The reasoning behind this is not actual fat in the body, but due to an organ that the true form has which can only transform in specific manners depending on the form; in the rabbit form, it results in large sized, floppy ears. The organ is actually very sturdy as well, which makes the human form's breasts highly resistant to "jiggle physics", and hardly budge at all. Due to the fact this organic exists in the rabbit form as well, it is highly believed that the organ in particular is what makes the rabbit form completely invulnerable to damage, but at the same time, also completely helpless when it comes to actually attacking anything. However, it exploits the rabbit form (which visually looks like a young, domestic rabbit and is very adorable) to hide in human civilization as pet rabbits, and many T. neosis are known to never leave this lifestyle unless they have to due to the fact their threats are non-existent in this type of living condition.

While the Terranadrosus species is usually not noted for being associated with her, the most famous Terranadrosus individual is called "Rose Juliet", who is a very naive womanchild that is a very tame cloudcuckoolander and is overall harmless, yet is an extreme Yandere if she is pushed to that limit, and will not be harmless by any means to those who earn her wrath well enough to where she will butcher their faces will they still live. However, it is worth noting that she is actually a heroic individual of Terranadrosus and not an evil one like how many see her as due to the assumption that her species is actually "Always Chaotic Evil".

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