Mr. Teddison Cosmo is the main antagonist of Dark Hououmon's ChalkZone fanfiction, Sinful Behaviors. Even though he dies in the first story, since he sets all the later actions into motion, he can be seen as the Big Bad for the entire trilogy. He is an extremely cruel and sadistic man, with no qualms whatsoever, even stooping so low as to kill children. He is the leader of the black chalk artists, and the creator of Biclops, Draow, and Bardot, as well as three minor antagonists: Zeal, Shimmer, and Flame.


As a child, Teddison Cosmo was once best friends with Horace Wilter. The two of them went on adventures in ChalkZone together, wichh they discovered at the age of eight. Cosmo was a kind boy, and was very similar to Rudy. Everything changed when he discovered the black chalk. For a while he tried to fight its influence, and he was horrified to realize that it was taking over. Even though he managed to find a cure, it was too late. His once kind personality disappeared, and he became a sadistic monster, viewing zoners as expendable and made to serve their creators.

He led an army of other black chalk artists (including Jenny Saffron/Hope, his most devoted follower, aside from Draow), who slaughtered many zoners and white chalk artists, laying waste to ChalkZone. Cosmo also created Biclops, (at the time called Cyclops), and was disappointed when he didn't turn out to be evil as Cosmo wanted. He gained a much more loyal follower when he created Draow, an monstrous half-wolf half-bat who was immensely devoted to Cosmo. He is also responsible for the creation of the highly dangerous red chalk.

Cosmo and his followers were defeated by Wilter, with the help of his own creation, a pterodactyl named Tsere. His memories were erased by Biclops, and was hoped never to return. Becauee of the destruction he caused, Biclops and the other zoners vowed never to let any other human creators enter ChalkZone (although this changed when Rudy Tabootie appeared, even though some zoners still weren't entirely accepting).

Sinful Behaviors

An adult Cosmo, now a renowned reporter, comes to Rudy's school with his assistant, Ms. Rebecca Saffron. He claims to want to discuss Rudy's grades and try an experimental method on him, but he has ulterior motives: He wants to learn more about ChalkZone, as he has somehow regained his memories. He spies on Rudy as he goes through a portal and comes through with Skrawl. With the help of Draow, he is able to connect the two of them, making them feel each other's pain. THe only way to break the connection: the black chalk, which would corrupt Rudy, making him just as twisted as Cosmo. He also kidnaps Snap and tortures him, even using vinegar, which is even more painful to zoners than water. Even Skrawl is disgusted by his actions. All of this is part of a complicated plan to corrupt Rudy and make him like Cosmo. He also mind-controls several zoners, including Snap, and forces him to attack Rudy and Penny. Even more horrifying, unlike the other controlled zoners, Snap is perfectly aware of what is going on and is powerless to stop it. Cosmo later gives Rudy an ultimatum: join him or he will kill Snap. He also enjoys toying with Rudy's mind, trying to convince him that they are not so different. Just before Rudy can give in, Mr. Wilter (who had been contacted by Penny and Ms. Saffron) intervenes and saves Rudy and Snap. He then fights Wilter and Draow fights Tsere while Rudy, Penny, and Snap escape. When Ms. Saffron realizes he is wrong and turns against him, he kills her and shows Rudy, Penny, and Snap her severed head in an attempt to guilt trip them. Cosmo later orders a group of zoners to destroy the Magic Chalk Mine with real world water. Rudy is almost corrupted by the black chalk like Cosmo planned, but Skrawl saves him at the last moment. As he and Rudy are in their final battle, he loses an eye before he is crushed to death by falling rocks.

Play The Game

Cosmo doesn't actually appear in this story, but Draow teams up with another one fo his creations, the new Big Bad Bardot, to get revenge on Rudy, Penny, and Snap, who he blames for Cosmo's death. More of Cosmo's backstory is revealed. We hear how he created Bardot, a hybrid creature of both red and white chalk, which makes him unstable. Even Cosmo thought that Bardot was too dangerous, which is saying something, considering Cosmo's brutal nature. Unfortunately, Rudy accidentally releases Bardot, who wreaks havoc in both the Real World and ChalkZone. He kidnaps Rudy and Penny, forces Snap through a twisted "game" to save them, and may be even worse than Cosmo.

Catch a Brief Reflection

For a good part of the story, Mr. Cosmo's follower Jenny is the Big Bad, and she and two of her fellow black chalk artists continue his work. Cosmo sort of comes back to life after Jenny meets his counterpart in the Dark Dimension and takes him with her. In the end, Cosmo, Jenny, and Ghadir are all arrested.


Teddison Cosmo was originally a nice kid who was similar to Rudy, but that didn't last very long. Even as a child he was a monster. He has no qualms about kidnapping, torturing, and even killing children.

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