Tara Webster is Michael Webster's bratty, sadistic, vicious, malicious, ruthless, heartless, and cruel younger sister in the Goosebumps book The Cuckoo Clock of Doom. She makes her older brother's life so miserable that he wishes she was never born at all. One day, when their father Mr. Webster buys an antique cuckoo clock, Michael turns the cuckoo bird's head around, hoping to get Tara in trouble for sure. By doing so, he reverses time until he's a baby again and Tara doesn't exist yet. Before he goes back in time yet again and disappears like his younger sister did, Michael manages to turn the cuckoo clock bird's head back around, but knocks Tara's birth year 1988 off the clock in the process by accident. Michael is back to normal, but Tara is still erased from existence and was never seen or heard from again. At the end of the book, he vows to go back in time and bring her back… maybe not and Michael was finally relieved that he was free from her.


  • Michael Webster (older brother)
  • Mr. Webster (father)
  • Mrs. Webster (mother)


  • When her father Mr. Webster bought the antique cuckoo clock from the antique store, she was completely unaware that her year of birth, 1988 was missing.