Aside from acquiring souls, Swytch’s other goal is to obtain the Tomb of Time for her own nefarious purposes.

Swytch has existed in and out of the Realm of Fire for ages throughout time. The MBI first encountered her when several agents were sent back to the medieval times during Queen Callista’s rule over Megalith City. She had posed as a harmless peasant and told them how to get to Megalith, though she led them to her cave instead intent on destroying them and using their souls as power with the many others she had stolen. They managed to defeat her and fled, leaving her buried in her caved in cave.

Swytch has never forgotten them and wished revenge on the four agents, McGrath, Tasha, Stormcrow and Hans. Jack Spinner of the NSA in present time managed to free Swytch from a stint in the Realm of Fire. He offered her the Pastmaster’s watch, an item of great power in which she could use to go back in time and undo her past defeats. In return she’d find and capture or destroy six kats on a list of his.

She did her task for the most part but was betrayed by Spinner. He gave her the watch but it was useless as it was drained of its power. Through with her, Spinner used an anti-magic weapon against her, nearly destroying the demoness and zapping her of her powers. He had her disposed of but she was found and taken to one of Megakat’s Hospitals where the MBI was called in to see about her. They got her out of the hospital and she showed them where Spinner was, telling them of his plans for destroying all magical beings with a bomb which would destroy all magical beings he was to drop on the city for a test. The Megs stopped the bomb and allowed her to stay at the MBI temporarily until she regained her powers and doesn’t harm any of them in the future.

Swytch was later freed from the contract with McGrath and got into a massive struggle with Stormcrow over a powerful magic talisman. Stormcrow ended up the winner of said struggle. Swytch was taken by the NSA and remained in their custody held in an anti-enchantitron containment unit, unable to escape. McGrath, an NSA employee once again, made a deal with the demoness setting her free in exchange for her help in a future mission to keep those in the Realm of Fire from entering the regular dimension.

The mission to the Realm of Fire was a success. The Lord of Fire was destroyed and the link the demonic creatures were using to travel from one dimension to the other was severed. Swytch was free to roam Megakat City but her freedom came with a price. Because it was the Lord of Fire who she gave her soul to, with him destroyed so was her magic as well as what kept her eternally young. She was dying at a quick rate and after asking for help, it was McGrath who sent her along with Stormcrow to Shangri-Klaw to find a means to be healved and live. She was actually transformed into an angelic being and sore to do good by everyone she had harmed.

This didn’t last as Swytch’s agenda went from just doing good to keeping balance that was on the obsessive. She thought to destroy those who did not fit her perception of balance. She was stopped and finally decided to leave the MBI alone, living out from the city. The Realm of Fire called to her, and with the help of Rodhot Worum, she was given the crown and with it all control as the new Lord of Fire.

As the new Lord of Fire (or Queen of Fire as she prefers), Swytch has taken to restoring the balance and ending the chaos that ensued there after the former Lord of Fire’s destruction. Likewise is she involved in a few other things, the intent of which can be no good.