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Can't a knight masturbate in this f**king house?
~ Swain
Aww... that's cute? I thought you are brave and hard? *chuckles* I never thought that you're such a coward and a soft woman.
~ Swain examining Cursor in the fanfic, Daisuki

Swain is one of the main characters of MikoNeko's webcomic, Five Nights at Firebitch's and the fanfic, Daisuki. Despite being a "protagonist". He sometimes does villainous actions.


Firebrand visits Swain's room and commands him for help but Swain refuses and rudely replies to Firebrand to get off. Firebrand later sets his room on fire and commands him again. They went to Cursor's room and Swain opens the door, revealing Cursor wearing a lingerie. Causing Swain to nosebleed. Cursor began to beat him up and throws him out from her room and calls him a pervert.

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