Supreme Hunter's origins have remained shrouded in mystery until recently. He has traveled through realities. Supreme Hunter has henchmen called Hunters. They help him capture things. Spectore is Supreme Hunter's right hand man. Supreme Hunter likes to take his anger out on Spectore. As a result, there have been many Spectores.


Supreme Hunter came from the Core of Reality Zero. Supreme Hunter began destroying realities. He enjoyed hunting different beings. Supreme Hunter joined Illuminati Supreme after Illuminati Supreme gave Supreme Hunter a warship (this was before Illuminati Supreme was turned into a pyramid). The Reality Council eventually found out what Supreme Hunter was doing. Supreme Hunter was banished from the core.

Working for the Illuminati Supreme

After being turned into a pyramid, Illuminati Supreme decided to hire Supreme Hunter again. Supreme Hunter was given the task of capturing the life force of his victims. He had to give the life force to Illuminati Supreme(Illuminati Supreme eats the life force). This lead to confrontations with multiple beings of power. Supreme Hunter later chose to attack the reality where Wardrone was. Wardrone chased Supreme Hunter out of his reality. Wardrone snuck onto Supreme Hunter's ship. Wardrone recruited alternate versions of himself from the realities that Supreme Hunter attacked. Together, they defeated Supreme Hunter and convinced him to change his ways.

New objectives.

After Supreme Hunter changed his ways, He went out to hunt down threats to all realities and bring them to The Reality Prison. Supreme Hunter failed to stop Warlord from escaping The Reality Prison. Evil Wardrone considered killing Supreme Hunter. Supreme Hunter convinced Evil Wardrone not to kill him. Supreme Hunter went to personally kill Warlord. However, Warlord couldn't be killed.


Supreme Hunter joined Evil Wardrone, Ultimate Warrior, Venom, Wardrone, Lord Steinbeck, Reptoraptor, and Unicron in a quest to defeat Warlord. Warlord convinced Supreme Hunter to join him. Supreme Hunter became a member of Warlord's new Illuminati. After Warlord's disappearance, Supreme Hunter took over Warlord's Illuminati. Supreme Hunter shares leadership with the other leading members. Supreme Hunter was in charge because he has the most experience. Supreme Hunter allowed Warlord to take back control when he returned. Supreme Hunter was usually seen on the main Illuminati base. When Wardrone attacked Illuminati soldiers, the treaty with Wardrone was broken. Supreme Hunter was present at the meeting when Warlord told Wardrone that the treaty was no more. When Wardrone escaped, Supreme Hunter ordered Unicron to stop Wardrone but Unicron failed. Supreme Hunter was at the main base when Wardrone attacked. Supreme Hunter used his warship to attack Wardrone's warship. Warlord commanded Supreme Hunter to land his warship. Supreme Hunter didn't know why Warlord allowed Wardrone to retreat. Warlord said that he was counting on Wardrone to return. When wardrone and his team returned, Supreme Hunter helped fight members of Wardrone's team. Supreme Hunter failed to stop Wardrone from destroying the screen room. Supreme Hunter was on Missing Piece when the Illuminati fleet invaded Dimension Zero of Reality Zero. Supreme Hunter would sometimes go to Warlords warship. During the final battle, Wardrone shot Supreme Hunter out a window. Supreme Hunter returned to his warship. It was Supreme Hunter that signaled for the fleet to return to the core. Since Warlord was dead, Supreme Hunter had to help lead while a power struggle began. Supreme Hunter allowed Wardrone's team to leave with a new warship. Supreme Hunter later placed Warlord's body in the vault on Missing Piece.

Return of the grand generals

When the Illuminati grand generals returned, Grand General Jered shared leadership with Supreme Hunter. Supreme Hunter disliked Jered and attempted to kill him with one of his mechanical tentacles but Jered stopped it. Later, Supreme Hunter wanted to go after Wardrone but Jered assigned Supreme Hunter with attacking Ultimate Warrior and Ultimate Warrior's team of heroes. Supreme Hunter revealed that he had already sent an invasion force to attack Ultimate Warrior's universe. Supreme Hunter also revealed that he designed a new machine that would take away the powers of everyone in Ultimate Warrior's team. Supreme Hunter left on his warship to deal with the target. Supreme Hunter invaded Ultimate Warrior's universe. Supreme Hunter set up a new machine that would take away the powers of everyone in Ultimate warrior's team on a building. Ultimate Warrior's team fought Supreme Hunter, Grand General Steve, and General Tony on the roof. During the fight, Supreme Hunter threw Symbiote Warrior off the building but she was saved by Ultimate Warrior. Supreme Hunter then activated the machine. He watched Ultimate Warrior's team retreat when the machine worked. Later, Supreme Hunter tried to contact Evil Wardrone but the call was answered by Reptoraptor. Reptoraptor complained that he wasn't allowed to eat Demon. However, Supreme Hunter ordered Reptoraptor not to harm her. Supreme Hunter then prepared to ambush what was left of team C.R.A.Z.Y. after being informed by Steve that Ultimate Warrior was dead. Supreme Hunter then fought the team again when they returned. the Illuminati forces were winning. However, Ultimate Warrior destroyed the machine. Supreme Hunter retreated with Steve and Tony. Supreme Hunter killed Steve and made Tony a grand general.


Supreme Hunter was extremely intelligent. He usually was able to out think his opponents. He was able to analyze their weaknesses and use that to take them down. The Supreme Hunter was also arrogant. He underestimated some of his opponents. This is what allowed an evil version of Wardrone to free Lord Steinbeck. Supreme Hunter also was almost killed by Lord Steinbeck. The Supreme Hunter also knows when the odds are against him. Usually the odds are in his favor, however, they have been against him before.

Weapons and other stuff and armor

The Supreme Hunter has a suit of armor that protects him from most things. There are only 3 known things that can pierce his armor(Lord Steinbeck's staff, The Darksaber, Wardrone's special sword, and Illuminati Supreme's sword) and they are rare to come by. Supreme Hunter has 4 mechanical tentacles similar to Doctor Octopus. Supreme Hunter also has 2 swords. The sword can cut through almost anything. They can also have spikes that stick out and they can be retracted. Supreme Hunter also has a plasma gun. He rarely uses it.

Missing Piece

Missing Piece is the name of Supreme Hunter's warship. It is equipped with a reality jumper. Supreme Hunter's warship also has a death laser. Death lasers are capable of destroying entire planets in under five minutes. Supreme Hunter also has a vault on his warship. That is where he keeps his collection of people, things, and items that he has taken. It was also shown that to save space, Supreme Hunter puts living beings in capsules and shrinks them down to put in storage lockers. The storage lockers take up a lot of space in the warship.



It's beautiful
~ Supreme Hunter watching the destruction of a planet
The Great Eye has spoken. There are intruders in my ship. You will deal with them or else
~ Supreme Hunter giving orders to Spectore
The Great Eye demands it. He also told me that this was going down. In blood!
~ Supreme Hunter explaining why he was at the Core of all Realities to the Reality Police.
I always like these. They are some of my favorite things that I have taken. Let me show you some of the things they can do
~ Supreme Hunter telling the Reality Council that his mechanical tentacles are one of his favorite things before snapping the necks of the members of the Reality Council.
Oh, but I will. I will not kill you. I will leave you alive long enough to watch your alternate versions fail. Then I will go back to your reality in your dimension. I will kill your wife and kids while you watch. Then I will kill you!
~ Supreme Hunter threatening Wardrone
Harbinger was converted into The Reality Prison eons ago. It was flown into an empty reality. Harbinger was converted into the reality prison. The real control room was hidden
~ Supreme Hunter explaining what happened to Harbinger
He is unable to start it. Last I checked, he was pushing random buttons. He has no clue on how to work it
~ Supreme Hunter telling Warlord Wardrone's progress with Harbinger
Then I will do it myself!
~ Supreme Hunter declaring that he will kill Wardrone
You are absolutely stupid! The explosion hit the reality jumper!
~ Supreme Hunter shouting at Wardrone for destroying the reality jumper
It’s not worth staying here. Come on Warlord, we must leave
~ Supreme Hunter trying to convince Warlord to leave the doomed warship.
You violated the treaty. That’s why!
~ Supreme Hunter telling Wardrone and Wardrone's alternate versions the treaty is broke
Why did you declare that they broke the treaty? You could have given them a warning that they should figure out why something happens before attacking.
~ Supreme Hunter asking Warlord why Warlord declared the treaty broke
You are not going after him are you? The Keeper of the Timeline is not someone to mess with.
~ Supreme Hunter warning Warlord
It is in my name. Supreme Hunter. I am a hunter and I must know everything about what I hunt
~ Supreme Hunter explains why he knows alot about certain creators.
Fine with me. Some more items for my trophy room
~ Supreme Hunter after being told by warlord that he can take what he wants from Wardrone and Wardrone's teams corpses.
What are you? I have never seen anything like this before
~ Supreme Hunter when he was attacked by Evil God (alternate Sheogorath)
This is where your story ends!
~ Supreme Hunter trying to kill Sheogorath
There are more important things to deal with. Without Warlord, there is going to be a massive power struggle. Wardrone and his team are gone and this power surge must be dealt with
~ Supreme Hunter telling Evil Wardrone about a bigger problem
Recognize this machine? This is an improved version of the last one!
~ Supreme Hunter asking Sheogorath's team if they recognized his machine
You made me a promise, warrior!
~ Supreme Hunter getting mad about a promise that was made years ago but was never kept
She didn’t promise me anything. Ultimate Warrior did!
~ Supreme Hunter accusing Ultimate Warrior of not keeping a promise after members of Sheogorath's team accused Symbiote Warrior of making a deal with Supreme Hunter
Yes you did. Years ago you promised that I could become something better when I learned about emotions like love
~ Supreme Hunter explaining what was promised. (Wardrone promised that)
There was one problem with his reasoning. I studied emotions. I found that they can make people stronger but they can also destroy someone. I will stay without allowing such emotions to control me. However, those studies have allowed me to realize what can strengthen someone. Warrior, I will give you strength! The feeling of loss is a powerful motivator!
~ Supreme Hunter explaining what is research years ago showed
I thought! I am already great. You could become greater. It has worked on other versions of you so, CATCH!
~ Supreme Hunter before throwing Symbiote Warrior off the roof to give Ultimate Warrior power.
What did I do? I took away all of your powers!
~ Supreme Hunter saying he took away everyone's powers after he activated his machine.
Well, it looks like you got someone. You will not lay a finger on Demon. She is now an ally and will be treated with respect. I don’t know who it was that you got there but clean up after yourself
~ Supreme Hunter telling Reptoraptor not to harm Demon. Supreme Hunter also told Reptoraptor to clean up after he was done eating someone
None of you have any powers. This is your final hour! Hug and kiss each other and your loved ones goodbye because you are all going to die today!
~ Supreme Hunter declaring victory over Sheogorath's team
Don’t worry, he will receive a report. However, you died in battle
~ Supreme Hunter before killing Steve


  • War of Realities (first appearance as main antagonist)
  • Illuminati Supreme (flashback and mentioned)
  • The Adventures of Ultimate Warrior and Sheogorath: season 4 (appeared in one episode as minor antagonist)
  • Attack on Warlord (physical appearance)
  • The New Illuminati (cameo)
  • War of Realities 2: Stopping Warlord (physical appearance as major antagonist)
  • War of Realities 2: A Necessary Action (physical appearance as major antagonist)
  • War of Realities 2: End Game (physical appearance as major antagonist)