Full Name Kal-El
Alias Superman
Origin Superman: No Heroes
Occupation (presumably) Reporter / Superhero
Powers / Skills all the abilities of regular Superman, apparently able to manipulate reality and break the 4th wall.
Hobby driving others into depression and despair.
Goals ruin the happiness of others.
Type of Villain Demonic Thought Form / Symbolic Villain

"You don't get to be happy, hero" ~ Superman

"Superman No Heroes"05:39

"Superman No Heroes"

Superman is the titular antagonist of a creepypasta known as  Superman: No Heroes.

The story concerns the titular Superman, who manifests via a seemingly supernatural comic book and taunts the reader with nihilistic, violent and cruel imagery and words - it gained a small following and is unusual for a creepypasta in the fact it focuses on a medium not often used in the creepypasta lore.

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