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Indominus rex
Spinosaurus (Silhouette).png
Spinosaurus, the Fierce/Untamable King
Alias Spinosaurus
Origin Unknown
Occupation Park Mascot (Intended)
Status Deceased
Skills Velociraptor-level intelligence and problem solving.

Powerful front limbs that can grab smaller prey with ease.
Very fast and also very loud.
Near perfect camouflage inherited from Cuttlefish DNA.

Hobby Hunting for sport and dinosaurs.
Goals N/A
You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.
~ Owen.

The Spinosaurus is a man made, fictional species of Dinosaur created from the DNA of numerous different Dinosaurs mixed into one, ultimate predatory Dinosaur with the intended purpose of replacing the aged, elderly other Tyrannosaurus and Battle the Spinosaurus but the T-rex is Killed as the mascot for Jurassic Park's successful park. However, despite proper containment for an animal of it's size having been met, the Spinosaurus manages to trick the Jurassic World employees into thinking it had escaped via climbing over it's pen, and thus engineered it's actual escape into the jungles of Isla Nublar, where it goes on a killing spree where, rather than eating victims, simply hunts them for sport according to the second trailer for the upcoming movie.


According to the official website, Spinosaurus is has an Aggression Index of Very High, and is solely carnivorous due to the Dinosaurs used in the cloning procedure to create it. It's name means "Fierce or Untamable King", and it's sole habitat is Jurassic World for the obvious reasons of being a man made species. It's capable of reaching running speeds of 30 mph "while confined to it's enclosure", meaning it's possibly even faster than that. It's roar is estimated to reach 140-160dp in loudness, which rivals that of a 747 plane taking off and landing, meaning the creature is extremely loud with it's roar. It's size is (currently) at 40 feet in length, with it's weight having yet to be determined. It is also shown to possess a camouflage ability similar to a Cuttlefish, but it is unknown how effective this is due to the fact this particular method of camouflage requires very minimal movement based on the behavior of an actual Cuttlefish.

It's arm strength, based on the second trailer, is very powerful, and it's four digit hands are capable of grabbing smaller creatures thanks to an opposable thumb, and it's claws are powerful enough to shatter the glass on the spherical touring vehicles used on the ground in Jurassic Park III, whereas no other Dinosaur on the park posed a threat to these same vehicles. It's intelligence, possibly THE most dangerous thing about the Spinosaurus aside from the camouflage, allows the Spinosaurus to solve problems and plan scenarios just like the Velociraptors the series is best known for doing the same. However, it is much more apparent that the Spinosaurus is doing this on a much more malevolent intent in comparison.


Not much is currently revealed about the Spinosaurus's behavior, but based on the Superbowl Trailer, almost all of it's own activities outside of hunting for food is continued hunting, but purely for sport. It's interactions with the lone Ceratosaurus and the Velociraptors in the island are currently unknown, but it's without a doubt that Spinosaurus and the Velociraptors will confront each other due to how the Velociraptors are used in Jurassic Park III. ', meanwhile, has been shown to be capable of slaughtering at least five Apatosaurus Sauropods, meaning not even Sauropods (Large sized herbivores protected against predators because of their size) will be safe from Spinosaurus.

Not much is known to actually terrify Spinosaurus, and only two instances have been known to frighten it; an explosion from a helicopter crash, and the inevitable confrontation with a pack of Velociraptors and a Ceratosaurus, to the point the latter is what leads Spinosaurus to her doom via being pushed far too close to the Mosasaurus enclosure waters, and thus allowed for the much Ceratosaurus in kills the Spinosaurus with his horn and leave Erik Kirby and Gary Mitchell in peace after thanking the Ceratosaurus to save Erik and Gary, thus killing the Spinosaurus as a direct result.

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