Sonichu is the "hero" of the infamous fan comic, Sonichu that was created by the infamous Internet user, Christian Weston Chandler.


Sonichu is essentially what you get if you were to combine Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, with a Pikachu from the Pokemon video game series. In the Sonichu webcomic, Sonichu was created when Sonic came into contact with a random Pikachu after his attempt to defeat a monster using six Chaos Emeralds failed. Sonichu later went back to his nest, only to discover that his parents were taken by Pokemon hunters. However, instead of being upset over his parents' disappearances, Sonichu never bothered to try to find his biological parents, and somehow convinced himself that Chris was his father.

Despite his status as a hero in this webcomic, Sonichu, like the avatar of this webcomic, has committed very heinous things throughout the webcomic's run. For example, he aided his "father" in massacring anyone who disagreed with him, and he was also shown brutalizing his foes to the point that you genuinely feel sorry for them, and it also threw his morality into question because of this fact.