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You're too slow!
~ X
Everywhere, you will die. You, your family, everyone will die, over and over. Mountains of broken bodies, beneath the wheel.
~ X to Lara

(or commonly known as Sonic.EXE) is the secondary antagonist of Pastamonsters. He was created by Zalgo in order to turn loyal Proxies against Slenderman. He is a ruthless, sadistic monster appointed by Zalgo to lead his entire demon army. He has conquered many universes and planets, usually resulting in them being turned into unliveable, hellish wastelands.

Role in the series

In his first appearance, Zalgo had decided to build a better weapon against the proxies and Slenderman. He commands his demon henchmen to create another demon that rivals the Proxies' power. They return with a barrage of failed experiments, which Zalgo each kills. Zalgo himself builds the weapon, making even more failed experiments. Finally, the demons build a Sonic the Hedgehog look-alike which Zalgo names "X". Zalgo then commands X to turn the Proxies against Slender Man rather than kill them. He agrees and races to Proxy Mansion, leaving behind a trail of fire. 

X arrives at the mansion with an intimidating entrance but walks in calmy. He first decides to tell the Proxies with words how powerful they will be if they join the army, however, Jeff is anxious to X, as he is aware Zalgo has betrayed many henchmen. X then decides to show them how powerful joining Zalgo makes you and gives them all special abilities (giving Jeff knives as hands; making Ben get high every 6 seconds). The proxies begin to enjoy these abilities, but never consider joining Zalgo. 

After days of trying to convince them but never getting them to join Zalgo, X goes against Zalgo's orders and attacks the proxies. He manages to defeat the proxies until Slenderman intervenes and beats X to a pulp. X escaped back to the Pit, dreading to tell Zalgo about his failure.

Killing Isaac

He later appears in "Death in the Family", as Lara's five-year-old brother, Isaac, plays his new Sonic game he got in the mail. As he is playing, his controller is pulled into the TV but an unknown force. As he is staring into the TV, he meets X, who comes to the TV screen (with normal Sonic eyes instead of red and black ones). X claims that the TV is a gate to his universe and offers Isaac a chili dog and a chance to meet Tails, Amy, and his other friends. After Isaac and X have a laugh over their mutual love of video games, X abruptly stops laughing and stares at Isaac, mouth agape and drooling. Isaac is a little creeped out and says his mom is calling for him. X tells Isaac to come through the TV and join him, stating Tails and Amy would be upset if he didn't, his red and black eyes forming back. When Isaac starts entering the TV, X grabs him by the arm and rips it off. As Isaac desperately pleads for his mom to save him from X, X grabs Isaacs put and drags him to the Pit to his death.

Legends of the Multiverse

In part 1, weeks ago, Zalgo had been stalking Unwanted House Guest's girlfriend, Clara, for weeks, as she keeps tabs on her boyfriend's criminal activities. This understandably spooks Clara, who is then placed in a safe house at Unwanted House Guest's home by Unwanted House Guest, until he could track Zalgo down and neutralize him. Unfortunately for Unwanted House Guest and his lover, Zalgo's minions use his own connections to learn about Clara's whereabouts and are able to warn Zalgo. With that, Zalgo broke into the safe house and waits for her to come home. When she does so after grocery shopping, X violently smash her head into the counter and Zalgo ties her up to the chandelier in the living room. Unwanted House Guest soon begins to suspect that something is wrong and has one of his friends disguised as himself enter the safe house as a diversion while he sneaks in the back to gain the upper hand on X and Zalgo. When the decoy arrives through the front door, Zalgo is gleefully waiting in a chair and immediately shoots the monster through the heart, instantly killing, knowing that he is not his true target. The real Unwanted House Guest then sneaks up behind Zalgo and attacks him, but X arrived at Zalgo's side and overpowers and beats Unwanted House Guest, tying up his hands in the process. To eliminate any evidence of him being at the safe house, Zalgo sets the room ablaze using his fire powers. As Clara struggles from the heat of the fire below her, Zalgo then cruelly and sadistically makes Unwanted House Guest hold his gun and shoot Clara through the heart, immediately killing her, as X drags the struggling Unwanted House Guest out with him, he brutally murdered and flayed him alive. This was so Zalgo could use his skin and manipulate Jeff and BEN into collecting the Multiverse gems for him. With that, Slenderman and the Proxies ran off the prevent the end of the world, but were unsuccessful as Zalgo had already gained the Multiverse gems.

In part 4, Zalgo's army expanded to over centillion henchmen, but Zalgo himself is only concerned about eliminating the Proxies. Mancala confronts Zalgo and demands his repayment. Zalgo refuses, saying he only agreed to give him full power if the Proxies were fully executed. Mancala reminds him of the deal. Zalgo, however, doesn't care and just laughs at him. Enraged, Mancala starts throwing fireballs at Zalgo, which doesn't harm him at all. Zalgo then takes his powers away and Mancala is thrown out Zalgo's fortress by X. Afterwards, Zalgo sends X to kill the Proxies.

Later on, the Proxies headed towards the Unwanted House Guests home a journal for Mr. Widemouth. There, X arrived and began emotionally tormenting the Proxies with their worst fears in an attempt to separate and kill them. During the chase, X traps BEN in the basement and prepares to kill him. X pins the terrified BEN to the floor and mimics biting his fingers in an attempt to scare him more. BEN begins to cry in terror and fear, causing X to sadistically mock his crying. X then smiles wickedly and opens his mouth, ready the devour BEN. However, the Proxies interrupt and bust through the basement, coming face-to-face with X. X singles out Lara and asks her "How's the little brother, Lara?", revealing himself to be Isaac's killer. X lunges forward in an attempt to kill her until Ms. P shoves the Sword of Splendorman in his eye socket. Whining and crying in pain, X slowly advances to the Proxies, his claws sprouting through his skin and barring his teeth. X realizes he can no longer properly fight the Proxies and retreats back to his realm, abandoning Zalgo and his mission.

It is unknown what happened to X afterward, but he likely retreated to his universe. He most likely feared Zalgo would hunt him down and kill him as punishment for failing to kill the Proxies. It is also unknown if X had heard of Zalgo's defeat and possible death at the hands of the Proxies.


X was a mysterious evil created within the Pit to cause harm to others. X could also morph into any other being or thing it pleases, generally based on its target's loved ones or friends to lure them into different traps. Or he just simply appear's to them as their very worst fears and nightmares.

X is cruel, ruthless and cold-blooded, taking sadistic pleasure in the deaths of others with a smile. His motives are to cause chaos and turn the multiverse into his own personal hell. Among the most pitiless and unreasonable characters in all of the multiverse, X is a bully at its core. This deadly and diabolical predator primarily kills and torments for his own amusement, but is not above toying with his desired prey, harassing and tormenting his victims before finally dispatching them, as fear salts the meat, according to himself.

X also appears to have a form of narcissism, viewing itself as above even Zalgo, and seeing humans as inferior creatures, who exist solely to be toyed with and massacred. While a primarily feral-minded and instinct-driven predator, he can also carry a clever ruse and when disguised in his Sonic guise, is more than capable of acting in a cordial, warm, and friendly manner all as a method to give the prey a false sense of security. In Sonic form, X is caring, jovial, cheerful, merry, sociable, and charming towards others, politely offering them the chance to visit Amy and Tails and eat free food. However, this is all a clever pretense, to disarm his prey. His act as Sonic is not exactly perfect, as his raging appetite was difficult to conceal. As when he met Isaac, his black and red eyes turned a softer shade of blue with white scleras mid-conversation, purely to ease Isaac's mind. In addition, X was constantly drooling and gawping at Isaac, making him feel a little uneasy.

X is more or less an engine of pure, unadulterated malevolence, coming off as a savage, craven, cowardly, sadistic predator when hurting and killing others. He genuinely loves hurting and killing others, terrifying them to the point of becoming mentally insane. When he attacks the Proxies at the Unwanted House Guest's home, he mentally tortures Jeff, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, and Ms. P and when trying to prey on BEN, makes sure to draw it out as long as possible, even miming biting his fingers to savor his terror. When BEN began crying in fear and terror, X mocked his crying as a way to scare him even further. This taunting and playfully cruel behavior were ultimately what led to X's numerous defeats.

Despite this, X is smart, psychologically adept, and a great judge of character as he assesses his victims carefully, knowing well what buttons to push. However, despite being fearsome, he wasn't exactly fearless himself, as he would often flee and retreat when the tables were turned against him. He also wasn't above begging for mercy, groveling, and even bargaining when he was overpowered, all in a bid for self-preservation.


  • Near the Dark Forest, an old home was used as a challenge puzzle to unlock X's Biography. Judging by the skeletons, flashing TV, and the drawings on the walls, It was most likely X's previous home before he became Zalgo's right-hand man.
  • In "Blast to the Past", X can be seen in Proxy High's assembly watching a football game while smoking a cigar and sipping a glass of liquor.
  • Even though his name was on the Enderman's Party List, X appeared to be the only monster not to be interviewed by the Rake and B.O.B. However, given his tendency to attack and eat monsters and humans alike, it was likely that Enderman's men were afraid to meet up with X.


Tails couldn't escape. What makes you think you're so lucky?
~ X when hunting the Proxies.