Sonic exe by therealtailsdoll-d4ogl97
Sonic.EXE is the main antagonist of the Pasta Monsters episode "Blue Streak". He was created by Zalgo in order to turn loyal Proxies against Slender Man. Then, Stocking Anarchy.EXE Starts to fall in Love with him. 

Role in episode

The episode starts with Zalgo talking to his advisor about his next plan. He decides to build a better weapong against the proxies and Slender Man. He commands his demon henchmen to create another demon that rivals the Proxies' power. They return with a barrage of failed experiments, which Zalgo each kills. Zalgo himself builds the weapon, making even more failed experiments. Finally, the demons build a Sonic the Hedgehog look-alike which Zalgo names "Sonic.EXE". Zalgo then commands Sonic to turn the Proxies against Slender Man rather than kill them. He agrees and races to Proxy Mansion, leaving behind a trial of fire. 

Sonic arrives at the mansion with an intimidating entrance, but walks in calmy. He first decides to tell the Proxies with words how powerful they will be if they join the army, however, Jeff is anxious to Sonic, as he is aware Zalgo has betrayed many henchmen. Sonic then decides to show then how powerful joining Zalgo makes you and gives them all special abilites (giving Jeff knives as hands; making Ben get high every 6 seconds). The proxies begin to enjoy these abilites, but never consider joining Zalgo. 

After days of trying to convince them but never getting them to join Zalgo, Sonic goes against Zalgo's orders and attacks the proxies. He manages to defeat the proxies until Slender Man intervenes and beats Sonic to a pulp. Sonic escapes back to the Pit, dreading to tell Zalgo about his failure.

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