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Everywhere, you will die. You, your family, everyone will die, over and over. Mountains of broken bodies, beneath the wheel.
~ X to Lara
20171010 195707
Full Name X
Alias Sonic.EXE

The Blue Streak
Lord X
The Flash (by Laughing Jack)
Demonic Sonic

Origin Pastamonsters
Occupation Zalgo's enforcer and military commander

Ruler of over a billion dimensions.

Powers/Skills Nigh-omnipotent within his universes

High durability
Can corrupt a person's mind
Elastic limbs

Hobby Tormenting and killing entire races (especially humans)

Manipulating others to serve his will.
Bullying and torturing the Shadowlurker.
Invading other universes.
Psychologically torturing anyone he can.
Slaughtering and killing his henchman.

Goals Serve Zalgo.

Kill the Proxies.
Kill Lara's young brother, Isaac (succeeded)
Continue enslaving more universes.
Eventually betray Zalgo and take over as lord of the Pit.

Type of Villain Demonic Henchmen/Clone

(or commonly known as Sonic.EXE) is the secondary antagonist of Pastamonsters and is currently the main antagonist as of Season 6. He was created by Zalgo in order to turn loyal Proxies against Slender Man. He is a ruthless, sadistic monster appointed by Zalgo to lead his entire demon army. He has conqured many universes and planets, usually resulting in them being turned into unliveable, hellish wastelands.

Role in the series

In his first appearence, Zalgo had decided to build a better weapong against the proxies and Slenderman. He commands his demon henchmen to create another demon that rivals the Proxies' power. They return with a barrage of failed experiments, which Zalgo each kills. Zalgo himself builds the weapon, making even more failed experiments. Finally, the demons build a Sonic the Hedgehog look-alike which Zalgo names "X". Zalgo then commands X to turn the Proxies against Slender Man rather than kill them. He agrees and races to Proxy Mansion, leaving behind a trial of fire. 

X arrives at the mansion with an intimidating entrance, but walks in calmy. He first decides to tell the Proxies with words how powerful they will be if they join the army, however, Jeff is anxious to X, as he is aware Zalgo has betrayed many henchmen. X then decides to show then how powerful joining Zalgo makes you and gives them all special abilities (giving Jeff knives as hands; making Ben get high every 6 seconds). The proxies begin to enjoy these abilities, but never consider joining Zalgo. 

After days of trying to convince them but never getting them to join Zalgo, X goes against Zalgo's orders and attacks the proxies. He manages to defeat the proxies until Slenderman intervenes and beats X to a pulp. X escaped back to the Pit, dreading to tell Zalgo about his failure.

Killing Isaac

He later appears in "Death in the Family", as Lara's five-year-old brother, Isaac, plays his new Sonic game he got in the mail. As he is playing, his controller is pulled into the TV but an unknown force. As he is staring into the TV, he meets X, who comes to the TV screen (with normal Sonic eyes instead of red and black ones). X claims that the TV is a gate to his universe and offers Isaac a chili dog and a chance to meet Tails and the his other friends. After Isaac and X have a laugh over their mutual love of video games, X abruptly stops laughing and stares at Isaac, mouth agape and drooling. Isaac is a little creeped out and says his mom is calling for him. X tells Isaac to come through the TV and join him, stating Tails and Amy would be upset if he didn't, his red and black eyes forming back. When Isaac starts entering the TV, X grabs him by the arm and rips it off. As Isaac desperately pleads for his mom to save him from X, X grabs Isaacs put and drags him to the Pit to his death.

Legends of the Multiverse


  • X is sometimes seen as the complete opposite of Zalgo's other top henchman, the Shadowlurker. While Shadowlurker has killed many to please Zalgo,it was counterbalanced by his redeeming traits, comedic blunders, and affable nature, making him more of an Anti-Villain. X, however, has none of his co-henchman's charm and is more or less an engine of pure, unadulterated malevolence, coming off as a savage, craven, cowardly, sadistic predator by comparison.

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