Snyphurr rage

Snyphurr's rage.

Etam, selppa s'taht, hho.
~ Snyphurr after looking his victim
In the entire universe of Garry's Mod, Snyphurr is a large malformed creature based on the BLU Sniper and made by YouTuber named CloverDoodle. He is a BLU Sniper who had been kidnapped by a cybernetic scientist named Doc Jarate, and then transformed via ritual into a giant torso with his hands sticking out of the underside of the body. Doc Jarate then sealed him inside a Bugle, which was suddenly got by a BLU Vagineer who promptly ran off with it. Once summoned by the BLU Vagineer, his ability is usually quickly reveals his red, fleshy and deformed face and gazes upon the proper direction whilst emitting an ear-searing scream. Any victim looking back will immediately turn into a statue. Snyphurr can also perform many of his abilities he taught than one, such as launching a fiery, homing three-rune blade that pursues the target.

Canonically, he the main protagonist of The Snyphurr Saga.




Snyphurr's debut.

Snyphurr returns01:24

Snyphurr returns

The return of Snyphurr

Sniper meets Snyphurr01:05

Sniper meets Snyphurr

Snyphurr meets his original counterpart.

Painis Cupcake meets the Snyphurr01:03

Painis Cupcake meets the Snyphurr

Painis Cupcake meets Snyphurr

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